Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

We are so lucky to have such good teachers that spend so much time prepping and teaching our little ones. These teacher gift ideas are things that teachers will really appreciate as all the kids are heading back to school.

Back to school gift ideas for teachers and free printables! All ideas affordable, and under $5!

Can you believe we're already heading into a new school year? I like to bring my child's teachers a little something special on the first day of school, just to thank them in advance, for the long year ahead.

I gathered up some of my favorite gift ideas and printables so you can find the perfect gift idea! Teachers put a lot of time and effort into helping our kids grow – its worth it to find a gift that is both practical and meaningful to them!

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These teacher gift ideas are all simple, easy, and super affordable! But more importantly these gift ideas will help our teachers get the school year off to a great start. Well, let's get to it!

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