My Morning Routine: Survival Tips from a Mom of 8!

Aug 16, 2021 | Productivity, Video

Are mornings a little hectic in your house? Today, I'm sharing my morning routine along with a few tips that will help you start those crazy days off on the right note. As a mom of eight and someone who'd love to sleep in until 10 am every day, trust me when I tell you these tips work!

Jordan Page morning routine, from Fun Cheap or Free

Truth: I am NOT a morning person. My kids are naturally early risers, but I would love to sleep until noon and party all night. Alas, mom life isn't exactly conducive to that routine, so I've had to learn to conquer my morning, and make it incredibly productive and efficient (even though I walk around like a zombie).

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And since you have been asking for videos of our morning routine, I'm about to take you “behind the scenes” of an actual morning in the Page household! So prepare yourself to get up close and personal. 

Click to watch the morning routine video on YouTube HERE or keep scrolling to watch below:


Jordan Page doing breakfast prep for the week, from Fun Cheap or Free

Phew! That was pretty crazy, huh? While we've added twins and two (HUGE) puppies to the mix since I filmed that video, our routine is pretty much the same. It's just a little louder and a whole lot cuter!

Want a quick recap? I'm about to share my top five morning routine tips, along with a ton of other posts you can check out to conquer your mornings like a boss. Here we go!


If you only take one thing away from this post, start doing this. Every night before you go to bed, pick out your outfit for the next day and lay it out! I'm a big believer in getting ready for the day, but I also know it's a struggle when you've got little ones to herd. So, set yourself up for success. When you have an outfit ready to go, you can literally get ready for the day in less than a minute! The simple act of changing out of your PJs into a new outfit can help you kick off the day on a more productive note.


Unless it's for homework, we don't allow our kids to have screen time before school. Phones, tablets, and TV are all distractions. Kick those electronic devices to the curb, and your day will start on a much calmer note. Instead of spending time on screens, we eat breakfast together and read scriptures as a family.


Our older kids lay out their clothes for the day before they go to bed, and we have a simple rule. Before they can come downstairs for breakfast, they have to get dressed first. It's honestly saved us SO many battles, and it makes breakfast feel way less rushed. You don't have to do everything for your kids. Give them the chance to rise to the occasion, and nine times out of ten, they will! #RaisingCapableKids

Pro Tip: When it comes to our kid's clothes, we don't fold them unless it's needed! Especially if you have toddlers or babies, save yourself the time. Just toss their unfolded clothes in a drawer, and call it good.


You can skip the sugary cereals and serve up a warm breakfast every day with just a few minutes of prep on the weekends! We're big batch cooking fans around here, so we'll make a bunch of scrambled eggs, waffles, or pancakes and then warm them up in the microwave each morning. And the big kids help! Again, we're all about #RaisingCapableKids.


If you can pair a mindless task with a bigger task, go for it! For example, I'll do our girl's hair while we're reading scriptures together. No, I don't think it's gross to do their hair at the kitchen table! I prefer to call it efficient. 😉 Our hair bags make this hack possible, by the way!


If you're ready to tackle those busy mornings, I've got tons more tips that will help! Here are a few of the best productivity resources for you to check out.


If routine hacks are your jam, you can get many more ideas like this in my Productivity Boot Camp Program! This engaging, online video program will walk you through the process of unlocking the secrets to productivity in your own life, your own way, in just six weeks or less! But not in the sense of simply doing more or adding more to your plate. Quite the opposite. Productivity Boot Camp will target your pain points. It will help break down how you are currently spending your time, organize it better, and cut out unnecessary tasks.

I'll help you tackle necessary priorities more efficiently and effectively. You'll find MORE time in your schedule for fun, relaxation, and growth. Use the code FCFBLOG for 10% off!


Jordan Page doing her makeup, from Fun Cheap or Free

Alright, as far as scheduling, packing lunches, and getting myself ready for the day, a lot of you Freebs have asked how I do it! Here are some posts that go into detail:

  • Makeup Routine – I am no makeup artist, but I get asked frequently about my makeup, so here's how I do it! I know; it seems like a lot of steps. But I've been doing it this way for so long that I can be fully ready in less than 10 minutes!
  • How My Kids Pack Lunches and Snacks – Our lunch and snack systems post shares all about how we do snacks, lunch, and even mealtimes.
  • How I Do My Lashes – I wear fake lashes regularly, and they are a hot topic of conversation! In this video, I cover how I put them on, keep them looking good wear after wear, and my favorite CHEAP lashes!

And there you have it! What does your morning routine look like? Leave and comment below and spill all the deets!

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Looking for more routines to help out with your life?

In case no one's told you today, you're doing GREAT!



  1. Cathie

    What is the wet brush called that you use?

    • FunCheapOrFree

      The exact one I have isn’t available anymore, but lots of people are loving this one!!

  2. Ivette Urbina

    Loved watching you and the little ones clean the kitchen while dancing… warmed my heart 🙂
    God bless your family

  3. Andrea

    Love it! I have 6 as well, I often get the same question: how do you do it? Great video showing how a morning goes. You are one amazing mom. Thank you for sharing!

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Yay! 6 kids unite! 🙂

  4. Kristen

    What is the play pen thing the baby is in while you’re in the kitchen?

  5. Kristi Kearl

    Oh Jordan, your kids are so, so DARLING! They are the same ages as mine, but we stopped at 4! You have a wonderful spirit in your home, and it is obvious that even though you do so much with your blogs and social media, you are not neglecting your children to do it. Really wonderful.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Thank you so much for your sweet words!

  6. Lois

    Hi Jordan!
    Quick question how do you make sure your hard boiled eggs last? do you freeze them?

  7. Sara

    Thank you for your awesome video. My kids were really inspired after watching it. I would like to see a night time routine video too. Also, could you please share what you use on your girls’ hair?
    Thank you and more power to you!

  8. Julie

    When the baby is older… I didn’t let my kids watch tv or videos very often. However, the tv was allowed to be on until Mom got up. This way, they popped in a video from the cabinet of approved ones. Once I was up, the tv went off. They learned quickly to keep the noise down in the early a.m.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      That’s a great idea. 🙂

  9. Laura Gough

    I noticed that you had a productivity boot camp. As a deaf person it would be awesome to see closed captioning on the videos. I noticed you don’t have caption. But I do use automated caption system if available. Anyway you can add caption to some of the videos that don’t have it?

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Hi Laura, thanks for the comment. We don’t have captioning set up now, but are looking into adding that as an option!

  10. Erin Butler

    I loved this video so much! I’ve watched it several times. I would love to see one of your nighttime routine as well! We’ve started doing Sunday night breakfast prep for the week and it makes a huge difference for us.

  11. Amanda

    I am the same way! Not a morning person at all but had to learn- and still working in it!

  12. Mandy Mills

    Holy moly! That is some seriously impressive organization. ? I love that the kids help with everything and seem happy about it.

  13. amy

    whats on the front of your fridge??

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      We had our winter bucket list on the fridge. You can find out more about that HERE!


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