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Well, the time has finally come! Say goodbye to those dreary winter days and Hello Spring with this super fun Spring Bucket List! Great for the whole family, this free printable will keep things interesting all season long!

Try this FREE Spring bucket list printable and create memories this season you'll never forget from Fun Cheap or Free!

Ahhh, the sun has returned and the grass is finally green again… there's just nothing better than a warm sunny day after months and months of cold, dark winter. Take advantage of all that free Vitamin D and get outside with you family as you get started on this Spring Bucket List printable!

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Don't worry, we've included plenty of rainy-day activities for you and your family, too! You'll be having a blast and making memories that will last a lifetime. Let's see how many you and your family can check off the list!


Get your family together this Spring and try some of these at-home bucket list items. It doesn't have to be a big outing to be a great time—sometimes we just feel like staying in!

Make the most of this season with this FREE Spring bucket list printable from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Spring cleaning – Have everyone go through their rooms and clean out the trash, toys they don't play with and clothes/shoes that are too small. Then donate what you don't need!
  • Raise Butterflies – Watch them turn from fuzzy little caterpillars into beautiful butterflies!
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream – Make it the old-fashioned way and crank it by hand!
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Have a Family Car Wash – Get all of the winter gunk off and out!
  • Finger Paint a Rainbow
  • Bake Cookies – Make them for a neighbor or a friend! Use leftover Easter candy to give them some pizzaz!
  • Get Crafty Make playdough, green slime, jewelry, or a bug catcher—there are so many fun ideas to keep the littles busy!
  • Decorate for Easter
  • Dye Easter Eggs
  • Make a Rain Gauge
  • Paint Sun Catchers
  • Celebrate May 5th – Make Chicken Tacos and guacamole for Cinco de Mayo!

Make the small moments memorable by just being a little more intentional! Put all devices away and unplug from the world—we promise it will be SO WORTH IT!


Soak up the rays with these fun and unique outdoor Spring Bucket List Activities!

Make memories with your family this season with this FREE Spring bucket list printable from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Jump on a Pogo Stick – You know we love these!
  • Make and Fly a Kite – Okay, you don't have to make one, but it could definitely be fun!
  • Have a Picnic
  • Play with Chalk
  • Go Bird Watching – Grab those binoculars and see what you can find!
  • Get Messy – Flower bombs or mud pies will be sure to entertain both big and little.
  • Go for a Walk
  • Take a Family Bike Ride – Tandem, anyone??
  • Blow Bubbles – Make your own bubble solution for pennies!
  • Make a Fairy Garden
  • Find Fun Shapes in the Clouds
  • Help Your Neighbors with Yard Work
  • Clean Out Your Garage – Decide as family what you can donate to help someone else!
  • Get the Outside Toys Ready – Pull those Spring and Summer toys out of the shed and give them a good scrub so they are ready for the fun!
  • Play in a Rain Shower – Wear your rain boots or just go barefoot!!
  • Host a BBQ for Memorial Day

There are so many great things to do in the Spring with your family. Get together and come up with a few more of your own and add them to your printable list!


Don't let your days become hum-drum this season. Fill your time with these exciting activities and never run out of things to do!

Make this season special with this FREE Spring bucket list printable for your family from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Plant A Garden – Go for veggies or plant flowers in the flower bed.
  • Feed the Ducks
  • Volunteer together as a Family
  • Make an Outdoor Obstacle Course
  • Pick Berries at a Local Farm
  • Make a Sun Catcher
  • Play Mini Golf
  • Go on a Nature Hunt
  • Find a Four-leaf Clover
  • Play Frisbee
  • Let Your Kids Plan the Day!
  • Play Croquet
  • Go Rollerblading
  • Host a Game Night
  • Make a “Lucky List” – Everyone make a list of things they are thankful for.
  • Play Hopscotch
  • Attend a Spring Festival


Feel like going out and making a day of it? Try to see how many of these fun places you can check off of your Spring Bucket List before Summer rolls around!!

Make Spring special with this free Spring bucket list printable from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Find a Field of Wildflowers – Take pictures or just bask in the beauty!
  • Visit a New Park
  • Go for a Hike
  • Visit a Farmer's Market – See if your kids can recognize the fruits and veggies!
  • Find a Pond and Go Fishing
  • Go to a Baseball Game
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Visit an Arboretum
  • Go to a Petting Zoo
  • Visit Your Local Farm Store – Spring is Chick Season!
  • Go Camping
  • Find a Lake and Learn to Skip Rocks

Springtime offers beautiful colors and scenery different than any other season. Open your eyes and really try to see the beauty around you! There is nothing better than enjoying creation with your favorite people!


Make this Spring extra sweet with this Spring bucket list printable from Fun Cheap or Free!

We hope you are as excited as we are to try out these fun Spring Bucket List items with your family! Spring is full of life and we think your days should be, too. Now, get out there and enjoy this incredible time of the year with the people you love!

What is your favorite activity on the Spring Bucket List?? Tell us in the comments below! Also, check out our summer, winter and fall bucket lists, too and make the most of EVERY season!

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