How we "do it all" - MAJOR productivity, parenting, and scheduling tips!!

Aside from frugal living and finance questions, I'd daresay the most common question I get asked is “how do you do all that you do??”, or more commonly worded, “how do you do it all“? Not going to lie, the last one makes me wince a little. While there is no such thing as doing “it all“, and as much as I certainly don't want anyone to think we are perfect, we do have some productivity tips that I'm happy to share that have helped us raise 5 kids (18 months apart), run 5 businesses at once, manage a household, keep up with church/school/community responsibilities, and still have time to have an active social life, travel, play, and have a pretty darn good marriage. We do NOT do any of it PERFECTLY (I'm going to say that until I'm blue in the face), but we do it, and haven't died yet. So I guess that means we are doing something right, eh?

Since you keep asking, I'm happy to share my goodies with y'all! Recently for Q&A Tuesday we sat down and gave you an in-depth look at our day, scheduling, parenting tactics, and our productivity tips that help us manage “it all” (…but there is no such thing as “it all” remember? So we're going to pretend I didn't say that, mmmmkay?).

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Enough blabbing, let's get to the tips!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

See?? We don't do “it all”. Not even close. But we have tried to find ways to maximize what we do choose to do, and make it as efficient and streamlined as possible.

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How we "do it all"! Schedule, routine, productivity tips galore! |

What other questions do you have? Be sure to leave them below…and let's have a productive week!!

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