Cheap Ways to Treat Yourself, Celebrate Success and Stay Motivated!!

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It is CRUCIAL to celebrate success and reward yourself when you hit your goals! Stay motivated by making a plan to treat yourself once you've reached your goal! Whether it's just for YOU or for the whole family!

When you reach your goals and want to celebrate your success, then you've got to treat yourself! Use these tips to stay motivated to keep going from Fun Cheap or Free.

“Clothes—treat yourself. Fragrances—treat yourself. Massages—treat yourself.” Parks and Rec, anyone? While Donna and Tom may take it to a whole new level that those of us who are on a budget shouldn't, they still make a good point! It's so important to treat. yo. self. when you reach a goal!

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You need to celebrate your successes to help you to stay motivated and keep working towards the next goal. You may be tempted to spend a lot of money when you treat yourself… But if you've been budgeting for any time at all, then you know that isn't very smart! Instead, get creative and come up with cheap ways to treat yourself. We've got some great ideas for you! Let's go!


You've been bustin' tail and you just reached one of your goals that you set a while ago. Yay! Go YOU!!! Now what? You could start right in on a new goal and get to work on that without taking a second to breathe. You did just crush your goal, so why not get started on the next one while you have the momentum?

Because you need to make sure that you have the motivation to reach your next goal! What's going to make you want to keep pushing towards that goal for a new car or to improve your credit score? You need to give yourself a minute to celebrate your success so that you want to keep working on your goals!

Treat yourself, or your whole family, when you reach a goal. Give yourself a little pat on the back to recognize that you did awesome. Be proud of what you accomplished! Take a minute to treat yourself, then move on to your next goal, refreshed and ready to tackle it.


There are times in your life when you really just need some “me time” where you can focus on yourself. It's good to have a recharge every now and then! Maybe you reached a personal fitness goal, or got a promotion at work. Whatever it is, try out these ideas to celebrate and treat yourself without blowing the budget!

  • Give yourself a facial.
  • Make your favorite drink in copycat form.
  • Go to the library, check out a new book and allow yourself the time to read it!
  • Make a small purchase that you've been wanting to buy, such as an item of clothing, book, journal, or treat. Just make sure that it fits within your budget or you have been saving for it!
  • Give yourself a mani or pedi. It's so much cheaper to buy the good polish and paint your own nails than it is to go to the salon!
Take the time for a little "me time" as a reward for a job well done! Treat yourself ideas from Fun Cheap or Free.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Work on a hobby.
  • Buy a new audiobook from Audible to listen to when you're driving or cleaning. Use that link to get one free audiobook, 2 free Audible originals & a 30 day free trial!
  • Go window shopping in a cute, nearby downtown area with your friends.

If you're wondering how on earth you could find the time to do this between work, kids, or activities, then we've got you covered! We have some great ideas on how to make time so that you can treat yourself and practice a little self-care while you're at it.


When you and your spouse, or even the whole family, have reached a goal that you've been working towards together, then it's fun to celebrate together! Maybe you reached one of your financial goals and paid off some debt.

It's good to acknowledge that you achieved something together. Try out some of these cheap ideas to treat yourself and celebrate your success so that you can stay motivated to conquer your next goal!

When the whole family reaches a goal, enjoy a treat yourself day with everybody! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free.

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to treat yourself! You can have fun and celebrate without going too crazy.


Are you reading this and thinking how amazing it would be if you could reach your goals and get a much-deserved “treat yourself” day? Let us help you!


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So, are you ready to treat yourself or what?! What goals are you reaching and how are you going to treat yo'self? Let us know in the comments!

Celebrate success and stay motivated with these tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

Looking for some great ideas to help you reach your goals?

  • Keep your day organized by using our block schedule! You'll be able to do anything from fitting a workout into your busy work day to knowing when the best time is for you to be productive around the house.
  • Stick to the 70% rule and you'll be able to spend, save and invest on any budget!
  • Find some great tips on how to be productive at home with kids around. Yes, it is possible!


  1. Opal Hall

    Apparently have a pretty sweet life, because most of these are part of my regular routine. I accomplish a heck of a lot of stuff in a day, but little things like these are almost always part of the day too. It’s also nice to have a hubby who still asks to give me massages most nights, even after 15 years

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Way to go!

  2. Vicki B

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic condition: breast cancer. The physical treatment, stress, emotional recovery, and residual side effects: focus, memory, motivation, etc. have been overwhelming and ever present.
    When I “stumbled” onto your block scheduling, monthly focus calendars, and “everything Jordan” I was able to get and be focused. Thank you so much for sharing your life and information and materials!
    PS: It is not easy to share my cancer related experience but I am beginning to see that it is not much different than other life changing challenges. I am refreshed and grateful.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Thank you for taking the time to share with us. We are so happy to hear that it has helped you get focused during such a challenging time. You have such a positive outlook. We are grateful that you are here.


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