Spring cleaning can sound intimidating, especially if you've let your house go a little too long without giving it a good cleaning. Use these 4 simple tips and you'll be able to get your house cleaned in no time! Plus, you can use these spring cleaning tips all year round!

The best spring cleaning tips to help you knock it out FAST! Fun Cheap or Free

Does anyone have the spring cleaning itch yet? Between winter, kids, animals, extracurriculars, and just life in general, our houses can get a little out of control. Who wants to do anything besides stay curled up by the fire with a good book when it's cold outside?!

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Lucky for you, we've got 4 great spring cleaning tips that will help you get going and have your house freshened in no time! And the best part? You can do these all year long and they'll help you to stay on top of things. That way when next spring comes around, all you have to worry about is enjoying it with your family rather than going crazy cleaning for what feels like an eternity! So, you ready to change your world one dust bunny at a time?!


Time to throw open the windows and freshen up for spring! But don't let that Spring Cleaning checklist weigh you down. Here are a few simple tips to knock out your spring cleaning fast and keep the list from getting too overwhelming!


We fully believe that kids as young as 2 can be involved in helping to clean the house. Honestly, most young kids want to help when it comes to doing chores around the house. Use that to your advantage! Get them in the habit of pitching in do things around the house so that as they get older, they can take on more responsibilities. This not only teaches them that they're an important part of the family, but also teaches them life skills that they'll need later.

Get your family involved in spring cleaning to help it go faster! Fun Cheap or Free

We use cleaning products that are safe for kids to use so they can help with pretty much any chore that we're working on. Our absolute FAVORITE cleaning tool is Ecloth (Use code JORDAN for 10% off)! Get the whole family involved when it's time to clean and it'll go by much quicker!

You can even make it a game. Huddle up and decide what each person is going to “tackle” in the room. “I'll tackle picking up the floor. You tackle washing the windows. You tackle straightening the pillows on the couch. Ready, BREAK!” Make a game out of it! When you're done, let everybody brag about what they “tackled” and how quickly they did it.


Do you tend to look at your messy house and have a hard time imagining when you'll find a full day (or 2??) to get it clean again? Rather than spending that much time to clean all at once, and putting it off until you can, use small pockets of your time to clean! We might not have all day to clean our house top to bottom, but everyone can find 15 minutes in their day.

Awesome spring cleaning tip! Find 15 minutes, set a timer, and knock something off your spring cleaning list! Fun Cheap or Free

Here's how this works:

  • Pick One Area – Focus on one area of your home that needs to be cleaned or organized. Keep it to a small area, no greater than one room, and as small as one drawer or closet.
  • Set a Timer and Go! – Shoot for 15 minutes at the most. You'll be able to work fast and stay focused easily in that short amount of time. Use the timer on your phone or get a hand held one that the kids can easily set. Have everybody work as fast, hard, and focused as you can for those 15 minutes!
  • Do a General Cleaning First – Rather than picking up one item and running into the next room to put it away, be more general. Pick up all items first. If it doesn't belong in that room, put it in a laundry basket to empty and put away later. Once the room is picked up and tidied, you can work to fine details such as vacuuming, decluttering, organizing, and even deep cleaning such as dusting and scrubbing.
  • Stop Cleaning When the Timer Goes Off – Once you hear it go off, stop what you're doing and move on with your day.
  • Repeat – Commit yourself to two 15-minute cleans per day. If you happen to find another 10 or 15 minutes later in the day, do it again!

You can get a lot done in 15 focused minutes. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! “Bite” away at the mess in your house and it will keep you encouraged and able to stay on top of the overall mess.


One of our most viral posts is on how to keep your home clean with 1 chore per day… because it really works! Again, it's hard to find a lot of time to deep-clean your house. In addition to the day-to-day chores we all must do, you can stay on top of deep cleaning by tackling just one chore per day. No more trying to deep clean the whole house once a week!

How to deep clean your house with 1 task per day! Makes it easy to get that spring cleaning knocked out quick! Fun Cheap or Free

If all you can dedicate is 30 minutes, that is enough! You can make your own schedule, or try out our schedule. Here is a condensed version:

  • Monday: Laundry Day – Keep the machines running all day long. Yes, you will probably have to do laundry throughout the week, but this is your day to dedicate to towels, sheets, rugs, clothes, etc. In between switching loads, we also have Monday as vacuum and tidy day.
  • Tuesday: Bathrooms – All parts of all your bathrooms. This may take you longer than 30 minutes the first time that you do it. But remember, Tuesday comes around every 7 days! By staying on top of the schedule, it will be quicker each time because it will be more “touch-up” cleaning rather than super-deep cleaning.
  • Wednesday: Surfaces – We're talking anything that can be dusted, mopped, vacuumed, or wiped. This includes countertops, baseboards, windows, floors, microwave, mantels, shelves, etc. Again, it will be lots of work the first or second time, but if you stay on top of it, it gets muuuuuuch easier.
  • Thursday: Organize or Clean Out Something – Size doesn't matter! This could be anything from your car, a junk drawer, a closet, or your garage. Just pick one thing that has been a pain point for you and tackle it that day.
  • Friday: Tidy and Vacuum – Tidy the whole house (never leave a room empty-handed!) and vacuum the whole house, including the stairs.

Pro Tip: If you have a large house, feel free to split up the levels with bathrooms and surfaces. The first week of the month, focus mostly on the main floor. For the second week, focus mostly on the upstairs. The third week, focus on the main floor again since it's the most used floor. Then focus on the basement the 4th week.


A simple, yet effective tool in your spring cleaning arsenal is a simple basket. In each room, closet, and even on the stairs, have a “catch-all” basket. It can be cute, basic, small, or large, whatever you find that you need in that space!

Use a catch all basket to help knock spring cleaning out fast from Fun Cheap or Free

As you tidy up your house, toss things that don't belong in the room that you're cleaning in those baskets. If clothes tend to end up on the floor of your closet because you like to try out different outfits before going somewhere, you can toss your clothes in the basket and put them away when you have more time. It keeps things off the floor, and is an easy way for kids and adults alike to put things away. We usually say “no dessert until your basket is empty!” and it gets everybody's tails in gear. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This goes hand-in-hand with our awesome 5 minute laundry basket trick that will help you keep the house clean with really quick trips through the house!

Super simple and easy spring cleaning tips to keep your house clean all year from Fun Cheap or Free

So there you have it! Four tried and true spring cleaning tips that not only work after a long winter, but also all year round! Do you have any tips that help to keep your house clean and organized? Share them with us in the comments!

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