7 Quick Ways to Adjust Your Family to Daylight Savings Time

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Ah, daylight savings time (DST)—that magical moment in the calendar year that promises longer evenings and the sweet scent of approaching summer. But, let's be real, it also brings the less magical reality of trying to get our kids to bed when their little internal clocks are screaming, “It's still playtime!” I have journeyed into the land of lost sleep and emerged with strategies to help your family adjust to DST with these practical tips!

1. The Sneaky 10-Minute Trick
Start the operation a week before we turn the clocks forward. Each night, sneakily set bedtime 10 minutes earlier. It's like moving in stealth mode; your kids won't notice, but by the end of the week, they'll have magically adjusted an hour earlier without any drama. Mission possible!

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2. Harness the Power of Darkness
Invest in some good blackout curtains. They are like the capes of superheroes, ready to block out that pesky extra hour of daylight that tries to convince your kids it's not bedtime yet. Make their room a cave of coziness, and watch them drift off to dreamland (hopefully) without a fuss.

3. Become a Routine Ninja
Kids thrive on routine. (and so do we, let's be honest.) Keep your evening routine as consistent as possible, whatever that is for you. Why is this important? After setting up the habit that after each task, such as bathtime and a book, the body will start to anticipate what comes next. Once you set the expectation that lights are out and heads hit the pillow after a story, then that will become automatic no matter what time it is…..within reason.

Maybe throw in a little “bedtime yoga” to get those wiggles out. The key is predictability; it's the secret weapon in your mom arsenal.

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4. Morning Light Brigade
In the morning, throw open those curtains and let the sunlight pour in. Natural light is like nature's alarm clock and helps reset our internal clocks. Have a dance party while getting dressed or enjoy breakfast with a side of sunshine. It's a cheerful way to start the day and helps everyone wake up a bit easier.

If you're not a morning person….fake it til you make it!

5. Engage in Quiet Evening Activities
Embrace activities that don't rev up your kids' engines right before bed. Think puzzles, coloring, or reading together. It's like slowly turning down the volume on their energy, preparing them for a peaceful night's sleep.

6. Patience, Patience, and More Patience
Remember, adjusting to DST isn't instant, and there might be a few tough nights. Arm yourself with patience and maybe an extra cup of coffee in the morning. You've got this, and soon enough, your family will be back to their regular sleep schedules.

7. Celebrate the Extra Daylight
Once everyone has adjusted, take advantage of the longer evenings for family walks, picnics, or just playing in the yard. It's a lovely way to end the day together, basking in the success of your smooth transition to DST.

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Adjusting to daylight savings time doesn't have to be a dreaded event. With a little preparation, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of patience, you can guide your family through the change seamlessly. Here's to enjoying those extra hours of daylight with less stress and more fun!

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