Bounce Back and Clean Your House After Sickness

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Get some great tips on cleaning your house after sickness and how to get organized again from Fun Cheap or Free!

It is NO. JOKE. when the plague hits your house and everybody is down for the count. It's survival mode and everything else goes out the window. All you can think about is getting better. The thought of cleaning your house after the sickness has passed probably makes your head spin a little, right?

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Too bad life doesn't stop and wait – especially when you're the mama! It's time to bounce back! I've got some great tips today that will help you clean your house after sickness, including having the whole family help out. Plus, I've got bonus tips on how to get your life organized again so you can get back to your productive, life-conquering self, in no-time!

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It may sound like a daunting task, but cleaning your house after sickness is so important to make sure that those germs don't make their way to someone else. Follow these great tips to get things done and make sure that you don't miss anything!


The first step to cleaning your house after sickness is to wash and sanitize ALL. THE. THINGS. Especially things that have the most germs on them—clothes that all the sickies have been wearing, bedding, pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, towels (don't forget hand towels!). Rotate throughout the day as you have the energy. Just don't overdo it, mama! I have some unconventional laundry hacks, you might wanna check out those great tips!

We love our Beddy's Bedding (use the code JORDAN for 20% off!) and Minky blankets (use the code PAGE45 for 45% off!). I always make sure to throw that in the wash first so that we have them for when we need to go to bed.


Give everyone a zone and set a timer. Our major zones include the kitchen, dining, desk area, living room and bathrooms. We go all in and focus on the task at hand during this time. Clean from top to bottom!

Have you family to help with cleaning the house after sickness - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Including kids in the cleaning process, takes the load off one person! We make sure to use cleaning products that are safe for kids to use, I share all about how I clean my house here! When the timer goes off, the completed zones get a treat. It keeps them motivated to get it done, plus rewards them for their hard work!


You definitely want to make sure that you sanitize those surfaces once they've been cleaned off! Wipe down countertops, faucets, toilets, door handles and anything else that the sickness might've touched. Sanitizing wipes come in really handy for this!

Definitely sanitize your phone, devices, and any remote controls that you were using while sick! Those things can be a breeding ground for germs! Use a sanitizing wipe or this crazy cool smartphone sanitizer and charger works really well.


When your kids are sick, it's a great idea to email their teachers to make sure they didn't miss anything. Ask them to send home any homework they missed. Decide how quickly your kids can handle catching up. Space it out over a few days or just power through and get it all done at once.


All these tips are great for cleaning your house after sickness, but I'll warn you again—make sure you don't overdo it! Just because you want to feel better doesn't mean that you can just will it to happen. Listen to your body and know when it's time to take a rest or be done for the day!


When you're trying to get things back in order after sickness, grab your planner! My Productivity Planner and phone help me look over my upcoming weeks and month to get back in the game!

Get your life organized again after sickness by using the Productivity Planner - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Plan your meals and see what groceries you need to get from the store. I highly recommend Walmart Grocery Pickup (get $10 off your first purchase of $50!) where you just have to go drive up and grab your groceries. Or if there's absolutely no way that you're getting out of your house, you can use Instacart and have the groceries delivered straight to your door!

Whew, well there you go! Now you know all of my best tips about cleaning your house after sickness. Do you have anything that you would add? Let me know in the comments below!

Bounce Back and Clean Your House After Sickness! Awesome tips to help you and your family recover after the plague - from Fun Cheap or Free

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Feel better soon, Freebs!

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    Jordan, what brand of phone disinfwctir do you use?

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      It’s linked up in the post, but you can find it HERE! 🙂


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