Self-care is something that is SO important for our mental and physical health. Today, Meghan is giving some tips on how to make it a priority and do it on the cheap!

Ways To Practice Self-Care from Fun Cheap or Free

Hello my fellow Freebs and welcome back to another episode of Meghan Talk! Just kidding, I don’t have a cute catch phrase. But I am Meghan and I love talking all about building a better life for you and your family!  We’re talking all about how to make a plan for your own self-care. AND I've got three ideas on how to practice self-care without spending a fortune (most without spending a literal dime). Woot!

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Before we get to the tips, let’s have a quick and honest conversation… As the vast majority of you reading this are women, I feel like I can take a guess and say many of you spend your days serving others. For some of you, they are small with sticky hands and diapers to be changed. For others, they are co-workers who are looking for assistance. Regardless, there is probably not a lot of time focused on YOU. And, that is really stressful!

There is an old saying, “You can’t pour water from an empty cup.” I have felt like an empty cup so many times as a young mother and wife. The early mornings, little sleep, and constant needs of my family really burn me out quickly if I’m not careful. When I don’t put energy and time into myself and am not considerate my own needs, I’m not the fun and happy mom and wife that I want to be. I’m a grump, honestly, and my family can feel it. Yikes! So, what do I do?


Self-care for women is often shown as buying something sparkly or taking a dreamy vacation. But for so many women, that’s just not practical and wouldn’t solve the problem anyway! I know that I am protecting my well-being and mental health when I use my time wisely and make the effort to carve out time for myself. But, that can never happen if I don’t plan ahead. If I want to have “Meghan Alone Time,” I need to get some help with the kids since they're young.

Practice Self-Care By Relaxing from Fun Cheap or Free

Of course there are many ways to do this. You can plan ahead with a partner, get a babysitter, wake up early before your kids, etc. This is so important because your self-care time is not going to happen just by hoping that the time will be there. I can assure you, it won’t be! Plan ahead, find a babysitter if you need to, put it on the calendar, and then follow through.

Pro Tip: Keep the details as consistent as possible. Something along the lines of every other Tuesday night, Mom (aka me) will be gone from 7-9p. This way it’s easy to plan around and my husband knows what to expect when the time comes.

Now, this is all good and well, if you have a partner with a consistent schedule. What about those of you that have a husband that travels a lot, or works nights and sleeps during the day? What about you single mamas, or mamas with husbands serving in the military? I don’t want you to think we’ve forgotten you! Don’t worry, you’ll find ideas below that should help you, too. 


This tip, I think, is the one most people are referring to when talking about self-care. However, many of us continue to struggle to do just this and SLOW DOWN. The answers why we can’t are easy to list off. We are too busy, there’s too much to do, my list is still a mile long, etc. I feel this way on a daily basis! I know you do, too!

When I feel like I’m moving at too fast a pace for too long, I know I need to find ways to take a step back and focus some energy into my self-care. This doesn’t have to be fancy like a full manicure and pedicure at a spa. But I do find peaceful pockets of time to relax. 

Put On Makeup from Fun Cheap or Free

I make sure that I have time to do a few minutes of makeup in the morning, ideally with the door shut so it can be a relatively calm experience. Sometimes that means waking up before the kids. I choose to get up 30 minutes early because it centers my morning and reminds me that I took care of myself first. 


  • Spend time doing something for YOU. For me, it's doing my makeup. For you, it might be something else.
  • Take a bath or shower with the door shut and no one sneaking in or calling your name. Use a nice bath bomb for an extra touch!
  • Follow along with a gratitude practice, like the one shared by the Alison Show Podcast.


It’s been long understood that one of the best ways to change your mindset is to move your body. If I could look back in time and tell my first-time-mom-self one thing, it would be this: “When your colicky baby won’t stop, get outside and get moving.” Of course, it wouldn’t have solved everything. But I’ve since learned as a mom and woman that getting my body moving during the day puts me in a better state of mind. 

If you are thinking to yourself right now, “Well, that’s nice for moms who are members of a gym with childcare, but what about me?” I assure you, you don’t need a gym membership (though if you have one, great!). I’m a major advocate of just walking in your neighborhood. You don’t need a destination in mind. Though my kids prefer when we end up at Krispy Kreme and, honestly, I can’t blame them!

Pro Tip: Don’t worry about how far you go or what your time is per mile. This exercise is all about YOU and how YOU feel at the end of it. No worrying about calories burned (or eaten, if you end up at Krispy Kreme!) #notsponsored Ha!


  • Take a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Follow along to a workout or yoga video on YouTube (there are so many!).
  • Do some light stretching in your living room or backyard.


One of the things that causes me the most stress everyday is being touched and called after all day by my young children. They need me for everything. Shocker! This is not news to most of you, nor am I alone in feeling this way. Billions of women feel this way every day! So how do I combat the burn out? I strive to create space for myself. 

Create Space For Hobbies from Fun Cheap or Free

I do this is by working on my photography and videography skills during my children’s down time in the afternoon. Of course, some days I join them and grab a quick nap or tv show. But, I turn to my hobbies when I’m feeling like my head is spinning and I am in need of self-care. It’s like a space I have created just for myself. It allows me to focus on the skills and talents I have and helps to ground me.


  • Work on a hobby.
  • Take a drive after your kids are in bed.
  • Go to dinner by yourself. I know some of you would be freaked out by this, but try it out! I find it wildly peaceful.
  • Listen to a podcast in one earphone and let the chaos of children wash over you.

Alright! You have made it through! I’m proud of you for making it a priority to read this. After all, I would consider this a form of self-care! As women and moms, our needs often get shuffled to the bottom of the priority list. Sometimes seasons of life demand that to be true. However, I believe there is power in slowing down, creating space, and/or getting moving. That power comes from a deeper well of gratitude and giving. Because, after all, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

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I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! If you like this kind of content, be sure to follow me on my Instagram and YouTube. I'd love to hear what your favorite forms of self-care are! Let me know in the comments.

5 Self-Care Ideas that Won't Break the Bank from Fun Cheap or Free

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