Summer Diaper Bag Essentials To Save Money

Be ready for anything, just by packing a few summer diaper bag essentials. Meghan is here today to share her favorite items that will not only make your summertime outings easier, but will also save you some money!

Summer diaper bag essentials to save you money from Fun Cheap or Free!

Hi Freebs! I'm Meghan Kingsford, and I'm so excited to be here with you today! I love moms, mom stuff, and moms who love mom stuff. Talking all things mom is my jam! If you love what I'm bringing to you, then follow along with me on YouTube and Instagram so we can hang out some more!


Summer time is full of spontaneous fun – don't be caught unprepared! Here are five items to add to your summer diaper bag to help you have the most successful, fun summer with your family AND save you money along the way. But that was a given around here, of course.

Ready to find out what I pack in my diaper bag? Let’s get to it!

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