As summer comes to a close, I can't think of a better time to start thinking about getting organized, implementing a helpful schedule, and really being efficient with your time. This August productivity month calendar and weekly challenges will help you do just that, so put on your git-r-done glitter tiara and let's do this!

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I don't know about you, but summer has flown by for us! We've worked on our on positivity and focused on family, and it was amazing! But now it's time to get back at it and really get productive.

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That's right! This month, we're focusing on productivity! We all have different areas where we need to be more productive, so take our suggestions and put them to work on your specific pain points. This way, you'll get the most out of the month and will be ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Ya ready? Let's go!


Step 1. Print the Back to Productivity Month calendar โ€” if you're not already on the mailing list, SIGN UP HERE to get the August calendar emailed to you. The easiest way to stay updated is to get on the email list and follow along on the blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I'll post lots of helpful tips and how-tos there!

Step 2. Follow along! Each week there is one main challenge for you to focus on all week. Plus a bonus challenge, tip, or helpful habit to keep you focused halfway through the week. Then, of course, wrap up the week with a simple date or a family night to help keep you focused on the people that matter most.

Step 3. As always, adapt the calendar to work for your needs and to help you get the most out of this month's productivity challenge.


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Pull out your Productivity Planner or free printable block schedule because it's time to get back into a solid routine! This week's tasks are probably the most important of the entire month. Having a good, productive block schedule will revolutionize the way you live your entire life. 

A good block schedule is amazing at helping you get more done in a day WITHOUT burnout. It helps with time management, makes your home insanely stress-free, and will also magically free up HOURS of time for you to fill with things that fulfill you most. You know, all the fun things you never feel like you have time for! Our block schedule post goes into great depth about the hows and whys of block scheduling, so be sure to check that out!

If you already have your block schedule made, you're not off the hook! Take some time to look it over and see if there's anywhere you can make improvements or changes so your days are more efficient. Maybe you need to split up one of your blocks or make one longer. You might even find out that it's already perfect and you don't need to change a thing!


As a helpful hint this week, try to brain dump at night. When you get in bed or right before you get in bed, grab a notebook and pen and write down whatever is on your mind. Maybe you need to make a phone call the next day, or there's a bill that needs to be paid. It doesn't matter what it is, just take the time to get it off of your mind. You'll have a better night's sleep because you dumped it all out before you started dreaming!


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This week is a little special! For those of us heading back into a new school year, it is crucial to readjust our goals and expectations with our families. We suggest holding a “family council,” as we call it. Talk about the upcoming school year, set some family goals, and set personal goals for each member of the family.

Here are a few routines and expectations you might want to review with your family:

  • Screen-time boundaries and expectations โ€” remind your family that screens are a privilege, not a right!
  • Morning routines, including setting alarm clocks, getting breakfast, etc.
  • After-school routines, including homework, chores, playtime, and dinner.
  • Night-time routines, including bedtime.


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This week we're focusing on everyone's favorite topic…organization. Not your favorite?! Don't worry, we can help! Focusing on things that aren't your favorite will help you improve those areas that probably need a little more help. If it is your favorite, go ahead and have a little dance party because this week should be a piece of cake!

I don't know how it is in your house, but when school starts, the amount of paper, artwork, and homework floating around can get out of control. I LOVE seeing what my kids are doing during school, but I have to handle all the extra paper needs immediately, or I'll be nominated for an episode of Hoarders.

Take the next few days to set up a system and place to manage all of the extra “stuff” that comes with this time of the year. Get rid of paper clutter and digitize the important things with the help of this post!

If you have kids in school, we also highly suggest creating a dedicated homework station. This will hold everything your kids need to do homework and also gives them a place to sit down and do it.


For our midweek challenge this week, we suggest prepping healthy snacks to keep your family fueled and ready to go! Getting restocked and organized allows everyone in the home to have a little independence, which helps in more ways than one!

Stock your pantry and fridge with easy-to-grab healthy kid snacks so they can easily grab something in the morning and throughout the day as needed! Having a designated spot for the kids (or YOU) to grab healthy snacks without question will literally save your sanity. We love the snack system we've set up; it's really made all the difference in our house!


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If you've been following me for long, then you know I'm a HUGE fan of “set it and forget it” systems. This week we are going to be building systems that will make your life SO. MUCH. EASIER.

I'm about to share a ton of systems you can set up that will change your life! A lot of these involve kids, but they can be easily adapted to any situation. Don't feel like you have to do them all. Just pick 3-5 and start knocking them out. In a few weeks if you feel like you're ready to add more, come back to this post and knock out a few more!



One system I strongly encourage you to create is a family cleaning schedule or chore sticks and start doing it! This is a pain point for so many of us and it really doesn't need to be. One person shouldn't be responsible for cleaning or even tidying everything on a daily basis.

It's more than okay to get everyone involved. In fact, this is a life skill that everyone needs to learn and experience. We talk about how important it is to get kids involved in the cleaning all the time as it helps them learn how to contribute meaningfully to the home environment. Plus, if they know they are responsible for helping to keep it clean, they will be much more mindful about the messes they make. #RaisingCapableKids

Need help getting started? For this productivity month, make it a game or make it fun by blasting some tunes while everyone works on their designated chores. It doesn't have to be boring! Just set up a good plan and you'll barely have to manage it.


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This week we're talking about time. Time is one thing that we wish we had more of and it never seems to slow down. I wish I had a revolutionary time machine for you, but I'm not quite done inventing it yet! The truth is, if you do the simple tasks suggested this week, you'll feel like you have more time. Don't believe me? Try them and prove me wrong! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

If you often start the day in a haze, unmotivated, or not sure where to focus your time, this new habit will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. You ready for it??

Keep a to-do book, either in your favorite notebook or in your Productivity Planner. Any time you think of something you need to do, write it down. Then the next time you're working on your block schedule, add it to the appropriate block. This will make you so much more productive because you're actually doing the things that need to be done. Plus, you'll feel so accomplished as you check them off, you'll want to keep up the good work!


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Anything you can prep in advance makes a world of difference down the road. If you're making sandwiches for lunches, you might as well make some extras to toss in the fridge or freezer for later in the week so they're ready to just grab and go! Frozen sandwiches are a school lunch staple in our house!

One day of prepping a little more might take a minute or two longer, but it saves time. Just think, you don't have to spend the mental energy on it, nor the time cleaning up! Because you already did it once!

This goes for any mealโ€”breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. You can easily double the amount you prep and freeze or store for later in the week to free up time! To make our whole week run more smoothly, we often prep breakfast for the whole week on Saturday or Sunday and work together to prep lunch and dinner items over the weekend as well.


If your kids are in school, grab those calendars and add all school and extracurricular events to the calendar to help you stay on top of things. If you don't have kids in school, then look through your calendars to make sure nothing has changed on them.


I hope by the end of the month you'll be feeling more productive and centered! For even more help and suggestions on ways to Do Life Better, check out Productivity Boot Camp.

It includes 28 videos and a 30-page digital workbook designed to help you get your productivity in gear! Plus, you get access to our private and encouraging Facebook Group full of people just like you working to become the best versions of themselves! Use code FCFBLOG for 10% off.


Let us know how this month is going for you! Post your progress on Instagram and/or Facebook this month using the hashtags #Focusedin2021 and #FocusonProductivityMonth and be sure to tag @FunCheaporFree!

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Need more productivity ideas?

Good luck rockin' your productivity month!

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