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Jul 25, 2019 | Organization, Productivity, Video

Can you believe that it's back to school time already? Today, we've got some great tips, tricks, and hacks to help with your back to school organization.

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Okay Freebs, it's time to accept the inevitable. It's almost back to school time! Our summer has been full of long days in the sun with no routine, and it's really starting to show at my house. So today, I'm going to share my best back to school organization tips. I'll have you going from snoozing your phone and sleeping in (is that a thing?!) to being productive and organized with your day in no time!

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Whew, you made it! If the thought of doing all of those things doesn't have you worn out, then keep on reading for a recap. Let's break it down, shall we!?


Don't you just love the carefree days of summer? We most certainly do at our house! But it's not a way of living that works very well once the kids are back to school. Get out of the summer slump by getting the whole family back on a schedule!


My block system schedule is KEY to staying productive around the house during the school year! If you haven't heard about it, make sure that you go watch the video and learn all the things. This is one of my biggest back to school organization tips. It'll have you being more productive during your day, too! Now that's what I call a win-win in my book.

Schedule your different blocks now before the school year starts back up. This will let you get used to being back on your “normal” schedule before school starts. I go into much more detail in my block system post, but just a few of my blocks include: working out, running errands, working, and doing chores around the house. You'll really start to see your productivity increase once you start blocking your day!


Help yourself to stay on schedule by setting alarms on your phone. I'm not just talking about an alarm to wake yourself up. Although now IS the time to start waking up earlier to get used to it! I have alarms for right before each of my blocks begins. It lets me know that I need to wrap up what I'm doing and get ready for my next block. They really help me to stay organized and on track during the day!


This one is such a GREAT tip for back to school organization. It also helps to let the kids take charge of doing it themselves! I go into detail in my snack and lunch systems post, but let me give you a little summary of it. Make a space in your pantry and refrigerator where all of your kids' food will go for snacks and lunch. Then every night before school, have them go through and pack their snacks and lunch for the next day!

Giving the kids a little responsibility keeps you from scrambling around in the mornings and puts the kids in charge of what they want to eat. I've made this easier by getting some baskets for my pantry and putting all of their food in them. My kids know how much they're allowed of each type of food and they're always excited to be able to pick out what they want to eat at school the next day!


Find somewhere in your house that is designated for backpacks and everything else that they'll need to be able to leave the house easily and on time in the mornings. It could be a closet, a specific chair for each child, or even in a mudroom. Make sure that the kids know that this is their space and that it needs to stay organized. We use the heavy duty command hooks to hold the backpacks and coats in each kids' cubby in our mudroom.


This back to school organization tip will help to keep the kids on track for both school work AND their duties around the house. I am a huge fan of our clipboard system that we use in our house! You basically need command hooks, a clipboard, and a printable chore chart and you're good to go!

My kids know that in order to have friends over or do screen time, they have to have all of their chores done for the day. During the school year, I'll also attach their homework to them when they get home for the day. They know that they have to finish their homework and chores before getting to do anything else.


My laundry routine kiiiiiinda broke the internet! It's a little unconventional, but it works really well for our family of 8. I like to choose a day and make it laundry day. This is a day that I do ALL of the laundry that I can possibly do in our house. I rotate the towels, sheets, and look through each of the rooms in our house to make sure that there's not any clothes that have been hiding. I'd much rather focus on laundry one day of the week rather than feeling like I'm doing it I know that you feel me on this!


This is probably my least favorite back to school organization tip, but it must be done! Since kids are constantly growing, and we thrive on hand-me-downs in my house, it's so crucial that we rotate our clothes. Go through their clothes, shoes, hats, jackets, and even socks. This will let you know what's too small that can be rotated to the next kid. It will also let you make an inventory of what items your kids will need to be able to thrive in school.


dot system, from Fun Cheap or Free

This is one of my super secret parenting hacks that has really helped us out, especially since we have such a large family! Let me explain this one to you because I'm sure you're wondering what in the heck a dot can do for you. We assign a specific number of dots to each of our kids so that everybody can tell who's shirt/pants/shoes are whose.

Since we have 3 boys and 3 girls, we break it down by gender. The oldest child gets one dot, the second oldest gets two dots, and so on. When my oldest outgrows something and it's ready for my second oldest to wear, we just add a second dot and now it belongs to them. Then when they outgrow it, we add a third dot for the next kid. It makes life so much easier and keeps you from having to worry about if something shrinks and fits smaller or a size wears off. You can thank me later!

Alright, well there you have it! Those are my top back to school organization tips. What do you do to get ready for school? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy Back to School!

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  1. karina

    so hard to find your free printables for back to school and zones/ please help

    • Jordan Page

      Are you talking about my block schedule system? If so, you can find that HERE. XOXO

  2. Crystal

    How do your kids know which โ€œchoresโ€ they are supposed to do (when theyโ€™re checking off on their clipboard)? I need serious help with this for my own kids! Thanks

    • Jordan Page

      We live and thrive off of chore sticks! Check out THIS POST for allll of the details ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cassandra

    Where did you find your desk? I’ve been looking for a desk that has the storage hutch like the one you have.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      It was custom built! You can read all about it in our kitchen reno post. ๐Ÿ™‚


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