Create a full face of makeup, including luscious lips and lashes, in 10 minutes or less! Here's a super simple makeup tutorial that'll help you go from drab to fab in minutes… Plus tips on what products it's okay to buy cheap! Don't worry! I got you!

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You guys have been BEGGING me to do an updated makeup tutorial and share my tips for finding good deals on makeup. You ask, Mama J delivers! Today, I'm showing you my go-to, 10-minute or less makeup tutorial! I do this look, or slight variations of this look, every single day.

This makeup tutorial includes highlighting and contouring, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and if you give yourself an extra minute or two, even false lashes (which for me, are quicker than doing layers of mascara)!

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Now that was fun! Here are all the deets, plus my favorite products and even a few sweet deals. You know I got you!


I don't stick to one particular brand of makeup, but I do have my favorites for each different product. Some are pricier than others and some are downright cheap! I just use what I like and what works best for ME!

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I've linked up most of my favorites here on Amazon and buy them from there! Be careful when buying high-end products on Amazon and make sure to ONLY buy from the brand's shop.

TJ Maxx can be a good place to find name-brand makeup that is off-season or discontinued. I find TooFaced, Urban Decay, and Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup there ALL the time!

Shine Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands! They're animal cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free, too! You can save 10% by using code JORDAN.

Pro Tip: Shine will color match you! Just DM Shine on Instagram and they'll give you instructions!


Jordan putting eye liner on, from Fun Cheap or Free

Not sure if you know this or not, but I'm not a professional makeup artist. Shocker, right?! *snort* Let's just be real, I don't exactly know what I'm doing and I might be giving myself 1,489,397 wrinkles, but being alive gives you wrinkles, so let's just be thankful for them!

Here's the step-by-step eye makeup tutorial linked up with all my favorite products!

  • Start with a clean slate! I dab a little of Pond's lotion underneath my eyes and gently wipe it off with a tissue. Then, BOOM, I have a clean slate ready to be beautified.
  • Prime those eyes! I used to use Mac Paint Pot, but this Maybelline dupe is AMAZING and is less than $6! #score
  • Cover your entire eyelid with champagne eyeshadow. As long as you use a primer, this will stay put! My very favorite eyeshadow is Tarte, but Morphe also has some great palettes!
  • Other eyeshadow palettes I like? E.L.F.'s palettes have good pigment and are fairly affordable.
  • The eyelid crease! Pick whatever color floats your boat here. I use a brown or mauve for every day. Start at the corner and go towards your nose in a windshield wiper motion.
  • Line those eyes! I always use NYX eyeliner in dark brown versus black.
  • Mascara time! Waterproof is a must! Ain't nobody got time for makeup running all over their face. I use good ole cheap Maybelline Colossal then usually follow up at the end with fake lashes. (Keep reading for my false lashes tutorial!)
  • If you're not wearing false lashes, then use a higher-end mascara. This one from Tarte works well. I'm not a fan of the name of this one at all, but this mascara is also great!
  • I LOVE Kylie cosmetics. If you're going to grab her stuff, your best bet is to sign up for Rakuten and get cash back when purchasing from Ulta!


Jordan putting highlighter on, from Fun Cheap or Free

For ease and speed, I apply my foundation without brushes. I find that it uses WAY less product which saves a whole lotta cold hard cash. However, I DO use a brush to blend my contour and to apply blush.

Read on for my step by step foundation, highlight, and contour makeup tutorial hacks!


Jordan applying lip gloss, from Fun Cheap or Free

Almost done! By this point, it pretty much looks like I have no lips left. Thanks, creamy foundation!

Enter my absolute FAVORITE lip color on the planet, Reliable by Shine. If there's ever a shortage on this stuff, you might find me in the fetal position crying. Just give me Mini Cadbury Eggs, and maybe I'll survive.

  • Line those babies up! I over-line ever so slightly because, why not?! Today I'm using a lip liner from NYX, but I also like this Shine lip liner and these Colourpop lip liners.
  • I wear this lip last by Shine every. single. day. It's Reliable…always! Don't be tempted to use gloss with this one because it'll come right off. If you use it as is, it stays on FOREVER!
  • After you're done with your lips, finish off your look with some setting spray. This will help your makeup stay put all day! I really like this Urban Decay setting spray.


You can skip false lashes and add more mascara at the end, but it's just as fast for me to add falsies so I just go for it. Here's what you need to know about my lashes and process:

  • My favorite false lashes are these by Kiss! It's $8-$9 for FIVE pair and you can wear each pair up to 10 times if you take care of them.
  • Duo Dark Tone is the real secret. Put a layer across the whole lash line making sure you go tip to tip and let it dry for 30 seconds.
  • Grab your clean tweezers and place them as close to your eyelashes as possible.
  • You HAVE to wear eyeliner when you wear false lashes. Just trust me on this one!
  • If you're using a new pair of false lashes, put a quick coat of mascara over the top to help them blend better and help them look more realistic.

Here's an OLLLLLD tutorial of me showing you step by step how to do lashes. I still do them the same way, so if you want to see a more in depth look, watch away! And if you wanna watch me do another old makeup routine, here ya go. 😉

How quickly can you do your makeup? Let me know in the comments! It seems like the more kids I have, the quicker and more efficient I get!

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