MAJOR Freezer Cleanout: How To Handle Massive Freezer Messes

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Hey Freebs! In this week's YouTube video, I'm tackling the arctic tundra that has become my garage freezer. If your freezer has a build-up of ice, some frozen spills, or just general chaos, join me and let's tackle them together!

Ya'll know how much we rely on our freezer for Shelf Cooking! With a large family and a huge belief in prepping freezer meals ahead, we have MULTIPLE freezers in our household! It seems that the kids haven't been securely closing our garage freezer's door, which has led to some gnarly freezer burn and even a little thawing of the ingredients in the door. *cue the tears*

The ice buildup was so heavy that I couldn't even pry some of my meat off of the shelves! It's time for a MAJOR FREEZER CLEANOUT! Come with me in the video, and learn some of my favorite tips for cleaning out a fridge or freezer:

Inspired? I hope so! I have plenty more great freezer tips when you're back in action!



My family lives by the Shelf Cooking method….meaning we grocery shop frugally, buy things on sale, stock up when it makes sense, and meal plan based on what we already have! That's where a freezer comes in…..

Buying items when they are on a great sale only works if you're able to store them safely or use them before they go bad! And you'd be DANG SURPRISED at what ingredients actually do well in the freezer! For instance, did you know you can freeze citrus fruits? Cheese?? Avocados???

Get all of the freezer hacks from Fun Cheap or Free


Another Shelf Cooking principle – double your recipe and freeze half for later when you have a busy night! Make-ahead meals are like a gift to your future self! Here are some of my favorite meals that can be made ahead and kept in your freezer for the next night you're short on time, don't feel well, or have a dinner emergency!

Chicken pot pie on a plate from Fun Cheap or Free.

Baked ziti in a dish from Fun Cheap or Free.

Let me know your favorite freezer meal or freezer hack in the comments! And be sure to check back next week because I share new videos and blog posts every week.

Thanks for watching!



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