This month we're getting organized by focusing on ONE area per day! That's it! Spring cleaning will be a breeze when you join in our April organization month challenge!

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April showers bring… a new Focused in 2021 monthly challenge! It's warming up and you can tell that spring is in the air. I think we might all be ready to open up the windows, air out the house, and get some spring cleaning and organizing done. Anybody else feeling it?

Well that's good, because we are going to roll-up our sleeves and get down and dirty—while we get things all tidied up! Good thing we all got fit last month because this is going to be a workout!

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Here's some real talk, for ya! Organization lends itself to productivity. The more organized you are, the easier it is to find what you need and get things donezo. Are you ready to get rid of the clutter, make some space (and maybe some extra money) by organizing EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. of your house!?

Did I hear a heck yeah!?!? Then let's get started!


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Step 1. Print the Focus on Organization Month calendar — if you're not already on the mailing list, SIGN UP HERE to get the April calendar emailed to you. The easiest way to stay updated is to get on the email list and follow along on the blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I post lots of helpful tips and how-to's!

Step 2. Follow along! This month is a tad bit different. Instead of a weekly theme, we've got 30 daily challenges for you! Clean and organize ONE area each day and by the end of the month, voila, you have a whole new house.

Step 3. As always, adapt the calendar to work for your needs and help you get the most out of the monthly challenge.


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While everyone has been raving about the great deals to be found at the thrift store thanks to Marie Kondo and Netflix, we are going to be saving money by getting rid of all the extra stuff we have piled up! How are we going to do that you might ask? Follow along with this month's organization challenge and we'll tackle it ALL together!

If you struggle to make challenges stick, then I highly suggest you find a buddy to do this organization month challenge with!


We really want you to be successful, so we've put together a fun calendar to help you keep up with all the tasks. Here's what you need to do to conquer your organization tasks this month…

Put the calendar on your mirror, in the kitchen, in your car, and wherever else you need to remind you to follow along! I set an alarm in my phone to remind me what area of the house I'll be tackling each day.


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If you want to be successful, you'll need to set aside adequate time to complete the tasks. Plan it into your block schedule! For anyone who has ever done spring cleaning before, you know that some tasks are more time intensive than others. Make sure to keep that in mind and check your organization calendar as you plan your week. Some cleaning and organizing tasks might take several hours, some might only take 5 minutes. However long it takes, stay committed! Don't stop until the job is done.

It will be a lot of hard work, but think about it… If you can power down and stay focused for just 30 short days, your entire house will be organized and you will get a fresh start on the rest of your year! Doesn't that sound lovely??

Once you're done, implement a deep cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of the cleaning all year round. Life will be easier and your house will be cleaner! It's worth it.


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If your schedule is full and you don't have the time to clean out a closet, switch it with an easier task on the calendar. It doesn't need to be complicated, so don't overthink the daily task. Split your cleaning task up into smaller, more manageable chunks if you need to. You can even break it up throughout the day, if necessary. Using a timer always helps to get tasks completed and gives you the flexibility knowing you have time set aside to get it done!

Once you finish with an area, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and be ready to tackle another area on the calendar the next day!


Here are some of my most helpful posts to get you going on your spring cleaning and organization task list!





Celebrate your organization month milestones! Take a #SHELFIE (Ha! See what I did there?) and share YOUR pictures on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #FocusonOrganizationMonth. Just be sure to tag me @funcheaporfree so I can see it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing Freebs' posts and photos!

We're taking spring cleaning a step further by really focusing on getting organized in each area of your house. Take it one day at a time and in the end you'll love the result!

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I am SO EXCITED about this month, and I hope you are too!


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