Stop going in circles and forgetting things you need to get done during your day. Wanna know how? Start using a to-do book and never worry about having to remember to do something important again! It’s super easy and a major life-changer!

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As you can imagine, I get asked a lot of questions. Of all the questions I get, the most common, by a landslide, is…”How do you get so much done?” “Are you able to handle all your to-do's?” “How do you have so much energy?” or, the kicker…

“How do you do all you do?”

I always cringe a little when I get asked that, because there is so much I DON'T get done in a day! I used to crack a joke and brush it off. Then I realized that, as moms especially, we are always looking for ways to get more done. To stay on top of the daunting to-do list, to try to tread water a little less and be proactive a little more.

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What's the first thing I'll tell you works to keep everything straight? My to-do book. I've had a TON of questions about it since posting on planning our year in advance video. So here you have it! Here's one of the methods I use to tackle my mile-long to-do list, and try to stay as organized and productive as possible.

Watch the video online HERE or click and watch all about my to-do book below:

Super simple right? Follow these great tips on making your own to-do book and you’ll never forget anything again!


We are so busy, it’s almost impossible to keep up with our life on paper anymore. To help keep things straight, we use Google Calendar. Bubba and I can easily see what we both have going on and we keep all of our activities in one place. (If you want more details on this, then make sure that you check out how we plan our year in advance!)

Now, I do keep a few lists on my phone, like my shopping list. I don’t go anywhere without my phone, so it’s always nice to know I’ll have my list on me when I go to the store. There’s nothing worse for your grocery budget than not having a list to stick to at the store! Keep it in your phone and you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 😉

But everything else, like the never-ending, mile-long list of things you need to do? That's where the to-do book comes in to save the day!


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It really is so easy! Here's all you need to do:

  • Grab a blank notebook or a planner you have laying around at your house and keep a running list of all of the things you need to do.
  • Have a page for home and a page for work, then keep a running to-do list on them.
  • Write down anything that pops in your head and needs to be done. This could be anything from emailing somebody, to unloading the dishwasher or making sure you remember to tell your husband something.
  • Once you do it, cross it off! 
  • Once the page is mostly crossed off and full, flip to a new page and transfer the remaining to-do items to the new page.

Priorities usually change from one day to the next, so don’t worry about prioritizing the page. If there’s something that absolutely has to be done on a certain day, then you can highlight or put a star next to it to be sure you remember to do it.


If you choose to use a planner, then you can put certain things on certain dates when they need to get done. But for the most part, you can still keep a running list on the planner and cross it off as it gets done. Then once the next week starts, transfer whatever is left over.

If you have random little spurts of time to do something during your block schedule that day and can’t think of what to do, then pull out your to-do book! Find something you can do on your list in your corresponding block during that open time. If you’re working, then grab something from the work side. Or if you’re in an errand or house chores block, then find something to do from that side of the list. It couldn’t be any easier!

Since I KNOW you are going to ask, here is an Amazon shopping list of adorable notebooks and planners I put together that would work great as a to-do book. However, I love TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Ross Dress for Less the best.


But psssstttt, wanna know a secret? I came out with my very own productivity Planner and it's seriously the best! It gives you a place to write down your to-do list, along with keeping up with your meals and other things you may need to keep track of on a daily basis. (Daily block schedule, anyone?)

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Do you feel disorganized? Stressed? Burnt out? Unfulfilled? Ready to say “BUH-BYE” to that state of overwhelm without giving up the things that mean the most to you? Say “hello” to the ultimate productivity guide! My Productivity Planner from Jordan Page is your step-by-step guide to getting more done while enjoying more free time.

  • This is not your typical planner! It's not just about your schedule—it's about getting things done.
  • Learn to prioritize family time and self-care while still meeting your obligations by working smarter, not harder.
  • Learn practical and effective solutions for creating routines and systems that work for you and your family.
  • Includes a step-by-step guide to the viral “block schedule” system.
  • Walks you through every week, making sure you complete tasks while still finding room for guilt-free “me time.”


If that planner sounds right up your alley to help you stay productive, then make sure you also check out my awesome sauce (if I do say so myself), Productivity Boot Camp program!

You'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to accomplish during the day, while making more time for all of the things that are important in your life. Use the code FCFBLOG for 10% off at checkout!

So, get on to that to-do book, already! You won't be sorry! Let us know your favorite way to keep one below!

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Now go set up that to-do book!

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