How we “do it all”! Schedule, routine, productivity tips galore!

How we "do it all" - MAJOR productivity, parenting, and scheduling tips!!

Aside from frugal living and finance questions, I'd daresay the most common question I get asked is “how do you do all that you do??”, or more commonly worded, “how do you do it all“? Not going to lie, the last one makes me wince a little. While there is no such thing as doing “it all“, and as much as I certainly don't want anyone to think we are perfect, we do have some productivity tips that I'm happy to share that have helped us raise 5 kids (18 months apart), run 5 businesses at once, manage a household, keep up with church/school/community responsibilities, and still have time to have an active social life, travel, play, and have a pretty darn good marriage. We do NOT do any of it PERFECTLY (I'm going to say that until I'm blue in the face), but we do it, and haven't died yet. So I guess that means we are doing something right, eh?

Since you keep asking, I'm happy to share my goodies with y'all! Recently for Q&A Tuesday we sat down and gave you an in-depth look at our day, scheduling, parenting tactics, and our productivity tips that help us manage “it all” (…but there is no such thing as “it all” remember? So we're going to pretend I didn't say that, mmmmkay?).

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Enough blabbing, let's get to the tips!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

See?? We don't do “it all”. Not even close. But we have tried to find ways to maximize what we do choose to do, and make it as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Here are some other productivity and organization posts that could help:

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How we "do it all"! Schedule, routine, productivity tips galore! |

What other questions do you have? Be sure to leave them below…and let's have a productive week!!



  1. Jordan,

    I enjoy your blog and the recipes I’m finding..

    I have a quick request: I’m not big on watching videos (partly because my computer is old & slow), is there anyway you could do brief summaries of your videos for those of us who have a hard time watching the videos?


  2. Holy cow, it took me a while to figure it out but I finally did. Bubba’s voice reminds me so much of Bob Odenkirk’s voice (aka Better Call Saul). Like identical. Also and equally important, is that Bubba is wow, very attractive!

  3. This is awesome! I love productivity tips, especially because I have the hardest time getting going with each day, so having easy things to make it more simple help a ton!

  4. You guys give such great advice. The hubby and I hashed out our general plan for the year. We already saved up and paid for our vacation in August. And we downloaded Google Calendar.
    It’s life changing. Thank you for your tips!

  5. Your method of Just One Bite has helped me so much! As a SAHM I get overwhelmed with all the things I *should* be doing around the house that it can be debilitating at times. Now I try to really focus on one JOB at a time and it’s suddenly not overwhelming- thank you! Looking forward to seeing what Productivity Bootcamp will have to offer 🙂

  6. I think planning out the year is so smart! Why did it never occur to me? I love having things organized and this is a perfect way to do so!

  7. It’s nice to know you don’t have to do ‘everything’, but can pick what’s most important and do the best you can with it. Can’t wait for productivity bootcamp!

  8. My favorite tip you shared about productivity was in your Instagram stories; the “15/30 Rule: 15 more steps or 30 more seconds.” This hasn’t helped me keep outbreaks house clean so much! Every time I have to spend a lot of time cleaning, I think to myself “if I just cleaned after I used things, I wouldn’t have to do a major cleaning” and the 15/30 rule has actually helped me Keep it clean a lot more often!! Thanks, Jordan!

  9. I love this! I have been trying to organize not just my stuff but how I use my time – then it seems like the stuff takes care of itself.

  10. Thank you for the fun prespective and great tips. It’s so refreshing to see a genuine real person talking about stuff other people don’t talk about.

  11. I love reading about your guys’s schedule and routine, it honestly motivates me to be more productive! Can’t wait for productivity boot camp!!

  12. I love the sweet, sour, service, Savior idea. I definitely think it would help me understand my kids better. I’m implementing it starting ASAP! Thanks, both of you!

  13. I’m still working on my productivity but I love all of your tips and try to incorporate them all into my routine. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  14. It’s good to be reminded that no one can really do “it all” but I’ve learned so much about being more productive from you so thank you. I definately have a long way to go.

  15. I just love your Q&A’s. I struggle with this one big time. I am a professional housekeeper (for another family) a mother, wife, friend and struggle to do it all for more than a day or 2. Thank you for helping me along.

  16. Okay, how are you so amazing? Thanks for sharing such great advise! It definitely seems like you do it all! You’re so fun to learn from. Thank you Jordan! ❤️

  17. I love this! I’ve started implementing a few of these and I plan to add more so I don’t get overwhelmed! I love how you break things down!

  18. This is one of the besttttt posts you’ve done.. the to-do book is wisdom from Gods!!! I get so much more done that way!! Also, your clothes are seriously the cutest!!! I love watching all your outfits and the older videos you have of you closet tour haha it’s the best!!!!!

  19. So encouraging! You make it all seem so simple! My grandma texted me the other day encouraging me to follow you but I obviously already had been! My kids are all 18 months apart so that’s what made her know I needed to follow you!

  20. I have a six-year-old who needs a lot of predictability so routines are key to our mornings running smoothly but I just love routines even without that need. They take away a gazillion of decisions and let me save my cognitive energy for things that really require it.

  21. I am so excited to buy budget boot camp. My fiancé is in the military so after he gets back from deployment we’re getting married and one of the first things we will do is get your program to start our marriage off strong.

  22. This post was how I found your blog and youtube and it was incredibly helpful! We’ve started using the envelope method to budgeg each week and it’s so much easier to stay on track when it is a week at a time! I’m still not where I’d like to be with, “doing it all” but it’s coming along! 🙂

  23. I love seeing when you implement ideas that I’m doing at home already (the to-do book). It validates that I’m on the right track and sometimes that’s all a mama needs to feel good about what she’s doing!

  24. I love this video! So many great ideas. Your tips about time blocks has seriously changed my days. Thank You!

  25. Can’t wait for Productivity Bootcamp!!! By the way, this was probably one of my most favorite Q&A Tuesday’s. Loved it.

  26. I love hearing about all of productivity tips (I started cleaning the shower while I’m taking one and my husband only mildly thinks I’m weird) because I have nothing going on in comparison to you and I still feel overwhelmed! Keep them up!! (:

  27. Do you have conversations with yours kids on productivity/organization? This is a conversation that hit hard this year in our home.

  28. I have been a follower for a few months. Love your 10/30 rule (I have gotten so much more done). My kiddos now do zone chores and stocking our shelves. Recommend you to everyone with kids or having money issues.

  29. Started planning our year a little more. Definitely needs some work but I feel like this year is gonna be more productive!

  30. Having a To-Do Book is totally my style! Thank you for all the tips you shared! I definitely need to step up my productivity game.

  31. I watch every insta story and YouTube you post!! Every one sometimes more then once!! My life has changed because of you in so many ways…

  32. I love that you sync your calendars together! This is something I would love to do with my hubby, but he never puts anything into a calendar, hardly ever! IT would be nice to get into this habit. I have also talked with him about planning out our whole year. It is the end of February and we haven’t done it yet but I’m still planning on getting that done!

  33. It’s so much easier to think of chores or cleaning house in 10 minute increments with a timer. Not so daunting!

  34. I just found you about a month ago but I’ve been binge watching your videos and have been getting so much value from each of them! Thanks so much for doing what you do!! We’ve already started integrating lots of your ideas and tips in our daily life 🙂

  35. I can really way that following you has “changed my life”. Because I think a lot inside my head, and then you say it out loud! Sometimes confirming my thoughts, but most of the time making one of my processes SO MUCH BETTER!

  36. You guys inspire me to be more intentional about my days, months and years. You have three more kids than we do and yet you get WAY more accomplished! You inspired us to start doing planning sessions every Sunday as a couple. It’s made a big difference! And I started typing my “To-Do” list in GoogleKeep app on my phone (instead of a book) and it’s working great!

  37. Really enjoy that you and Bubba both know what each other are doing and can communicate just by sharing calendars. That probably clears up a lot of scheduling conflicts!

  38. I love your Q&A Videos!! Your to-do book is brilliant I have so many random planners lying around, Im totally going to give that one a try

  39. Routines are something I’ve always struggled with because I didn’t know where to start! This is so helpful!

  40. Hope Our productivity boot camp will cover what to do when you feel like you just don’t want to at all? And how to get motivated!

  41. Love love loved this! I actually bought a tangible planner bc I hate having to go through stuff on my phone other than reminders of important things. Plus I’m using your “to do” method and I love it!

  42. I just love the outfit you wear in these photos! Have you shared where your top is from!! (Love glitter!)

    100k give away!

  43. I’m a full-time educator assigned to 2 elementary schools as a K-6 mentor teacher. I LOVE what I do but I commute about 1.5 hours each day (including dropping off my 2 little girls ages 3 & 4 @ daycare). I feel like my driving time is sucking up not only precious time with my kiddos, but it also sucks up my energy! I know this is kind of a random, probably weird question but do you have any suggestions on how my car time can feel productive? I like listening to Conference talks or audio books, but do you have any other tips for me?? LOVE your ideas for home productivity! Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom!

  44. Good advice. My husband works nights, I work days and we have 2 year old twins. It IS so important to spend time together when we can!

  45. I’ve never scheduled my whole year but…. I am going to start so I never deal with all of that anxiety from not having a schedule!

  46. I love how you are so dedicated to helping people better their lives whether it’s budgeting, working on your marriage and daily life with 5 kids. Amazing! ( The_shop_geek on instagram )

  47. Definitely needing to put some of these tips into action. I feel like I barely can keep up with everything now and I definitely don’t have as much on my plate as you do.

  48. Thank you so much for writing this. As a new mom and full time college student, I can take all the tips on productivity that I can get!!

  49. I love this??? I am doing my best to get my hubby on board!! It blew my mind ? Thank you thank you for sharing this amazing wealth of information!!!! I can’t wait!!

  50. Sooooo i usually only plan 1 weeks or 2 weeks in advance but this is such a good idea! Especially then you never over book yourself which is something I have done in the past :/ thank you!! Xx

  51. This is one of my all time faves. Planned 2018, and despite 3 unexpected surgeries in the family (appendicitis surprises. 😉 we are still on schedule. Great share! Thanks

  52. I have found that I am most productive when I most busy. As long as I stay organized, that’s when I prefer my best! And now, getting more financially organized thanks to you, I see even more benefits in so many other areas of my life! Its so cool to see that change in not only myself, but my husband, and my daughter! It’s awesome you can see just how much you really can do! Thanks for more tips Jordan!

  53. I love your to do book! It’s so satisfying crossing things off! I feel so much more productive since implementing it!

  54. Looking forward to Productivity Boot Camp! I’ve gotten pretty discouraged with lack of progress that I feel like I don’t even try anymore! Thanks for the tips ?

  55. Your book tip and seriously changed my life! I feel like I can get all my stuff done even if it is just one thing a day! Haha. I love getting to cross my things off the lisg

  56. Love the phrase “divide and conquer” in terms of the marriage partnership. My husband said he would take over insurance, which I hate. Yay! ?

  57. My biggest hang up is finding a planner that actually works for me. I want an hourly one (broke up into half hour increments) that goes from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm. I need something that can help me schedule out my day hourly that goes as long as my actual day goes. I get up early and don’t go to bed until late. Nothing seems to work and I’m nervous I have to actually make my own planner….which is daunting. Anything you can offer in Productivity Boot Camp would be worth it’s weight in gold!

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