Keep a hair bag handy to tame kids' hair on the go.

I believe in getting myself and my kids “ready” for the day, every day. My mom was a great example of this to me. Even if it was 4pm and she had been out weeding all day, she would shower, do her hair, and get ready – even if she had no plans to leave the house. I feel it's important to teach kids to do their hair every day, even if they aren't going anywhere public. It's basic hygiene, and it teaches kids to take pride in keeping a proper appearance! BUT…Boy oh boy can it be a pain (literally, for the kid!) and time-eater. I have learned that getting ready doesn't have to take long or be complicated, even with kids! My life changed when my Handy Hair Bag creation was formed, which I will teach you all about today.

But first…the background story.

For a while I had all my daughter's hair stuff upstairs in the kids' bathroom, where it “should” go. Right? Well…my daughter just turned 3. She dresses herself, but she won't be doing her own hair for a long time. I was hauling the two of us up and down those stairs every morning (with her kicking and screaming, mind you), running late to wherever we were supposed to be headed, just so I could do her hair (…which wouldn't happen many days because I didn't have time or energy to fight her about the matter).

I finally wised up and created this little beauty I would like to introduce you to…

My (oh-so) Handy Hair Bag

*The skies open and angels sing as rays of light beam upon it*

Hair bag

Sure, it might not look like much (seeing as how it was a free bag that carried a Splat Mat my mom once bought me). But trust me…it's a LIFE. SAVER.

I keep it where we actually get ready in the morning – on the main floor of our house, in the thick of all the action, in the hall closet next to the backpacks/coats/shoes where we scramble to grab everything we need as we prepare to leave the house.

Can you spot it? It's like I-Spy 😉

I keep the bag in the hall closet for quick grabbing.

I keep the bag in the hall closet for quick grabbing.

Pssst… it's on top of the white sock drawers (more on my hall closet in an upcoming post).

I will grab it and do my kids'  hair while they are eating breakfast, while they are putting their shoes on, or more often than not I toss it in the car and do it once we arrive at wherever we need to be.

Doing Priya's hair in a parking lot is a regular occurrence.

Doing Priya's hair in a parking lot is a regular occurrence.

Here's what is inside the bag:

 I like the oversized bag because everything I need fits in it. Keep a "hair bag" handy to tame kids' hair on the go!

Here are the contents broken down:

Keep a "hair bag" handy to tame kids' hair on the go!

I keep an array of bows, rubber bands, and clips in the bag. Why keep them in a bathroom when I'm doing her hair in the car half the time?

In addition to the accessories, in the bag I have a variety of hair products to tame my kids' wild hair (especially Priya's):

GREAT products to tame kids' wild hair!

Here's how I use these products to tame my kids' hair:

  • Wide-toothed comb (like THIS ONE). This is a MUST HAVE for brushing through girls' hair, especially curly, tangly hair like Priya's. I can't imagine trying to take a fine-toothed comb through toddler hair. It would break that poor hair, and would just be miserable for the child. Wide toothed is the way to go. Wide-toothed for president!
  • Bottle of plain water. Don't be fooled, the red “no more tangles” bottle is actually just filled with plain water. I bought the no more tangles and it didn't work AT ALL. I've learned that kid hair products are basically watered down fruity-smelling money-suckers, to say the least. But it's a great bottle because it doesn't leak, so that's what I use. The water is great for combing through girl's hair (it combs so much easier when wet), and taming cowlicks and making hair behave for boys.
  • De-tangler and/or leave-in conditioner (like THIS ONE that I like to use because it's only a few dollars and works well). After soaking the heck out of Priya's hair with the water, I will spritz it with the conditioner BEFORE combing through it. Then, once her hair is tangle-free, I spray it a few times all over and “fluff” her curls with my hands to give them some bounce again. It works like a nice finishing spray of sorts.
  •  Gorilla SnotSounds gross, looks grosser, but it really is THE BEST hair gel. Ever. This is what I use on my boys. It's only a few bucks (got mine at Walmart), it doesn't flake, you only need a tiny squirt, and it's heavy duty. It holds AAAAAALL day, without being crunchy and too “gel” looking. I put a tiny bit in my fingers and pinch my boys' dry hair in place, as if my fingers were crab claws. I don't spray their hair first or anything…the Gorilla Snot is all you need!


Here's their bed-head before getting done...

Here's their bed-head before getting done…

Hutch's hair

…Hutch's hair after the Gorilla Snot amazingness.

Aaah, much better.

Aaah, much better. (sorry not a great pic of the boys' hair, it's all I could find at the moment!)


Here's Priya, getting her hair tamed this morning during breakfast:

How to tame wild curly toddler hair

Her hair “before”…

Taming curling toddler hair!

…and after.

However, I will say this…Priya's hair does best when you wet it down and DON'T have to brush through it. For example, I'll comb it, put her in the tub, then let it dry without combing through it again. The effect is stunning when I don't have to brush through those gorgeous curls!

Those curls!!

Those curls!!

I know it seems like a simple thing, but this bag has really has saved me so much time and headache. It also helps for when we go places post-nap, because Heaven knows their hair looks all sorts of crazy again after they've slept on it for any length of time. It also makes for quick and easy packing when going on vacation.

One last trick?

I keep Priya's “pretty bows” (aka her large bows that don't fit in the hair bag very well) in the hall closet as well. On the days when I do her hair at home I let her pick out her own bow, since she's particular about matching it with her outfit.

Keep hair bows and accessories handy where your kids finish getting ready for the day! Simple, life-saving tip.

So there you go! Simple tricks that save my life and sanity day after day. This month I am really focusing on learning NEW tricks for keeping my life organized and efficient (seeing as how it's Focus on Learning month, after all).

Do tell…what are some of YOUR simple life-saving tricks?