Ever wish you had more time? Don't we all?! When your days are seriously jam-packed, preparation is more important than ever! Follow my nighttime routine hacks to get a jumpstart on your day…the night before!

Jordan from Fun Cheap or Free talks about nighttime routine hacks that really work for her family!

I don't know about you, but mornings in my house are banana town (as my morning routine video shows!). It's probably no secret, but I am NOT a morning person. (Can we just ban early mornings already?)

That being said, in today's YouTube video I'm sharing 7 of my top nighttime routine hacks to do at night, so you can conquer your day! They are SUPER simple, take little to no time, and make a giant impact.

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Enough chatter…ready to get ahead of the game? Check out my 7 simple nighttime routine hacks!

Watch the video online HERE, or click and watch below:

See?? SUPER easy, right?

For those who want quick reference, let's break it down for you:


Nighttime routine hacks include prepping dinner the night before to stay ahead the next day! From Fun Cheap or Free.

It's no secret that dinner is usually the craziest time of the day. The kids are hangry, homework needs done, chores need finished, and food still needs to get on the table. By simply taking a few minutes in your nighttime routine and putting meat in the fridge to thaw, chopping vegetables, or gathering ingredients you'll have a big head start on dinner.


Nighttime routine hacks include setting out backpacks and shoes ahead of time to avoid the morning rush. From Fun Cheap or Free

I'm sure you know this, but tired kids = chaos! Prep everything you can the night before to help prevent zombie children running around trying to find homework, outfits, their left shoe and whatever 1,673,421 random things they need aka want.

We set everything out in the kitchen so it's quick and easy for them to grab. Don't be afraid to get them involved and have them help! Set them up for success by teaching them from a young age how successful people manage their day and nighttime routine.


Another nighttime routine hack from Fun Cheap or Free is to pack lunch the night before. You can even use glass containers like these!

It might not surprise you that eating out is one of the biggest budget wasters out there. Not only is the food WAY more expensive it's also usually not as healthy. It only takes a few minutes before you go to bed to get lunch ready for your entire family (see my game-changing lunch and snack system HERE!) so your quick sandwich the next day doesn't require a loan and/or sacrifice of some sort.

Let the kids get their lunch ready (besides anything that needs to be kept cold) and have them place their lunch box by their school gear. Usually for our “adult lunches,” we grill a big batch of chicken and vegetables on Sunday and have the pre-portioned for the week, so those are grab and go. If you don't have time for that each week, your nighttime routine is where you'd get everything ready to take to work or eat at home.


A nighttime routine hack from Fun Cheap or Free is to clean up the night before to avoid added work the next day.

Don't start your day out in the hole! I always make a point to run my dishwasher and start a load of clothes so I wake up to clean sink and laundry ready to be moved over to the dryer. Not a full load? Run on a lighter wash! Trust me, it just gets the day flowing right. How's that for marking off two checklist items while you're sleeping?


A nighttime routine hack that works is to pick out clothes the night before. From Fun Cheap or Free

Our minds have to make so many decisions each day. Let's make life a little easier on ourselves! It may not seem like much, but laying out your clothes the night before makes your life so much easier in the morning. It's not only one less decision to make, but it keeps your closet cleaner, and helps you get up, get dressed, and not lay around in PJ's all day! (Not that we don't all love having to run to the grocery store in our PJ's…).

Take your outfit game to the next level with the magical program I just found. Get Your Pretty On is all about making your wardrobe work for you and is blowing my mind! Seriously this program gives you a shopping list (it includes your closet as a store!) so you can easily create 31 days of mix and match casual chic outfit ideas with dress it up and dress it down options. I think I hear the angels singing! If you need help dressing your bump, this video is a MUST watch.


Another night tip from Fun Cheap or Free is so dump everything from your brain into a journal so you can rest easy.

Keep your to-do book on your nightstand for those inevitable thoughts that are going to come racing to your mind as you try to wind down for the night. Write down anything and everything that is keeping you from falling asleep, that you are worried you might forget the next day, to-do list, recap of the day, dreams, prayers, frustrations, notes to self, anything! ESPECIALLY if you need to get something done the next day, write it down and let your brain forget about it!

And last but not least…


Sleep tight when you turn off your phone. Hack your nighttime routine with Fun Cheap or Free.

Be careful with this one! The most dangerous enemy to a good nights' sleep is that beloved screen of ours.  Don't fall in the rabbit hole of social media and emails! Quickly pull up your calendar and see what you have to do the next day and what time you need to be there. Set your alarms for waking up and for the times you need to get out the door and be places on time. The most important part of this step is plugging in your phone and RUNNING AWAY after this step. Okay, you don't have to run, but don't get back on it! Put it in a drawer and don't touch it again until your alarm goes off. You can do hard things!

WHEW! See, that wasn't too bad, right?


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What does your nighttime routine look like? Do you have any other hacks that help you make the best of your days? Share them in the comments so we can learn from YOU!

7 great tips to help you conquer your day from Fun Cheap or Free

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