How I do my laundry! | UNCONVENTIONAL | My best laundry hacks, tips, and tricks

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!

A few weeks ago I recorded loads of laundry hacks, and my full laundry routine Instagram stories. It's extremely unconventional (as you'll see in a minute!) so I wasn't sure if it would be of interest to anyone. Well, Freebs, it basically broke the internet and left you begging for more! #GoFigure.

I certainly am no laundry physicist and have no degree is Laundryism, but I do have 5 kids which amounts to an INSANE amount of laundry each week. We buy inexpensive clothes that I don't want to look inexpensive, so over the years I have come a bit of a laundry expert (albeit self-proclaimed).

Today I'm giving you a tour of my laundry room, and sharing my laundry hacks, tips, tricks, and of course, my (unconventional but will change your life I promise!) laundry routine.

If you didn't know, I do new videos every Thursday on YouTube so be sure to subscribe, turn on the bell notification, and check back each week for more goodness like this! Ok enough blabbing, let's air out the dirty laundry!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

See, that wasn't so bad right??

I know it may seem like a lot of steps, but it really isn't bad. Just remember to sort the HEAVY textures from the LIGHT textures and you'll be fine. Since I have so many loads to do each week, I sub-divide the two textures into smaller piles, but you could simplify if you don't have as many loads as I do.

Here are a few additional tips not mentioned in this video:

  • Remember to always wash your clothes with COLD water, with the exception of towels and whites.
  • If your washer is an HE performance washer, you MUST use HE detergent! That isn't a marketing gimmick, it will truly mess up your machine if you don't use HE.
  • Go with the name-brand! If you know me, you know I prefer store-brands to name-brands 9 times out of 10. In the case of laundry…I'm the opposite! With the exception of dryer sheets (they are one in the same, just go with the scent you like) it's worth the money to get name-brand. I've tried everything on the market, and I see a noticeable difference when I use Tide vs store-brands, even Kirkland! Store-brands are important to have on-hand, though, for loads like towels, sheets, and other loads that don't need the expensive stuff.
  • Rip your dryer sheets in half. It's all you need! And there is much less build-up in your dryer. There are dryer balls, homemade dryer balls, and all sorts of alternative to dryer sheets if you'd prefer. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.


As mentioned, I don’t fold clothes straight out of the dryer. The exception being church clothes, or mine and Bubba’s clothes which I try to fold right away.  The way I keep our clothes wrinkle free to dry everything on the “wrinkle-free” setting. It works!! Of course the kids clothes won’t be perfectly non-wrinkled but it doesn’t bother me much. If they are super wrinkly, that’s where a quick 30 seconds with the steamer comes in handy (linked below).

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!


I've had a few questions about bleaching my whites, since I didn't cover it much in the video. I toss the whites in (without worrying much about texture, I just toss all whites together for the most part), set to “whitest whites” setting (which washes them on the hottest water possible and rinses them twice), add bleach to the “max fill” line, add LIQUID tide detergent (not pods! The pods will dissolve too quickly!), turn on the “pre-soak” setting, and go on my way. My whites have stayed bright and light doing it this way. I definitely prefer Clorox bleach. For whatever reason the store-brands just don't get my clothes as white!

Here are the products I mentioned in the video:

  • Clothing steamer. Freebs, if you iron, you are probably spending WAY too much time in the laundry room! I switched to steaming years ago and will never look back. Toss one (or two!) on your Christmas list this year!
  • Tall laundry hamper. Before I had those awesome pull-out cabinet sorters, I simply bought several of these tall hampers and lined them up in my laundry room instead. They took up some floor and wall space, but the functionality was worth the tight spaces. You could also opt for this 4-basket sorter, or this door hamper.
  • Wall-mount drying rack. This is a huge space-saver! There are clothes I don't dry in the dryer, so having a wall-mounted rack will save you loads of floor space.
  • Tide pods are my new go-to! I typically buy them at Costco and stock up when they are on sale. They have made my clothes look so much better!

I'VE BEEN DOING LAUNDRY WRONG! This laundry routine is unconventional, and amazing! My clothes have never looked better!

So there you have it!

P.S. Daily Mail loved my laundry hacks so much, they wrote a whole article about it!  Check out the article HERE!

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Hopefully this has given you some motivation or new ideas for tackling your own laundry monster. Now, if you don't mind, I need to get sorting. Have a great week, Freebs!


  1. AvatarJessica Withers says

    Do you use bleach on your garments too every week? Fellow LDS Momma!
    Love all your tips and tricks in the video!

    • AvatarLinda Kincaid says

      The label says not to bleach or use fabric softeners on garments. Bleach turns them gray! I’ve also been told at the distribution center to only wash them on cold! Good luck mama!

    • AvatarRaechal says

      Lots of people say that garments are actually colored that white white color and that bleaching them will actually take the white out and make them a dingy gray color. Don’t have any experience myself, just thought I’d let you know what I’ve heard ?

  2. AvatarKristy B says

    What do you do when on whites it says do not bleach? I’ve noticed this a lot on white sheets and other things. I used to use bleach on my whites, but I think it was yellowing them. Thanks! I love your site.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I bleach them anyway, ha! But many people use Oxyclean instead so try adding a scoop of that to your whites!

  3. AvatarElena Felix says

    K I’ve got nine kids, I often wait to long in between so that my mountains are huges. How often do you do laundry in a week?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I sort every Monday and try to do 2 loads per day, and it keeps it moving all week. The mountain is big again by Monday but at least everyone has clothes in the meantime! Bless you and your 9 kids!

  4. AvatarTeandra says

    The sun is powerful! Even if i dry a stained shirt i lay it in the sun and the sun bleaches it out! I learned this trick with cloth diapers. Works wonders.

  5. AvatarCristi says

    Just a heads up, my husband is a plumber ( has been doing it for many years) and he says that the pods can cause washer and plumbing issues over time and does not recommend using them even though they are very convenient. He has been on too many calls lately and this has been the cause of pretty much each one. Just wanted to share to hopefully prevent an issue for others.

  6. AvatarBarbra says

    Great Idea, one problem. Should only be one weeks of clothing per kid. Easyer and way less clothing to with. I did this with my four kids. Each kid wash there own clothing since 6yr old, one load every week. And they put it away too.

  7. AvatarAnne Brewitt says

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching video. Wish I had a lovely big Laundry room like this. I was always told, you had to wash with hot water, to kill germs and get rid of bad odour.. We don’t have Dawn over here, we have Fairy liquid, although they are made by the same people, the company told me here in England, because of the EU laws, there are ingredients in the Dawn, that are not allowed in this country . How stupid. The sooner are out of the EU the better. Loved your idea getting all the same socks. I have three sons and a daughter and we are always losing socks. I do use bleach in my wash sometimes, as we have two naughty Dachshunds and 21 year old tortoise shell cat and sometimes they tinkle on the clothes, so I have to do a bleach and disinfectant rinse first, or that cat and dog pee, still smells even after washing. That will teach us to always pick the dirty washing up and put in laundry basket. Have a lovely week.

  8. AvatarSarah @ SuperSavvySarah says

    I know my laundry skills could use some work, so I’m going to try out some of these tips! (I sort my clothes into darks, lights, and reds AND wash everything on hot AND use store brand detergent!) Based on your recommendation I will give Tide a try! I have two little boys who always put their clothes through the ringer and I feel like I never catch up on the dreaded laundry mountain. I do have two questions for you – how do you get your kids to put away their own laundry and how old do they start doing this? (I’m in total awe over here!)

  9. AvatarMelissa McKelvey says

    Hello Jordan-

    I’m in love with your laundry system. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your cabinet pull out laundry hampers? I am having trouble finding them. Thanks for your input.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      They were already with the house when we moved in so I have no clue where they got them! I even asked the previous owners and they couldn’t remember, sadly. Sorry!

  10. AvatarConnie says

    Wow!! I’m in awe but shocked at the same time. I’m going to try to implement some of this in my house and see how it goes. In fact, I’m running to the basement right now to throw in a load of towels on HOT with VINEGAR!! I’m not sure about not folding but I’m definitely going to look into getting a streamer. Also, I’m a Tide snob as well, but am afraid of bleach.
    Thanks Jordan. I love all your tips!

  11. Avatarkisha says

    I used to live by tide and all then was allergic for a while. but when i had kids i just didn’t find anything better. we used dreft and free and clears and that worked for a while. but i got tired of having to buy 4 different detergents. i went back to tide and all and found that i was over using them. your tips on amounts makes so much since I wont have to double rinse anymore. and since moving to a bigger apartment here in Manhattan NY I use a public washer so you just saved me a fortune in laundry costs. Thanks very informative and helpful fun cheerful video.

  12. AvatarSarah says

    I find Tide is so much better with cloth diapers! Just recently realized this and it has changed my cloth diaper wash routine so much. I also use as little water as possible because i’ve learned too much water and your clothing/diapers/etc. just swirls around. They need to rub up against each other to get that good clean! I battle hard water though and it involves some stripping of the diapers with bleach on occasion (YES bleach GASP) and a water conditioner like borax but I make it work. So worth the savings with cloth!! And I SO AGREE with what you said about how you don’t purchase fancy clothing hence why you want to take care of your clothing. I am so that same! We share laundry with our upstairs neighbors and I cringe when I see them just throw everything in the wash together-like towels, every article of clothing, wash rags…..yeah nope. My husband used to ask me why I was so particular with my laundry routine, hanging things to dry etc.-he gets it now. Better care-longer lasting clothing.

    Love your tips!

  13. AvatarAdina says

    Hello, Jordan!

    A huuuge Helloooo! from Romania!

    First, please escusse me for my English. I am not planning to write a 3 words comment, so you might find some nice mistakes.
    Second, thank you!
    Third, thank you!
    Fourth, thank you!
    Fifth, thank you! … since I have 5 kids 🙂 age 8 down to 8 months 😛
    Sixth, thank you! … since my husband heard me for the first time in our marriage talking about budgeting! And there are more good things now to come in our marriage 😛
    Seven, a million times thank you!… since you’ve changed my life! It might sound funny and crazy, but I am a mom of 5 and when I say changed, I mean changed!
    You’ve just changed my last 6 days (I think)… for life time.
    I mean, I think (and I hope) I would never be able to be the same I was before I met you. You’ve entered my life as simple as watching your “How I do my laundry. Unconventional” video …and conquered me video by video. You divided and shattered all my doubts, all my fears that you might not be a nice, devoted, natural, sincere, normal, funny, so simple and so special mom and wife… and meanwhile a human being. But you are! That’s all! I am done! That’s all I needed!
    And I am so sure meeting you wasn’t even a second by chance, even if your video was simply suggested by you tube according to my interest in cleaning and organizing like a pro …lately 😛 There is something more. Like something unexpectedly good that pops into your life and twist it.

    And I wanted you to know that your work means something special for me. And to thank you in a way I that matters for you, to tell you that It is not about laundry, meals, groceries, budget, napping …and at the same time it is. But it is especially about the way you see through all this things the joy of living, the beauty of the day, those simple things that really matters. It is about the power of being yourself and the courage and hard work of making your life a once time life + sharing all this nice things with others. Thanks A lot!
    Well this woke me up like a mom’s song in the morning (I don’t know how it really is… I’ve only seen this in movies), up from a dream, not that bad, but not so good, where i was trying so hard to survive all the tasks of the day, all the tasks of the week … all the unplanned events just to get to one point to be happy next to my kids and my husband. Always so close… but still not fully there. Something was missing. But just now I figured out that it was me. I was missing. It wasn’t there anymore. There was a mom, a wife… but not me.

    I know it takes far away… but I need to tell you how much our story as a family resemble with yours: we had married quite young 23 me, 26 my husband (and we regret know that we haven’t done it at least 1 year earlier), we are christian-orthodox, all 5 kids came in to our life like popcorn flowers 🙂 and we are still planing to have kids as long as God will give us more, we are now living in 2 bedrooms apartment which we just got it trough bank, we are happy since it is our first apartment (we were renting all these years, since we were moving from country to country and so on) but we are sad at the same time since, of course we dream a house ( we actually bought some land and have a construction plan, but we are out of money, 20000 Euros debt and even not sure if we want to build it there anymore) so sounds familiar 😛 ?
    Beside this we just had our super bad year regarding marriage. It was like all our problems deeply hidden and ignored somehow popped-up at once, we had super miserable times this summer, and it ended the same way: setting priorities in my life, tanks to my husband who started this so difficult to start discussion about intimate life and even bought me some books from USA. 🙂 “Proper feeding and care of your husband “sound familiar to me 😛 The book I really impacted me was “For women only ” – Shaunti Feldhahn 🙂 You might know it. So I know exactly what you and Bubba are talking about 🙂

    After one night watching your videos I sad to my husband: WOW!!! I found a mom and she is a mom of 5 in 6 years!!! she is so-so like me… but with the difference she is so optimistic. She is so like me I used to be before having kids and becoming some kind of forced serious mom. And I remember now, that all my fellows wrote me at the and of the high-school and college that they hope I’ll stay the same forever: that ” big smile”girl. I am still keeping that smile inside me, but somehow I fear to put it in the sun, my old deep inside smile. I feel like having 5 kids means something dangerously serious, a ton of responsibility (for each child apart), like a disaster came into my life and I’m still want to smile like a full, and I am so irresponsible since I want more kids – this is what I feel when people are looking at me in general.
    BUT the fact that I found your videos, and then your blog and so on… has reset me to the one I used to be, which makes a so nice, smooth and natural difference in my life. That little drop that causes all the water to pour out the glass 🙂

    And I’ll try to always remember your core message: Fun Cheap or Free – witch for me sound like this right now: it is so cheap to have fun, and live the life you wish for, just free yourself from waiting for something to happen, it’s happening!

    Well my 3rd kid, just happened to come next to me. By -bye!
    Wish you all 7 all the best from here!

    Adina 🙂

  14. AvatarModern Living and Style says

    Love the tips and tricks you suggested here. I have a minimalist system of doing my laundry – minimal time ;). Too lazy to sort everyday, so I assign a day in the week for one kind of laundry – whites for Mondays, colors for Thursdays, Saturdays for linen.
    I love all your other vlogs too!

  15. AvatarKristine Rines says

    Sorry if you have been asked before…have you tried persil? I came from a long list of tide lovers. Tried persil and never went back. Don’t even need to use shout. On really bad stains I pour straight persil and everything comes out. Give it a try… also, I have a question about something I watched on YouTube. How can I ask a question about that? I am not really on Facebook or anything else social media. Thanks..

  16. AvatarTava says

    Laundry is seriously the most miserable thing for me. I have started to implement this system (far from perfectly) and it is helping my mountains of laundry become more like hills! ?

  17. AvatarAnnie Porter says

    Thanks. A need the laundry tips. Although it’s my kids who need them more. Two are now old enough to do their own laundry. Hooray!!!

  18. AvatarKerri says

    I have 3 kids so there are 5 of us total and it can take me hours to fold all the laundry. It’s my least favorite chore. I love your method of having a basket for each kid and having them fold their own laundry. This would make my life so much easier! I’m definitely adding that to my laundry routine.

  19. AvatarKeri Ropelato says

    I am all about any hack but this one imparticular I have really been able to use and man has it saved so much time and piles and piles of laundry.

  20. AvatarLaura Warner says

    BIG FAN of your laundry hacks!! I don’t have kids yet but I plan to use these tricks when I do!! Thank you for taking the time to share all your details!

  21. AvatarDevin says

    I’ve started following your method of separating by texture and washing kids clothes and adult clothes separately and I can tell my children’s clothes are getting cleaner! Love this.

  22. AvatarAlana McWilliams says

    I’m not going to lie, I told my husband I discovered a new product, “Shout” to help me do laundry. Apparently, he already knew about it. Not sure why I missed out on they laundry lessons– but this video makes me feel confident.

  23. AvatarJoD says

    I understand your soft clothes/heavy clothes sorting, and employ that, too. I do it mostly so the athletic wear doesn’t get snagged by buttons and zippers, and never considered the heavy clothes soaking up the detergent. Hmm. I still have enough loads that I sort by colors, too. Ugh.

  24. AvatarTrisha says

    Not sure why I didn’t think about having my kids sort their laundry, or at least put their own away, haha, but it has been a game changer for me. 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  25. AvatarMarisa Fox says

    I have watched this several times and i have started doing my laundry this way and it has made a huge difference of how i do it now and how clean my clothes come out!

  26. AvatarCat Stabio says

    I have started washing my kids clothes separate and i don’t know if it’s power of suggestion or what but I really feel like there’s a difference! Now i just need to buy that genius wall mount dryer!

  27. AvatarDeanna says

    I am always drawn to your posts because you are soooo honest! You don’t hold back on saying things and I love your silliness! Always on the lookout for your next post…..?

  28. AvatarEmily, UK says

    I love this post. It is the first of yours I read and watched on You Tube and I have been hooked ever since. I just wish we had more space for a laundry room in our small English house ? I watch all of your videos and they have transformed how I do things in my home. Thanks so much ?

  29. AvatarJessica Beck says

    I will be adopting this laundry routine! Seriously, I loved the video! And I love finding simple ways of teaching our kids responsibility! Thank you!

  30. AvatarAshley Holt says

    I am definitely going to follow these tips! Even with just two people my laundry seems never ending! And my whites never seem to get white enough! ?

  31. AvatarJean says

    This is the first video I watched of your and it has been a life saver. Right now it’s just my husband and I, but I’m ready for when I’m having to do laundry all the time. The best tip was how you sort clothes and it makes a lot of sense. So happy my friend shared the video.

  32. AvatarTeri says

    Separating my “heavy” cloths has made a HUGE difference for my laundry challenges! My cloths are drying in less time and all the way through… plus I feel like I’m doing less laundry! …Probably because I’m not rewashing things so much ??‍♀️

  33. AvatarRebecca Dula says

    I recently switched up my laundry and it has made a huge difference. I think you might do this as well. I sort my dirty laundry by person. That way it makes it so much easier to wash, dry and put away. Plus I’m not washing my giant 14 yr old son’s jeans with my daughter’s cute little sequins tops. The only exception is everyone’s white socks and underwear. That is separate load that gets hot water.

  34. AvatarKellee says

    This was one of the first videos I watched and I was totally intrigued after. I’ve started to wash clothes this way and find I don’t have as many loads. It’s been nice!

  35. AvatarHannah hailey says

    Completely revolutionized how I do laundry. Changed over to your system of washing by texture instead of just colors and my laundry smells better looks better and I’m just so thankful! Also I’m super jealous of your laundry room it looks incredible

  36. AvatarSusan smith says

    Great advice! For so long I turned clothes inside out. Thinking I preserved the color, not thinking that all the stains weren’t getting washed away.

  37. AvatarCeleste says

    How would you do your laundry with just two people? My fiancé and I aren’t planning on having kids soon so I don’t know if I want to do all these separate loads for the two of us.

  38. AvatarChristyn Day says

    I tried sorting by texture but my loads were just too small. I only have two kids and they surprisingly don’t go through as many clothes as I would expect. Would you stretch for another week or just throw it all together?

  39. AvatarAsheley whitaker says

    This post saved me a lot of trouble with my laundry routine it was also the very first video I watched on your YouTube channel thanks for the help with my #1 enemy

  40. AvatarSara says

    This literally blew my mind. I would have never thought of seperatong clothes based of fabric type but when you think about it, it makes way more sense than just separating lights and darks!

  41. AvatarCarlee says

    Thanks for the great tips! I was all for using whatever detergent was cheapest but tried out Tide after reading this and it does make a big difference in how clean our clothes are. Love that you are teaching your kids to get involved as much as possible too.

  42. AvatarBrittany says

    Ah oh my goodness I vomit get over the perfect way you have created to make your kids independent with the laundry! I cannot wait to try something like this. Thank you for the great ideas

  43. AvatarRobin. Martinez says

    Your laundry routine makes so much sense. I have noticed my clothes so much cleaner, then when I separated by color!!!

  44. AvatarElly Widener says

    Laundry is my love/hate chore. I hate that I have to do it, and I hate putting it away. But at the same time I love organizing everything and systematizing for max efficiency! I’ve started implementing some of your steps and it has worked well. One thing I think about when washing and drying is zippers on clothes. I make sure they are always zipped and try to wash those items together or with pants. I feel like leaving them open while washing contributes to the wear and tear. I hate thinking about those open zippers grating on all the other clothes… so I feel you in the laundry particularities! Thanks for sharing!

  45. AvatarDebbie Robson says

    Love this peak inside your laundry routine! Mine is close-ish. My kids are 7,5,4 & 2. I wash and dry, but (NEW IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS WAHOOOOOO!!!!) that’s it!!! They sort into their individual baskets, and they put it away! ?????? YES!!! Folding optional! Goodbye piles of clean laundry waiting to be foled and put away.

  46. AvatarJen says

    I love this post, it shows that laundry can be done easily with a large family. i always find that I feel like I have a never ending laundry pile.

  47. AvatarTiffany says

    I don’t fold at all. I work full-time and just don’t have the time. So we just throw all of our clothes in labeled baskets that we have on shelves in our laundry room. That means we have to iron everything- I’m thinking I should invest in a steamer.

  48. AvatarRanelle Houser says

    Oh my goodness!! I have been using this laundry system for two months now and it is a serious game changer! Thank you!

  49. AvatarJanese Pearson says

    I absolutely dread doing laundry!! Luckily, now that 3 of my 5 children are old enough to do their own! It’s their responsibility if they want clean clothes. They’re 14, 13, & 12. Definitely old enough! ?

  50. AvatarRachel says

    Jordan, I love this and I love following along with all of your tips and tricks!!! You motivate me to be and do so much better! Thanks!!!

  51. AvatarCami Thiemann says

    When I learned to do laundry I was taught to wash lot in warm water. When I saw that you rarely use warm it was like a “DUH!” moment for me. We’ve had a lot less stains sticking around since I switched! ??

  52. AvatarKaty O says

    This is the YouTube video that led me to you, and I will be forever grateful! I have started washing my clothes separate from the kids, and heavy, dirty stuff separate from light stuff, and I can already tell the difference. My clothes are getting cleaner, they’re drying better, and my kids’ clothes seem to be lasting longer. Thank you so much!

  53. AvatarMelissa Godwin says

    This video was the first one of yours that I watched and then I watched like 12! Made my laundry so much easier!

  54. AvatarMelissa (newsystemgirl on IG) says

    I LOVE this post! I have already watched your YouTube video about this. Didn’t know there was this awesome blog post as well!! Thanks!

  55. AvatarHeather says

    This is intriguing to me… only question- how do you bleach? Never been successful with it. And do you bleach your garments? I’ve heard they are died white so bleaching doesn’t work???

  56. AvatarLaura yanez says

    Loved this videos it has changed my laundry routine. Especially the sorting, I think my clothes look better! PS I’m a tide snob too!

  57. AvatarAli says

    Thank you for sharing your methods! I don’t have a large family, but I love learning from those who are willing to share their systems!

  58. AvatarAlisa Dutson says

    I totally watched this as I was getting ready to do laundry. Did make me nervous the first time because I’m so use to separating by color but I have to admit I’m a fan. I really like this technique and started using it! Thanks Jordan it’s helping a lot!!

  59. AvatarKasey Turner says

    Love all your laundry tips and tricks. I had no idea I should separate by texture!!!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  60. AvatarSavannah Brown says

    This blog post here was literally what started it all for me. I fell into the “hole” and watched every other video I could for the night. I know exactly how I want to manage my finances when I graduate! Thank you!!!!

  61. AvatarMorgan says

    Love these ideas! I get so overwhelmed just thinking about starting laundry. I think it’s because it’s in the cold garage and I can stand folding small little Ricky ticky things! I will DEF be ripping laundry sheets, good idea!

  62. AvatarLacey Barney says

    I dunno why I never thought of sorting clothes like this..but it totally makes sense! I’m still a little worried about clothes bleeding but I think it’s only because it’s been engrained in me since the begging of my exsistens! So here’s to taking a leap of faith and trying new things!!

  63. AvatarLacie Breckon says

    I don’t know why I have never thought about dividing by textures! Brilliant! Were finishing our basement which is where the laundry room is located and I can’t wait to have an actual laundry room and start getting a good laundry routine going

  64. AvatarErika Hoffenreich says

    I love this! I basically did this but implemented the cold wash and I was SHOCKED that my dirty things still came out clean! I’ve always thought warm warm warm.

  65. AvatarTiara Wolfe says

    I adore this method. My husband is still getting the hang of it to help me out. But I’ve noticed a huge difference in stain removal and the quality of the clothing. Especially ours. I’d toss my church skirts in with his work pants that are denser than dense ??‍♀️

  66. AvatarKailee Gregory says

    I needed this! I have always felt pretty good about laundry but having more tips helps for sure! I especially love getting your children more involved…a motto of mine is, “work smarter not harder!” Thanks

  67. AvatarJennifer says

    I’m totally fascinated by this laundry method. I always want in cold water and too dryer sheets in half, but I’d never seen this sorting method before.

  68. AvatarCHRISTEN L PATRICK says

    You are my hero! I feel sorry for my mom not learning this years ago. Laundry was her arch nemesis with 7 kids and a laundry room less than half the size of yours.

  69. AvatarKaroline Gardner says

    Thanks for your great tips and hacks! I have definitely changed the way I sort laundry and Will hopefully add some years to my thinner more delicate clothing!

  70. AvatarTracy Garvin says

    Thank you for sharing your laundry hacks! This has helped me as I have added more kids and helped save kids cloths longer instead of ruining them by washing them all together. ?

  71. AvatarAshley Phelps says

    So I have started doing laundry this way! This is a WONDERFUL system. I save so much time really, and it is so much nicer for small kids clothes.

  72. AvatarJanelle says

    Wall-mount drying rack is brilliant… except I only dry like 10% of my clothes so I feel like I’d run out of space too quickly! 🙁

  73. AvatarKatie Ivie says

    Laundry is my arch nemesis! Thank you for the tips to making laundry a little easier! The texture idea makes a lot of sense!

  74. AvatarKerrie says

    I started following you right around the time you posted this laundry post. It is what solidified my love for everything you share and it changed my laundry routine a ton. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

  75. AvatarJulie says

    My favorite post ever! I hate laundry and always have a “laundry situation” which is usually piles of clean clothes that just need to be put away. I started doing this system and has helped a ton. Thanks!!

  76. AvatarKrista Sidhu says

    I do my laundry by person. If their basket is full it gets thrown in the wash and washed in cold so we don’t have to sort colours

  77. AvatarMommylane says

    I have 5 kids too and our laundry is never ending!! Thanks for this post. I changed up my laundry products and am doing my wash a little bit different!! ??

  78. AvatarDeenna says

    I’m going to have to try the texture trick, I already only use cold water, but anything to avoid having to go shopping for new clothes. Such a struggle, either never the right size or horrendous styles that couldn’t be made modest or professional without starting over from the fabric bolt…

  79. Avatarshelly dainty says

    I was so excited to read/watch this post. I separate my laundry into 6 different piles. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. Happy to know I’m not the only one “crazy” about laundry.

  80. AvatarChristy says

    I LOVE your laundry room! Thanks for all the helpful tips, I now wash with mostly cold water and someday if we have room I think I will build a shelf like yours for laundry baskets. So genius!

  81. AvatarEmily Roque Cisneros says

    I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who washed with just cold water! I definitely was making the mistake of washing my cottons with my towels. Oops. Loved this! Even with just the hubby and I , this makes laundry so much easier – and cleaner! We only have a small washer so we have to get the most out of it that we can.

  82. AvatarBrooke says

    I never thought of doing laundry by textures but since watching this video I wash all clothes on cold and sort by texture 🙂

  83. AvatarStephanie Beswick says

    This is so great! But what do you do when your kids aren’t old enough to fold. We are teaching our 3 year old but have a 20 month and newborn

  84. AvatarChelsie says

    I have tried several steamers over the years and you said you loved yours so much so I decided to give it a try…I’m just gonna go with I’m doing it wrong…not a replacement for an iron by any means. What am I doing wrong? Can you help??

  85. AvatarAmanda says

    I’m wondering about bedding. Do you wash those on cold too? And use a ride pod or other soap like you do with your towels?

  86. AvatarMichelle Fontenot says

    Have you tried Persil? I haven’t tried it yet, but the ladies/scientists over at laundry love and science swear by it for washing clothes. If you haven’t discovered that group of their website, I highly recommend it. They teach you how to strip your clothes, something I had never heard of before that group and as someone who has to thrift shop I will never wear used clothes that haven’t been stripped yet again. OMG! Google laundry stripping pictures before and after and you’ll understand.

    Found you on YouTube!

  87. AvatarMichelle Fontenot says

    Oh, a few more things I’d add as a mom of four:

    Buy all of your girl kids white socks and your boys black socks in the same size if possible. Just keep a basket of socks in the laundry room. If you have room, and your kids wear school uniforms, have a box of girl shirts, girl bottoms, boy shirts, and boy bottoms. If they’re in different sizes, then put a divider in the boxes and label it or give each size different boxes. I was lucky in that I had one girl only 16 months older than my twin girls, so they pretty much shared it all for a while.

    Also, wool dryer balls are awesome and an infrequent and inexpensive expense. I don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets for the most part. I do occasionally use a dryer sheet to put in stinky shoes or to wipe out a pan with stuck-on food (this seriously works; just add water to the pan and scrub a bit with the dryer sheet and it’s magic).

  88. AvatarJenilee says

    Awesome! Love your laundry room!!! How do you get the littles to fold and put away without it being more work for you? ?

  89. AvatarSarah says

    I like your system mine is similar except the light and heavy. The other thing I would mention is that I do stock and undies separate or with the towels. They should really be done with HOT water due to bacteria content.

  90. AvatarTommylene Froella says

    Watched your video on laundry. Bought a bottle of Tide , Clorox2, Shout you suggested. My husband bought a store brand of the Clorox2. Haven’t opened it yet so I can return it if I needed to.
    When do you use the Clorox 2 for colors? Do you use it with all the other loads besides whites?
    Do you use regular Clorox bleach for ALL whites, including regular white clothes? Wasn’t sure since I’m afraid my clothes would shrink with using hot water.
    Thanks for your help with this.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I don’t use it on every load, mainly my kids’ clothes that get washed a lot and need a little extra TLC.

  91. AvatarAngie says

    What about the coulourful towels? Should I wash them with the heavy textures in cold water or separate them and wash with hot water?

    I loved the video, thanks in advance.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Colors won’t bleed in cold water like they will in hot water. So washing them in cold water should work just fine! If you’re worried about the bleeding on your white towels, then separate them and still wash in cold water to save energy.

  92. AvatarErika B says

    Great post, Jordan. I’ve been trying your laundry separation tips this week, and though I was a bit worried about the not sorting by colors and washing everything other than towels, blankets, and whites in cold water and not warm!

    I’m so glad I listen to your tips and took the chance! Not only have things come out cleaner, but I’ve also noticed the dry times are shorter on the loads that were separated by texture!

    Thank you much for the tips, blessings,


  93. AvatarCHERYL KENDRICK says

    Great tips, just wanted to add I just cleaned the lint trap behind my dryer so important and so easy to forget, I can always tell if my clothes are damp after a dryer load, just added this to my monthly list to do

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