HOLY EFFICIENT, BATMAN! This is a game-changer. Morning routine with 6 young kids. SO MANY good tips! Frpm FunCheapOrFree.com

Truth: I am NOT a morning person. My kids are naturally early risers…I would love to sleep until noon and party all night. Alas, adulthood isn't exactly conducive to that routine, so I've had to learn to conquer my morning, and make it incredibly productive and efficient (…even though I walk around like a zombie).

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And since you have been asking for videos of our morning routine, I'm about to take you “behind the scenes” of a real life morning in the Page household! So prepare yourself to get up close and personal. 

Watch the video on YouTube or watch below:


Use these tips to make the most out of your morning and day!


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Kitchen Tour: All the details of our newly renovated kitchen, what we chose and why! For before/after pics, links to everything, and details on what the renovation cost, check out this post.

Freezer breakfasts: I'm all about those easy breakfast options. You know, those that will fill my kids up until lunch time and can be made ahead to eliminate the chaos of the morning. Click on the link for more info and ideas! You can also check out these recipes: Apple Ring Pancakes, Make Ahead Breakfasts, and Freezer Smoothie Bags.

How my kids pack lunches and snacks: Sharing all about how we do kids snacks, lunch, and even mealtimes.


Our clipboard and chore system: This is what we use to keep us on track for homework, time with friends, screen time, chores, allowance, and more!

Makeup routine: I am no make up artist, but I get asked frequently about my makeup so here's how I do it! I know, it seems like a lot of steps. But I've been doing it this way for so long, I can be fully ready in less than 10 minutes! Many of the products I use are drug store products, so it's an affordable look for anyone.

How I do my lashes: I wear fake lashes regularly, and they are a hot topic of conversation! In this video I cover how I put them on, how I keep them looking good wear after wear, and my favorite CHEAP lashes!

HOLY EFFICIENT, BATMAN! This is a game-changer. Morning routine with 6 young kids. SO MANY good tips! Frpm FunCheapOrFree.com

And there you have it! What does your morning routine look like?

Looking for more routines to help out with your life?