How I Do My Laundry! UNCONVENTIONAL Laundry Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

Apr 11, 2021 | Cleaning Tips and Tricks, Lifestyle, Productivity, Video

Over the years, I have recorded loads of laundry hacks, and my full laundry routine on Instagram stories. It's extremely unconventional (as you'll see in a minute!) so I wasn't sure if it would be of interest to anyone. Well, Freebs, it basically broke the internet and left you begging for more! #GoFigure.

Jordan holding laundry supplies, from Fun Cheap or Free

I certainly am no laundry physicist and have no degree in Laundryism, but I do have eight kids which amounts to an INSANE amount of laundry each week. We buy inexpensive clothes that I don't want to look inexpensive, so over the years, I have become a bit of a laundry expert (albeit, self-proclaimed).

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Today, I'm giving you a tour of my laundry room. I'm sharing my laundry hacks, tips, tricks, and, of course, my (unconventional – but it will change your life, I promise!) laundry routine.

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Check out the video online or click and watch below:

Aren't those tips great?! And for the older (but still full of information!) video that goes into more detail on how I sort our laundry…

Check out the video online HERE, or click and watch below:

I know, I know, it's mind blowing! Here's a quick recap of my laundry hacks that are sure to change the way you do laundry!


The first thing you need to do is choose a laundry day. Choose any day of the week that works best where you'll have time to go through the house to gather, sort, and start washing your laundry. 

You don't necessarily have to only do laundry on this day, but you do all of the prep work for it so then you only have to focus on moving clothes through the washer and dryer. Monday is my laundry day, but yours could very well be Saturday. The day doesn't matter as long as you have the time to work on your laundry!


We have an old school laundry chute in our house. I'm not really sure if this is a blessing or a curse! All of our kids throw their dirty clothes and towels down the chute throughout the week.

The nice side to it? All of the clothes are in the same spot. The not-so-nice side to it? All of the clothes are in the same spot. It's just a teensy bit daunting to see all of those clothes piled up, waiting for me!


Take the time to sort your laundry so all of your clothes, towels, uniforms, whatever, get cleaned the way they should. Sorting your laundry will keep everything looking nicer for longer and will keep you from having to go buy new clothes because your old ones got all raggedy-looking! Turn the clothes right-side-out and zip them up. This will help them to get cleaner and take up less space.

Use my unconventional tips for sorting and be amazed at how your clothes will hold up longer. You can even sort your clothes throughout the week so you don't have as much time spent doing it all at once. I just choose to take the 30 minutes and do it all on my laundry day. But to each their own!


Jordan sorting laundry by texture, from Fun Cheap or Free

Yes, you read that right! This is the greatest hack of all laundry hacks. I know you've probably always heard to sort by color (which has been passed down from generation to generation). But you're not using your grandma's washing machine! Technology is amazing, giving us much more advanced washers and dryers. The colors will be fine as long as you wash them the way I'm telling you! 😉

In order to get your clothes as clean as possible – and to last as long as possible – you need to be more concerned with separating them by texture. I'm lucky enough to have some awesome pull-out cabinet sorters.

Before I had those, I simply had several tall hampers lined up in my laundry room. They took up some floor and wall space, but the functionality was worth the tight spaces. You could also opt for this 4-basket sorter or this door hamper.


Regardless of how you do it, make sure you sort that laundry! Here's how I sort our laundry:

  • Heavy Kids Clothes – This includes heavy materials, such as thick pants, fleece pajamas, sweatshirts, and denim. I will also throw in lightweight play clothes that aren't heavily soiled and don't need a lot of TLC.
  • Light Kids Clothes – Here's where I'll put lighter weight shirts, leggings, school clothes, underwear, and any soiled play clothes that need a little extra lovin'.
  • Delicate Kids Clothes – This is for items that really don't need a heavy wash, but need to be cleaned. I include fancier clothes that need to be washed on gentle, leotards, athletic gear, and swimsuits.
  • White Kids Clothes – This is the one and only thing that I sort by color! If it's mostly (or pure) white, keep them together away from everything else. This is how you'll keep your whites whiter! And don't worry, that tip is coming up in just a few!
  • Adult Clothes – Separated into heavy, light, whites, and delicate. With the exception of a few really nice clothes, we don't send anything to the cleaners. We just wash them on the hand wash cycle and I've never had a problem!
  • Towels and Washcloths – Towels, cleaning rags, and bibs tend to get stinky after a while. What's the best laundry hack to combat this? Vinegar! Put a cup of it in the load just like you would your detergent. It will help to clean the fibers and strip them of any of the buildup on them that causes the stank. This and washing in hot water will get them clean and smelling fresh every time!


Jordan using stain remover as a laundry hack, from Fun Cheap or Free

We fully believe in hand-me-downs in our house. However, the only way to make the clothes last from kid to kid is by sticking to this laundry hack and using stain remover! As I'm sorting through the laundry, I'll keep my handy dandy bottle next to me and spray as I go. The only downfall to doing this is that you can't let it dry on the clothes. 

If the clothes are all the same texture, then throw them straight into the wash so you don't forget to do those first. If it's varying textures, or you're sorting during the week and not washing right then, make sure you rinse it off once you've let it sit so it doesn't ruin your clothes.

I'll also use Clorox 2 in the washing machine if I've got a really dirty load of clothes. It's totally worth it when it helps to get rid of the stains and keeps my clothes nice and bright!


Jordan holding laundry detergent, from Fun Cheap or Free

If you know me, you know I prefer store brands to name brands nine times out of ten. In the case of laundry… I'm the opposite! With the exception of dryer sheets (they are one in the same, just go with the scent you like), it's worth the money to get name brand. 

I've tried everything on the market, and I see a noticeable difference when I use Tide versus store brands, even Kirkland! I really like to use Tide pods when I wash my clothes. Yes, I know they're expensive, so I'll stock up on them at Costco when they're on sale. They help regulate how much soap I use at a time, so it really saves me money since it keeps me from using too much soap.

While I love the pods, I do still keep a bottle of normal liquid Tide on hand for presoaking really dirty clothes. The pods are great, but they don't work for presoaking. I also keep a store brand on-hand. I use them for loads like towels, sheets, and other items that don't need the expensive stuff.

You also need to keep in mind that if your washer is a HE (High Efficiency) performance washer, you MUST use HE detergent! That isn't a marketing gimmick. It will truly mess up your machine if you don't use HE. Turn this into one of your laundry hacks so you don't have to go buy a new washing machine!


With the exception of towels and whites, I wash everything in cold water! Warm or hot water will set stains, so I always play it safe and wash them in cold. This will also help keep your colors from running (if you have an older machine and are worried about that). It also helps you save money because it's not using hot water that had to go through the hot water heater.


We have a ton of white clothes in our house between socks and school uniforms, along with any other mainly white clothes we wear. I get asked how I keep my whites so white all of the time, so you're about to get some great white laundry hacks!

  • Wash whites only with other whites. 
  • Wash in the hottest water possible.
  • Use a quality liquid detergent (as I mentioned above).
  • Wash with a scoop of Oxiclean powder.
  • Use a healthy portion of bleach (fill to the max fill line). I definitely prefer Clorox bleach. For whatever reason, the store brands just don't get my clothes as white!
  • Wash on a presoak cycle (hence the liquid detergent).
  • Be amazed at how white your whites come out every time!


Let's all take a moment of silence for all of the lost socks in the world! Okay, so are you ready for some great laundry hacks that will help out with all of your sock dilemmas?!


The way we combat having to pair all. of. the. socks. is by only buying white socks! I'll grab a giant package from Costco or Amazon. My boys get the tall socks and my girls get the ankle socks. I may buy some with grey toes and heels, but the main thing is that the ankles have to be plain white! 

There's no more matching pairs of socks this way, hallelujah! We throw all of the boys' socks into one basket and all of the girls' socks into another and they go to town. My kids are close enough in age that the older boys can share socks and the girls can all share socks without having to worry about having different sizes to sort through.

(We do have a basket of black socks for church, but they're all the same, so we still don't have to match them!)


If colored socks are a must-have in your house, but you're still tired of always matching them, don't worry! This laundry hack is going to save your sanity. Leave a small safety pin attached to the side of a sock and train your family to pin them together before throwing them in the dirty clothes. You'll never have to worry about sorting and matching socks again!


Jordan cleaning the dryer, from Fun Cheap or Free

My last sock laundry hack is one that you may or may not already be doing. I have a front loading washer and I've found lots of socks stuck in the lining of the drum of my washer!

There's no telling how long those puppies have been hiding in there, so make sure you check it regularly, especially after you wash socks.


I'm not kidding when I say that I'm extremely particular about how we do our laundry! With how many people we have in our family, we have to keep our clothes nice so they'll last as long as possible. Occasionally, someone else will do the laundry when I'm not here. 

Instead of having them guess how we do it, I've printed a copy of my system and have it hanging in my laundry room. I have a column for clothing, soap, washer setting, water temperature, soil level, if it needs to be presoaked, and how to dry them. This really assists anyone who is helping out with laundry! 

Free laundry cheat sheet printable from Fun Cheap or Free!

We even created a laundry cheat sheet for YOU!! Keep in mind that your washer and dryer may be different from mine. This is my personal cheat sheet, and it may not work the same for your machines. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of how I organize my laundry system so you can adapt it for yourself. We even included a blank version so you can build a system and cheat sheet specific to you!

I hope you love this laundry cheat sheet we put together for you!


It's no secret that you can shrink your clothes in the dryer if you're not careful. To combat this, only dry your clothes on low heat. If you're still concerned about shrinking or messing up your clothes, you can also air dry them.

A basic clothes drying rack works great for this if you have the floor space. You can also use the wall mounted clothes drying racks that fold back onto the wall when they're not in use. This is also a great way to save on your electricity bill!


Jordan tearing a dryer sheet in half, from Fun Cheap or Free

Oh man, have I got the hack of all laundry hacks for you with this one! Dryer sheets are great for helping to cut down on static in clothes. But did you know that a full dryer sheet is way more than you need? Rip your dryer sheets in half, that's all that you need and it'll stretch them twice as long! 

If you're not big on the waste of dryer sheets, try out some of these options instead:

  • Make your own reusable ones! Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.
  • Use reusable dryer balls.
  • Make your own reusable dryer ball (the size of a baseball) out of aluminum foil.


As you'll see in a minute, I don't fold the clothes straight out of the dryer. The only exception is for church clothes, or mine and Bubba's clothes (and I try to fold those right away). So, how do I keep our clothes wrinkle-free if I don't fold and put them away ASAP? 

I dry everything on the wrinkle-free setting. It works!! Of course, the kids' clothes won't be perfectly non-wrinkled, but it doesn't bother me much. If they are super wrinkly, that's where a quick 30 seconds with the steamer comes in handy. (No, I don't iron our clothes because the steamer is so much quicker and works just as well!)


Laundry basket system in the laundry room, from Fun Cheap or Free

I don't know about you, but putting away the clothes after they come out of the dryer is the absolute worst part of laundry for me! Creating a laundry basket system was a game changer for our family. Each person has their own laundry basket, which is labeled with their name and the size of clothes they wear. 

My younger kids are able to help take the clothes out of the dryer and put them into the appropriate baskets. Once the laundry is done, the kids are in charge of getting the baskets up to their rooms. They have to fold and put their clothes away as part of their chores.


Do you struggle with knowing which clothes belong to which kid? Maybe they're really close in age, or the sizing is weird and not what they normally wear. Boy, have I got a laundry hack that's going to save your sanity! Start using the dot system. I explained this in my back to school organization post, but I'll give you a quick summary!

Assign a dot to each of your kids. Since ours our split down the middle, we do ours by gender. Our oldest girl has one dot, our second oldest has two, and our third has three. The same goes for our boys. Use a Sharpie and mark their clothes. You can do it on the tags or on the thickest part of the hem where it won't show through on the other side.

My kids all know whose dots are whose, so this helps them to easily be able to sort the clothes into the correct baskets once they come out of the dryer. It's been such a life-saver for us and has taken the guessing out of who the clothes belong to.


This is my last and greatest of the laundry hacks. Parents, teach your kids to do laundry! The burden of laundry doesn't have to only fall on you and your husbands' shoulders! When our kids turn eight, they start doing the laundry. Thanks to the handy printed copy of my laundry system, they're able to remember how to wash and dry the appropriate way.

Our kids also help to sort the clean clothes at the age of three or four, thanks to the dot and basket systems. Share the load (literally) and teach your kids these life skills that they'll need later in life! When they go off to college and get married, they'll have the skills to become a laundry master just like you.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some motivation and new ideas for tackling your own laundry monster. Do you have any laundry hacks that you swear by? Share with us in the comments!

Image with text that reads "my unconventional laundry routine" from Fun Cheap or Free

So there you have it!

P.S. Daily Mail loved my laundry hacks so much, they wrote a whole article about it! Check it out!

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Need more hacks to be productive around your house?

Go tackle that laundry!

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  1. Jessica Withers

    Do you use bleach on your garments too every week? Fellow LDS Momma!
    Love all your tips and tricks in the video!

    • FunCheapOrFree

      I do, but many people use Oxyclean instead. So maybe try a scoop of that to your Whites instead?

    • Linda Kincaid

      The label says not to bleach or use fabric softeners on garments. Bleach turns them gray! I’ve also been told at the distribution center to only wash them on cold! Good luck mama!

    • Raechal

      Lots of people say that garments are actually colored that white white color and that bleaching them will actually take the white out and make them a dingy gray color. Don’t have any experience myself, just thought I’d let you know what I’ve heard ?

    • Sarah

      Biz is my favorite on garments!

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    What do you do when on whites it says do not bleach? I’ve noticed this a lot on white sheets and other things. I used to use bleach on my whites, but I think it was yellowing them. Thanks! I love your site.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      I bleach them anyway, ha! But many people use Oxyclean instead so try adding a scoop of that to your whites!

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    • FunCheapOrFree

      Not much, and I rarely use it!

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    • FunCheapOrFree

      I sort every Monday and try to do 2 loads per day, and it keeps it moving all week. The mountain is big again by Monday but at least everyone has clothes in the meantime! Bless you and your 9 kids!

  5. Teandra

    The sun is powerful! Even if i dry a stained shirt i lay it in the sun and the sun bleaches it out! I learned this trick with cloth diapers. Works wonders.

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  8. Cristi

    Just a heads up, my husband is a plumber ( has been doing it for many years) and he says that the pods can cause washer and plumbing issues over time and does not recommend using them even though they are very convenient. He has been on too many calls lately and this has been the cause of pretty much each one. Just wanted to share to hopefully prevent an issue for others.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Oh wow that’s so good to know! Thanks for the info!

  9. Barbra

    Great Idea, one problem. Should only be one weeks of clothing per kid. Easyer and way less clothing to with. I did this with my four kids. Each kid wash there own clothing since 6yr old, one load every week. And they put it away too.

  10. Anne Brewitt

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching video. Wish I had a lovely big Laundry room like this. I was always told, you had to wash with hot water, to kill germs and get rid of bad odour.. We don’t have Dawn over here, we have Fairy liquid, although they are made by the same people, the company told me here in England, because of the EU laws, there are ingredients in the Dawn, that are not allowed in this country . How stupid. The sooner are out of the EU the better. Loved your idea getting all the same socks. I have three sons and a daughter and we are always losing socks. I do use bleach in my wash sometimes, as we have two naughty Dachshunds and 21 year old tortoise shell cat and sometimes they tinkle on the clothes, so I have to do a bleach and disinfectant rinse first, or that cat and dog pee, still smells even after washing. That will teach us to always pick the dirty washing up and put in laundry basket. Have a lovely week.

  11. mandi Carrasco

    what model is your washer and dryer , if don’t mind me asking ?:D

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    I know my laundry skills could use some work, so I’m going to try out some of these tips! (I sort my clothes into darks, lights, and reds AND wash everything on hot AND use store brand detergent!) Based on your recommendation I will give Tide a try! I have two little boys who always put their clothes through the ringer and I feel like I never catch up on the dreaded laundry mountain. I do have two questions for you – how do you get your kids to put away their own laundry and how old do they start doing this? (I’m in total awe over here!)

  13. Melissa McKelvey

    Hello Jordan-

    I’m in love with your laundry system. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your cabinet pull out laundry hampers? I am having trouble finding them. Thanks for your input.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      They were already with the house when we moved in so I have no clue where they got them! I even asked the previous owners and they couldn’t remember, sadly. Sorry!

      • Emily Haralson

        I was wondering the same thing. It look simple enough to build on our own, but I’m really good at getting into “simple” wood projects that end up lasting WAY to long! I just found your site and I’m loving it! I’m laughing at all of your jokes and learning soooo much! I have 5 children 10 and under. I just printed the clipboard system and laminate today! Cant wait to use it! My 10 year old is excited to make his own play/work/learn plan on Sunday. Do you know of anywhere that sells cheap cheap planners from years past that nobody wants?
        Hugs from North Carolina!

        • Fun Cheap or Free

          You could look at resale shops for old planners. Or stores like Ross or TJMaxx usually have them for cheaper. You could also just have him use a notebook if you can’t find any planners! Good luck! 🙂

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    Wow!! I’m in awe but shocked at the same time. I’m going to try to implement some of this in my house and see how it goes. In fact, I’m running to the basement right now to throw in a load of towels on HOT with VINEGAR!! I’m not sure about not folding but I’m definitely going to look into getting a streamer. Also, I’m a Tide snob as well, but am afraid of bleach.
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  16. Sarah

    I find Tide is so much better with cloth diapers! Just recently realized this and it has changed my cloth diaper wash routine so much. I also use as little water as possible because i’ve learned too much water and your clothing/diapers/etc. just swirls around. They need to rub up against each other to get that good clean! I battle hard water though and it involves some stripping of the diapers with bleach on occasion (YES bleach GASP) and a water conditioner like borax but I make it work. So worth the savings with cloth!! And I SO AGREE with what you said about how you don’t purchase fancy clothing hence why you want to take care of your clothing. I am so that same! We share laundry with our upstairs neighbors and I cringe when I see them just throw everything in the wash together-like towels, every article of clothing, wash rags…..yeah nope. My husband used to ask me why I was so particular with my laundry routine, hanging things to dry etc.-he gets it now. Better care-longer lasting clothing.

    Love your tips!

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    We use it only for sheets/blankets, or for times when we get back from a camping trip or something.

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    100k giveaway!


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  175. Michelle Fontenot

    Have you tried Persil? I haven’t tried it yet, but the ladies/scientists over at laundry love and science swear by it for washing clothes. If you haven’t discovered that group of their website, I highly recommend it. They teach you how to strip your clothes, something I had never heard of before that group and as someone who has to thrift shop I will never wear used clothes that haven’t been stripped yet again. OMG! Google laundry stripping pictures before and after and you’ll understand.

    Found you on YouTube!

  176. Michelle Fontenot

    Oh, a few more things I’d add as a mom of four:

    Buy all of your girl kids white socks and your boys black socks in the same size if possible. Just keep a basket of socks in the laundry room. If you have room, and your kids wear school uniforms, have a box of girl shirts, girl bottoms, boy shirts, and boy bottoms. If they’re in different sizes, then put a divider in the boxes and label it or give each size different boxes. I was lucky in that I had one girl only 16 months older than my twin girls, so they pretty much shared it all for a while.

    Also, wool dryer balls are awesome and an infrequent and inexpensive expense. I don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets for the most part. I do occasionally use a dryer sheet to put in stinky shoes or to wipe out a pan with stuck-on food (this seriously works; just add water to the pan and scrub a bit with the dryer sheet and it’s magic).

  177. Jenilee

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  178. Jenilee

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  179. Sarah

    I like your system mine is similar except the light and heavy. The other thing I would mention is that I do stock and undies separate or with the towels. They should really be done with HOT water due to bacteria content.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Great suggestion!

  180. Tommylene Froella

    Watched your video on laundry. Bought a bottle of Tide , Clorox2, Shout you suggested. My husband bought a store brand of the Clorox2. Haven’t opened it yet so I can return it if I needed to.
    When do you use the Clorox 2 for colors? Do you use it with all the other loads besides whites?
    Do you use regular Clorox bleach for ALL whites, including regular white clothes? Wasn’t sure since I’m afraid my clothes would shrink with using hot water.
    Thanks for your help with this.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      I don’t use it on every load, mainly my kids’ clothes that get washed a lot and need a little extra TLC.

  181. Carmen Park

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    • FunCheapOrFree

      Hi Carmen! I use THIS one. And it looks like it’s on a lightening deal that ends in less than 2 hours!

  182. Angie

    What about the coulourful towels? Should I wash them with the heavy textures in cold water or separate them and wash with hot water?

    I loved the video, thanks in advance.

    • Jordan Page

      Colors won’t bleed in cold water like they will in hot water. So washing them in cold water should work just fine! If you’re worried about the bleeding on your white towels, then separate them and still wash in cold water to save energy.

  183. Kerry O'Brien

    Hi Jordan
    What temperature do you wash towels and whites on? Xx

    • Jordan Page

      Cold! It is more energy efficient and still gets them nice and clean! 🙂

  184. Erika B

    Great post, Jordan. I’ve been trying your laundry separation tips this week, and though I was a bit worried about the not sorting by colors and washing everything other than towels, blankets, and whites in cold water and not warm!

    I’m so glad I listen to your tips and took the chance! Not only have things come out cleaner, but I’ve also noticed the dry times are shorter on the loads that were separated by texture!

    Thank you much for the tips, blessings,


    • Fun Cheap or Free

      That’s so great to hear! It sounds strange, but it works out so much better 🙂


    Great tips, just wanted to add I just cleaned the lint trap behind my dryer so important and so easy to forget, I can always tell if my clothes are damp after a dryer load, just added this to my monthly list to do

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      That’s a great tip, thanks for sharing!

  186. Jessica

    I absolutely LOVE this article, it is so full of all kinds of useful information! Could you please share your laundry system cheat sheet? Even if it’s just a picture, I’d love to see it! Thank you so much for all your help and time!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Yay, so glad that it’s so helpful to you! The cheat sheet is really old and may cause some confusion because a lot of it is based on specific washer settings. If you’re wanting to make your own, just make sure that you break yours down into these following sections: clothing type (including whites), bedding/towels, soap type, washer setting, water temp and soil level. You could also put any other specifics that you may use when washing or drying your clothes, such as presoak (if your washer has that), fabric softener (if you use that), what dryer setting you use on specific clothes, and if there’s a wrinkle shield setting that you use. Hope that helps! 🙂

  187. Ashley

    Hi! Would you be willing to share (or create a generic version of) your laundry cheat sheet?

    Thanks SO much for EVERYTHING!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Thanks for the reminder, the picture has been added to the post! You’ll just probably want to create your own based off of your washer and dryer features since not all are created equal 😉

  188. Amber Poire

    Do you prefer doing laundry during the day or evening?

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Just whenever there’s time for it! It usually happens during the day, but sometimes it has to wait until the evening.

  189. Ryanne

    I solved my sock-dilemma like you, but with a little tweak when they turned adolescent: I gave my boys a bunch of similar socks in one colour. My oldest got Grey and the youngest got Black. The colourful socks are mine, and the socks with ‘boring motives’ are my husbands. So I can easily divide the socks and they may combine them themselves. And lonely socks are gathered in a basket, and once in a while are sorted out.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Oh, that’s a great idea!!!

  190. Kathie

    Love all your good advice! What is wrinkle shield? Our 5 kids are grown and gone so it’s just the 2 of us. I’d love to follow your advice for washing whites in hot water to get them snow white, but most of our white clothes have washing instructions that say to use lukewarm or cold water. Do you wash your garments in hot water? I am afraid of ruining delicate white clothes. Thanks.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Honestly, be sure to wash everything at your own risk! But for garments, socks, and sturdy shirts (like school shirts) I wash them in the hottest water I can find! For delicate whites like sweaters and tights I will do cooler water. And wrinkle shield is a setting on my dryer, but not all dryers have it.

  191. Debra E

    You offer some good tips. I have always done one load of wash or more each day. Otherwise, I would be overwhelmed. This has worked for me for the past 40+years.
    Whites washed in Tide with Clorox worked the best. I did it that way for a long time. However now none of us buy white clothing. I used to be a big Tide fan but no longer find it better than many other brands.
    I love when others share their tips and ideas. Than you!

  192. Ellen Storment

    I found a solution to clothes that have been dried with stains! – I gotta tell yah Jordan, when it comes to accidentally drying a stained article of clothing in the dryer, I am the WORST. I dont know if its just my distraction from having three children under 7 fighting and needing me constantly, OR my poor mom brain… BUUUTTTT it happens. It just does – but because I am just THAT hard headed, I have found a solution!
    all you do is take that stain, rub dish washing liquid into it, let it sit over night, wash the next day. Then the next day, take out of washer and this time do the same thing, but top it off with a stain spray. Keep doing this and then after the third or fourth time let air dry, and check to see if its come out or not. At that point consider washing one more time, or calling it a day.
    This gets the dried on stains out about 90% of the time for me! Of course you run the risk lightening that spot ONLY IF its not very color fast BUT you were gonna chuck it anyways so whatever! just give it a go!
    (this works WONDERS for oil stains that have been dried!)

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Oh wow, this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this! 🙂

  193. Kate Bauer

    TIP 1: Don’t want to pay for the name brand detergent, then just use the Gain/Snuggle dryer sheets (half sheet – per Jordan!) for a great smell!
    TIP 2: For a fresh smell at home or in the car, put dryer sheets in the vents while running the heat.
    TIP 3: Best stain remover hands down – Amway Legacy of Clean Prewash Spray (MIL recommended)
    TIP 4: Only buy white bath towels.
    TIP 5: As you sort or fold, pray for the child/person for whom you are folding. You can integrate this into your morning prayer routine and fold laundry 🙂

    Jordan, you’re an inspiration. I love that you love your family and embrace the work.
    Thanks for all the advice Jordan! I need all the help I can get with 5 kiddos under 10 😉
    So many great tips! Love, Kate

    P.S. I was raised on Tide but now I’m a “Gain” girl through and through!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      These are AMAZING tips! Thank you for sharing!!

  194. Yadi

    I am in need of a good washer and dryer
    May I ask what’s your washer and dryer’s brand?
    Any recommendations are welcome too.
    Thanks !

  195. Jessica Meyer

    Curious question…
    I switched years ago from the name-brand detergents because they all had colors and dyes which were detrimental to my fabric diapers. I later found one of the eco based detergents that is mail order and re-uses the jugs. It has changed my life. I was able to try it during it’s third year in business, to the point that they changed their name in year five. Regardless, I use it for laundry, dishes, soap, cleaning sprays, etc and it is fantastic. I wanted to recommend it over Tide because I grew up allergic to it, having gotten a rash all over my body, where my clothes were in contact with my skin. (My dad had a similar reaction previously, so my mom had been washing his clothes in a different detergent.)
    In case you have an interest, it is now called Truly Free and I love it. Their oxygen cleaner, similar to oxygen bleach, in combination with their enzyme stain treatment, has gotten out stains that have gone through the dryer. I was able to save one of my daughter’s favorite dresses because of this.
    Thought I would share. And like you, I do not get anything from telling you about this, they do not know who I am other than as a customer. You do you…but I would highly recommend that you try them. I would send you one other gift bundles if I could….
    Great video. I did a lot of those hacks…cold water because it also saves money – warm/hot water costs more, washing jeans with other jeans, adult clothes separate from kids’ clothes, etc. I am thrilled to know that I am not alone, as I don’t sort by color either. AND the same color socks I bought into a few years ago, while puting the safety pins on them is something that I did for years for my own socks. Saved sooooooo much time.
    Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your family.


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