Cleaning Schedule to Deep Clean Your House

Deep clean your house with ONE TASK per Day! We've created a printable cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of the mess. 

How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

Confession…I'm a messy person.

Don't get me wrong, I love having a clean house. Like, LOVE it. And I certainly try my best. But I have to really concentrate on staying on top of my messes (yes, MY messes). Not to mention, I have 6 kids and my house isn't exactly bite-sized. Between those excuses, the fact that I don't like cleaning, and the million and one other things I need to do each day, keeping my house deep-cleaned is a challenge!

A New Cleaning System

Years ago I came up with a (fairly unconventional) system for being able to deep clean your house (and keep it deep-cleaned!) with 30 minutes or less of cleaning per day! I tried doing a cleaning schedule that focused on cleaning specific ROOMS each day, but it just didn't work very well for me. I found that certain rooms were getting super clean, and other rooms would never get touched! Or I would run out of time before getting past the surface-cleaning. Once I started choosing a single TASK (…zone, chore…whatever you want to call it) per day to focus on, everything changed. I now decide which room needs that TASK the most that day, and voila! Each month my house somehow got magically deep-cleaned, and it felt less overwhelming and much more manageable!

Sure, at first the task might take you some time. But as you stick to the list, each week you'll see the task going quicker and quicker because it becomes maintenance cleaning. Before you know it your house will be deep-cleaned REGULARLY, with little effort!

This system has gone viral on Pinterest and has worked for thousands of people. Since it's “Back to Productivity Month” over here, I thought it was time to update and re-post the system! PLUS…I'm sharing a FREE PRINTABLE cleaning schedule to help you stay on track with this system.

You're welcome!

Let's get to it, shall we?

Deep Clean your House with One Task per Day

You ready to see how I keep my house cleaned? I'm about to share how this cleaning method works. But first…

Quick cleaning tips to keep in mind:

  • This system focuses on DEEP CLEANING, so you will do this in addition to typical daily chores (dishes, taking garbage out, picking up your floors, wiping up spills, etc.).
  • It may take quite some time at first to complete each daily tasks. But I promise, if you stay on top of the list you'll soon be able to complete the tasks in 20, 30 minutes or less! Can you imagine keeping your house deep-cleaned with just 30 minutes per day or less??
  • Saturday and Sunday are DAYS OFF for me! We use the weekend to clean, work on the yard, and organize (or heck, just play!) as a family. So my list only focuses on M-F. You can use the weekend to catch up on additional deep-cleaning needs, use it to organize, or use it to have fun with your family!
  • As with everything I share, you can always adapt this cleaning schedule to work for you! (obvs.)

Ok, here's the cleaning schedule!

Monday Cleaning Tasks

Monday is technically cheating because it is 3 tasks…but they are smaller, more intermittent chores so you can squeeze in more.

  • Laundry day. Always keep your machines running.  Start first thing in the morning and consciously keep loads going throughout the day (or whenever you're home). Set an alarm in your phone if you need to. Fold laundry at night watching TV. Make sure all clothes are put away before you go to bed.
    • Note: Yes, you'll probably need to do laundry throughout the week as well. But this is your day to FOCUS on laundry! Switch out towels and linens, and the day to make sure everyone in the family gets you their dirty clothes.
  • Tidy the house. Go through every room in your house and put everything away.
    • Tip: Never leave a room empty-handed! As you walk throughout the house ALWAYS pick at least one thing up as you come/go. Your house will be picked up before you know it.
  • Vacuum main rooms (not bedrooms or stairs). As you walk through the house picking things up, drag a vacuum behind you. **NOTE: I vacuum a lot because I have a lot of kids, and used to have a dog that sheds, which created the habit in me. You may not need to vacuum as much as I choose to do, but it does prolong the life of your carpet and makes you feel SO GOOD to see those gorgeous vacuum lines in the floor ;). Sometimes instead of formally vacuuming, I'll make it a point to run my Roomba in different areas of the house throughout the day. (I got my Roomba from Costco for Christmas one year, but Amazon has several options as well.)

How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

Tuesday Cleaning Tasks

  • Bathrooms. Do it all! Toilet, tub/shower, replace towels and wash clothes, sink, floors, wipe out drawers/cabinets, mirror, re-stock toilet paper/fresh towel supply. Spray some good smelling stuff in there when you are done, the satisfaction is amazing.
    • Tip: Take your cleaner in with you while you shower, and give it a good scrub while you're already in there! (See tips on this HERE). If you are wary about bathing with cleaners, find a good homemade shower cleaner like THIS ONE or just use a blend of vinegar and water.

Wednesday Cleaning Tasks

  • Surfaces. Anything that can be dusted, mopped, swept, wiped, vacuumed, etc. For me, this is the biggest chore of the week.
    • Tip: Make the list work for you. For me this includes disinfecting counter tops, cleaning windows, banisters, mopping the floors, cleaning out the microwave, kitchen sink, wiping down kitchen chairs, dusting and wiping all mantles/shelves/dressers/night stands/etc., wiping the top of the fridge, etc.
    • I love using Ecloth disinfecting microfiber cloths (no, they didn't ask me to say this! Purely my opinion here!). They are basically a cheaper version of Norwex but clean just as well! All you need is water and you can clean/disinfect just about every surface in your house without chemicals or cleaners. I just keep one slung over my shoulder and wipe EVERYTHING down as I walk around!
    • Note: Yes, you will probably need to clean surfaces throughout the week. So reminder that you are using this day to DEEP CLEAN. Focus on those surfaces that you normally don't get to, or use it to give your surfaces a good, hard, disinfecting scrub.

How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

Thursday Cleaning Tasks

  • Organize/clean out something. This can be a closet, your car, your child's toy box, your makeup drawer, pick one thing and don't stop until it's clean/organized! Get a good list of ideas HERE.
    • Tip: Break it down into J.O.B's, or “Just One Bite” at a time. Instead of saying “I'm going to organize my entire master closet” break it down, Just One Bite (or, just one J.O.B) at a time, and say “I'm going to do this one drawer…or shelf…or clothing rack” instead. It will ensure you don't make more messes as you go, and actually complete things. Keep in mind, you will be doing this every Thursday so small J.O.B's really add up!

Friday Cleaning Tasks

  • Tidy the house. Go through every room in your house and make sure everything has a home. Never leave a room empty-handed!
  • Vacuum all rooms including stairs.

Additional tips for deep cleaning your house!

1. Divide up levels in your home

I originally made this list when we lived in our 2 bedroom town home. My house is much larger now. An option is to divide up the chores and levels of your home to make it manageable.

  • Week 1 of the month: Conquer the main floor by following the same schedule – Monday, vacuum. Tuesday, bathrooms, etc.).
  • Week 2 of the month: Focus on the top floor by following the same schedule.
  • Week 3 of the month: Time to deep clean the main floor again, it is the most used, after all.
  • Week 4 of the month: Follow the same schedule to deep clean the basement.

That way you're staying on top of the floor you most likely use the most, but making the task and list realistic.

2. Day or night, doesn't matter.

I'm a stay-at-home-work-at-home-mom (yes, there is such a thing). Yet, it's rare that I complete my chore during the day, I usually do it at night once the kids are in bed. So whether you work full-time or stay home full-time, just find the time of day that works for you!

3. Stay consistent, or it might not work.

It's more important for you to do the tasks every day and only complete PART of the list, than it is to complete the chore in full, but not do the list every day. Keep the purpose of this system in mind: By doing A LITTLE EACH DAY, you conquer big tasks bit by bit and stay on top of the mess. If you do it one week, then not the next, then kind of do it the following week…yes, it's going to take you a long time to complete the chore when you finally get to it, making the system unrealistic, harder to do. Stick with it and you'll get to the point where you can bang it out in 20-30 minutes…or less!

4. Get your family involved.

Who says YOU have to be the one to keep your house deep-cleaned? Get everyone involved on the chore each night before dinner, before school, or whenever it works for you, and it will be done in no time.

So there you go!

Not too tricky, right? Give it a try and it might just work as well for you as it does for me!


How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear how you adapted it to work for your home, or if my schedule works for you!

How to deep clean your house one daily task at a time with a free printable checklist from!

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Happy cleaning, Freebs 😉


  1. AvatarCarol Chidlow says

    I’ve just downsized and moved from a larger home. Now looking to move into a small one bedroom apartment. This system will soooooooooooooo help me get started right to keeping my new home deep cleaned. Thanks so much.

  2. AvatarAnnette Vance says

    Besides the fact that this blog is brilliant and the tips are awesome, I have to say that this text is so positive, helpful, full of joy. I just love reading blogs like this one. And thank you very much for sharing these tips with us.

  3. AvatarTammy Cramer says

    I use those magic erasers in the shower I just tuck one into my fake flower arrangement and when I’m all done cleaning me I just wipe and rinse everything and conker the hair and corners ,squeeze the sponge put back in flowers, dry and I’m outa there…. thanks Jordan I was a stay at home mom of four and used a lot of your cleaning tips but forgot them and now that we’re empty nesters I never seem to be able to get stuff done but have been following some of your new and my old tricks they work especially the set the timer power cleaning….keep going momma your doing great God bless!

  4. AvatarRachael says

    I am completely clueless when it comes to cleaning and I just don’t end up doing it because it seems like such a big task with little payoff. I’m on day 3 of your weekly schedule and it has made such a difference around here! My kids and my husband are ooohing and aaahing at the cleanliness lol, and it feels so nice to be making headway in our chaos. Thank-you for this great resource!

  5. AvatarJames says

    This is a great idea, we are a family of 6 and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to clean and declutter! I’m going to make a plan up for our house, I’m sure I can find 30 mins per day to stay on top of it.

  6. Avatarrachael strode says

    Hi there! Thanks for this! It says vacuum main rooms…When do you mop and do the rest of the rooms? Thanks!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      It really is a challenge if you don’t stay on top of it! Good luck doing a little bit each day!

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