A look inside my recipe notebook. Great gift idea!

Happy Tuesday!
On Tuesdays I normally share a recipe with you. But today I'm going to show you what I use to keep all my FAVORITE recipes on-hand.
“Favorite Recipes” notebook
I have mentioned before that I have a recipe notebook where I keep all my favorite recipes. This is hands down THE BEST tool in my kitchen!
 My MIL and I made the one above for my cute cousin-in-law's bridal shower recently. Mine, unfortunately, is not NEARLY as cute.

…but it sure is a lifesaver.

Here's how it works:

Any recipe that I try and like (plan to make again) gets photocopied on my printer, then put into the notebook. The recipes are sorted by appetizers, soups, desserts, main ingredient (ground beef, chicken, pasta),

I mark the recipe up like crazy so I remember what changes I made or how I would change it next time.
I also put the date at the top of the recipe and write a one-word rating such as, “great!” “good” “good and easy” or something of the sort.

I keep it handy and accessible, and pull it out when I need a good/quick/familiar go-to!

See? Told you it's ugly.

This notebook helps me:

  • Find recipes when I need them rather than rummaging through my dozens of cook books.
  • Have everything neatly in one place.
  • Come up with what to make for dinner easier.
  • Makes it easier to share recipes with people.
  • Helps me remember what recipes would be great to serve guests for dinner.
Now, one thing to note is that I have a separate notebook labeled, “Recipes to try”. This is where I put all those delicious pinterest recipes, recipes people have emailed to me, etc. that I want to try but haven't yet. Once I try it, if I like it and plan to make it again, it goes into the favorites binder. Get it? Pretty easy. 
I keep my notebook with my other recipe books (it's on the far right). The skinner black one is my “need to try” notebook.
As I mentioned, my mother-in-law and I made one for a bridal shower recently. I have decided this is SUCH a great fun, cheap, and thoughtful gift to give! Here's what we did:

We bought a basic white 2in binder. Two inches seems huge, but trust me…you fill your notebook up pretty quickly. We fancied up the cover and back with scrapbook paper cut by my Silhouette.

After decorating, we stuffed it full of 25 or 30 great recipes (many of them family recipes) that we thought she'd enjoy.
One of the Page famous family recipes is their homemade waffles and buttermilk syrup recipes. We featured this recipe in the front of the book, and gave her a waffle maker in addition to the book so she could put the famous Page family recipe into action 🙂
Our original idea was to make a cute basket with all the ingredients that she would need to make one of the recipes found in the book, but we ran out of time and had to go simple. It'd be a cute idea though, eh?
For Christmas a few years ago my SIL Lindsay made me an AMAZING “Page Family Recipes notebook” for me because every time we got together I would ask, “OH! Can I get the recipe for this??”. It was the most thoughtful gift ever. This is an incredible way to welcome someone into your family. It was one of the best gifts I've ever been given. She even added my picture on the front with the other sisters. Let me tell you, recipes and cooking brings people together! Keep this in mind for a neat gift idea.

So there you go! That's my recipe notebook. To find some of my favorite recipes found in this notebook click HERE. Happy eating!


  1. AvatarElizabethR says

    I also have one of these binders! It is a lifesaver when it's five o'clock and I have three faces staring at me for food. I also have a list of all of the meals I make broken down by the main ingredient (pasta, beef, chicken, chuck, veggies, etc.) so that when I get the grocery store flyer I can really take advantage of the meats on sale. I saw that you guys were pretty big pasta eaters, so I wanted to share my Pizza Rotini Bake Recipe. I love it because I can finely chop lots of veggies to get into my kids' bellies without them really knowing it. It's just cooked Rotini, hamburger, pasta sauce, and motz cheese all mixed together in a foil wrapped pan. I normally add garlic, onions, green peppers, and lots of our favorite seasoning (italian, parsley, pizza, etc.) as well. Just bake it for 15 minutes in the over an 375, and you have a great meal. Easy. Thanks for all of your posts!

  2. AvatarKathy says

    I started taking home ec in 1968 when I was in 7th grade and took it every year thereafter until I graduated in 1974. I met a girl in my 7th grade home ec class who became my best friend. After we each were married, we weren't able to get together very often. I lived in another town not far away, but we each had small children by this time and time just slipped by. We can go months and even years without seeing each other, but when we talk or see each other, it's as if no time has passed at all. In every home ec class, we collected many recipes each year. We had to keep a notebook of all the recipes we used in each class. We were graded on each notebook, as well. I loved having all those recipes. But, after I got married, during one of our moves, I lost all my notebooks. I was heartbroken, but just chalked it up to being one of those things you wish you could change, but accepting that I couldn't. In 1979, I came home from work and found a gift just inside my screen door. I couldn't imagine who would've brought me a present and left it while no one was home. I came in and opened it and got the surprise of my life. My friend had taken the time to write every recipe out and categorize it and put it in a notebook, even making a table of contents. It was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I have always wanted to do it for someone else, just as Donna did it for me. I haven't done it yet, but your article has definitely awakened my desire to do it before it's too late. Thanks so much for reminding me!! 🙂

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