All about MARRIAGE! Intimacy, fights, compromise…and all sorts of over-shares.

Intimacy, disagreements, keeping the flame alive...we cover it all!

WARNING: This has (almost) nothing to do with finance or frugal living. And I'm going to pretend to be Dr. Phil for a hot minute. But don't run, I promise it will be worth your time!

You may or may not know that every Tuesday Bubba (my husband) and I sit down to answer your questions live. It's called Q&A Tuesday, and if you're not there, you are most certainly square (wink). Write it on your forehead and be first in line next time, it's a real ride.

This last week we saw a trend in the questions you Freebs wanted us to answer, and they seemed to center around marriage, and the challenges that come along with it. Now, I know we look like sisters, but believe it or not, I am no Oprah. Oh, and to set the rumors straight, we are not sisters. BUT…I have been married for 10 years. I do have 5 kids. Our marriage is strong and thriving, sure. But we have been on the brink of “wow, are we really going to make it?” to the climax of crazy-stupid in love, “holy crap how did I get so lucky to marry this person??” (and every stage in-between). So I guess you could say that while I don't have the letters behind my name that a formal therapist has, I did get a masters degree in the school of the hard knocks and happened to graduate top in my class of “learn the hard way”-ers.

We sat down to answer your marriage questions on Tuesday, and what started as casual conversation turned into a discussion so deep and intimate, we had thousands of people tuning in live and Instagram kicked us off because we were basically breaking the internet! (Wish I could say that wasn't true! #DarnYouInstagram).

To say we were humbled by the response we saw from our Q&A would be an intense understatement.

The emails, comments, and DM's came pouring in. The topics we covered, the stories and hardships we shared, and the resources we mentioned gave so many of you hope. It started hard conversations between you and your spouse that you had been burying for decades. For many of you, it showed you aren't alone in the hardships and joys that marriage bring. We were B L O W N A W A Y that our simple Q&A could spark so much conversation. Additionally, many of you have asked me to post the Q&A so you can go back and watch it with your spouse, remember the books and resources we mentioned, and some have even talked about sitting down to watch with your girlfriends.

Well, Freebs, we listened.

Our conversation is deeply personal and incredibly intimate, but we couldn't ignore the flame it had ignited. Thus,  going against what might be my better judgement (#MercyLetsHopeNot), I've decided to not only post the Q&A on YouTube, but we did a SECOND Live Q&A about marriage this week that I will add to this post and put on YouTube as soon as it is completed and edited!.

In the meantime, as promised, here are PARTS 1 and 2 of our marriage Q&A:

As I share this video, I just ask a few simple things.

  1. Please respect us and everyone else who chimes in in the comments. Pretend we are at a marriage support group. Don't shame us or anyone else, and please respect the sacred nature of the things we are discussing, and keep them amongst our Freebs family only.
  2. We are married and will be talking about personal, intimate subjects and topics. If you are not married or are 18 or younger, please consider saving this video in your archive and watching it down the road when it becomes appropriate for you.
  3. Please note that we are a married man and woman, so we are referring to “husband and wife” because, well, that's what we are! But we love and respect relationships of all forms so just take what we say and picture adapting it into your own situation as best you can.
  4. We aren't professionals, this is just our experience and opinions. Though, I really do wish I was Oprah…

Ok! Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the videos!

Watch Part 1 online, or click and watch below:


WATCH PART 2 ONLINE HERE, or watch below:


Thanks for watching! Please chime in with your thoughts and impressions in the comments, and please head to Facebook or Instagram for our Q&A Tuesday!


  1. AvatarCaitlyn says

    Thank you so much for your last couple videos. I have followed you for years and love what you stand for but just recently I started watching your vlogs. The other day on instagram you posted while at wal mart about your bedtime routine and what that entails for the two of you. I was just hoping to get a little bit better clarification. I am also a member of the LDS church and endowed and as most husband are mine would love to have sex every night but for me that is not in my books…. we have 4 kids 4 and under. insert exhaustion! You made mention of wearing lacy underwear while getting ready for bed to have it be a normal thing? Just wondering if I could get better understanding of what you do and why since I missed it. Thanks

  2. AvatarStacey says

    Thank you, Bubba and Jordan. I watched both of the Q&A Tuesdays and they were amazing. I am very much like Jordan and my hubby is very much like Bubba. I may have said no too many times though, as now my hubby will not initiate anything with me 🙁 So now I’m left trying to figure out how to fix this on my own. And it’s scary. I plan to use some of the tips your shared.

  3. AvatarRachel says

    Great videos! You had mentioned in one of your insta stories about putting on cute panties/lingerie every night and then you would get in your normal pajamas. It sounds like a great idea but I was wondering if you could elaborate more on it. Do you do this each night when it’s “you” time? Like watching a show or hanging out and talking? Or just in your room?
    I want to add this into my relationship.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Yes! we cover it in detail in parts 3 and 4 that I will post very soon on Youtube! Keep your eyes peeled!

  4. AvatarStephanie says

    Thank you both for putting yourselves out there! Love hearing lessons learned in marriage from a Christian couple. Please share more!

  5. AvatarHannahrose says

    Imagine if your roles were switched. My husband is like Jordan and I am like Bubba! It’s the most difficult thing. My husband also has depression (“managed” with medication) and that is a huge part of our struggle. This was a great Q & A! You guys are hilarious and awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  6. AvatarJenny says

    I absolutely loved your honesty and bought both books mentioned. I received my book about properly feeding my husband just yesterday and I am reading it. I have already started having great discussions with my hubby about it. Good stuff! I love the book and love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  7. AvatarMadeleine says

    Hi Jordan!
    I loved the first Q&A but I missed the second one about marriage that you and Bubba did. Have you posted it to youtube or the blog? I can’t find it 🙁

  8. AvatarJen K. says

    I loved both videos. My husband and I often watch your videos together, and we happened upon them after you posted them on YouTube. It was really great to see that we’re not alone in what we’re struggling with. We love each other deeply, but struggle too – sometimes it’s easier to let those struggles with the day than the love we have for each other. I appreciate you both sharing so much!

  9. AvatarEmilee says

    Listening to these has been such a blessing to me! I have so much in common with you when it comes to this subject and my personality so it feels good to know that I am not the only one with those struggles. Thank you for your tips on communication and serving each other out of love!

  10. AvatarChelsie Penman says

    This was seriously so great to watch and listen to with my husband! It brought up a lot of great conversation topics and questions for us! We really appreciate you being so open, honest and outgoing! 🙂

  11. AvatarElizabeth says

    This was seriously my favorite ever! And probably my husbands too because it got me thinking about intimacy. I loved your book suggestions and read them! Thank you!

  12. AvatarKelly Johnson says

    I had only been following you a little while and had seen a few Q&A Tuesday’s before this one but this one really caught my attention! I love how vulnerable you guys are online because it helps others feel ok being vulnerable too. It helped me really reflect on my own marriage and I loved your routine of cute pajamas before bed- and my husband did too! Thank you!

  13. AvatarAlana McWilliams says

    I really enjoyed how you talked so freely– and I actually rented the Dr. Laura book you recommended from the library. Amazing.

  14. AvatarKaleigh Gilson says

    I loved watching this Q&A!! Seriously, the things we don’t talk about much are so helpful to talk about!! Makes us all feel just a little bit more normal haha!

  15. AvatarMelissa Harlan says

    This blog has been one of my favorites! I remember watching this live and being hooked on the subject! I was married in the temple and was divorced just a few years later (after our second child) I re married after many years. Marriage after one failed marriage is tough and intimacy for me is difficult you’re tips shed a new light for me and I thank you for it!

  16. AvatarTresan Alvey says

    So helpful! Love to see thriving and experienced marriages. You guys are so cute and fun to watch. I hope you know how much we all appreciate the time you’ve put into putting this together.

  17. AvatarAngela Bullock says

    I love watching your question/ answer Tuesdays. It’s my favorite Tuesday night activity. Thanks for all your ideas!

  18. AvatarWhitney says

    Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so comforting and reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who feels the exact same way that you do. I really look up to you and I enjoy learning from you!

  19. AvatarSadie Maxfield says

    My hubby and I were high school sweethearts and have been together for 10 years and married for 5. I watched the beginning of one of your marriage Q&As on Youtube and hit pause and ran and got my husband and forced him to watch them with me! We now listen to you and Bubba in the car every weekend when we are driving around running errands! I can relate with you so much (have major anxiety issues about having to be “ON” even when I’m not in the mood. We have learned so much from you guys and it has made it easier for us to discuss what we can work on in our own marriage! Please please please keep doing these videos!! We love them!!!

  20. AvatarAlecia says

    This Q&A was probably one of my favorites so far. I love how honest you guys are about everything!! I learned so much that I even made my husband watch the videos as well.

  21. AvatarKeri Ropelato says

    Girl I cannot tell you how much I freaking LOVVVVED these videos. You and Bubba are such good people to look up to and admire!!

  22. AvatarHannah says

    Y’all are such an inspiration! I’m very grateful y’all were so open and shared all those personal experiences with us! I appreciate it so much!

  23. AvatarChristina says

    That’s one thing I love about you!! Over share open book. I attract people I want to that way and they don’t judge me.

  24. AvatarAlyssa says

    This is hands down one of my favorite posts of all times!! You’re like my spirit animal – I feel like everything you say I can relate to!!

  25. AvatarMelissa Wagner says

    Not gonna lie – I love this! More people need to be honest and candid about relationships and how we communicate with our spouses! Marriage isn’t easy, but it IS worth it! ? Thank you for being brave enough to share!

  26. AvatarSara Novak says

    Thank you for all your honesty and sharing! I appreciate your post each and everyone! Thank you for all you do to help inspire and motivate this online community!

  27. AvatarLydia Young says

    Totally bought the book you mentioned that I didn’t have. It’s next in my pile to read! (@jlyoungplus4 on insta)

  28. AvatarShauna says

    You two are so brave! Thank you so much for putting yourselves out there and sharing! Watching you guys has made me look into my own marriage and figure out what we want and such. I just Can’t thank you enough! You are so amazing to want to help and guide people!

  29. AvatarChelsey Hackleman says

    I loved watching this one live. You guys are so awesome to be so open about stuff that needs to be addressed. Thank you!

  30. AvatarMegann says

    I look up to you two so much. My husband and I have been married 3 years and have 2 kids together. Y’all are relationship goals for sure!

  31. AvatarTia stevenson says

    I feel like we may be the same person. I also could prob go the rest of my life being celibate. It’s sad, but true! Also spot on with your love language. Mine is the exact same! Your videos are always so helpful!!
    Ps you and bubba are so dang cute!!

  32. AvatarAllie says

    Your Q&A videos are always my favorites. It’s so great to see the way you two interact, and you always give amazing advice. Thanks for being so real and sharing so much of yourself!!

  33. AvatarLauren L says

    I am the exact same way as you!! I don’t need touch like my husband does so it’s been something I have to consciously work on for him.

  34. AvatarCarynne says

    Hey I just wanted to say this was so great! Thank you for sharing all your ups and downs. After watching my husband and I had a long talk and it has really helped our relationships with being more aware of each others needs. Thank you so much for being so open!

  35. AvatarJaime Alexander says

    seriously one of the best Q&As ever. You spoke so much truth and really helped so many of us feel “normal”.

  36. AvatarHolli Hoeksel says

    Loved this video! I found a copy of The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands at the di and I can’t wait to read it!

  37. AvatarCandace says

    I loved this series! It helped a ton to realize that things I have struggled with are not uncommon and can be worked through.

  38. AvatarKailey says

    Thanks for talking about this! I actually put on hold the book you recommended to read about husbands. Can’t wait to read.

  39. AvatarJenette says

    ?????? Answering some tough questions, getting super personal, talking about topics that people wanna discuss, but most would never dream of. Hats off to you two.? Great lil series. #realtalk ??

  40. AvatarRebecca says

    I recently started following you on instagram off of a recommendation from another instagramer. I feel like It came Just at a time in my life when I was looking for ideas/answers to prayers. I have been working on self improvement spiritually, socially, physically, in parenting, being a better spouse, …pretty much all around improvement. Thank you for being real and relatable! You truly seem like an amazing person while helping others be amazing too! ?

  41. AvatarJami Ma says

    I really enjoyed this video and how open you both are. This made me think about what I can do to improve how I show love to my spouse in the way he needs.

  42. AvatarLauren R says

    Loved y’alls videos on marriage! I also really liked your video on the LDS Church. So brave and cool for y’all to share!

  43. AvatarCat Stabio says

    I absolutely LOVED your marriage subject! It not only validated my issues in our marriage but the tips were EXTREMELY helpful and have genuinely strengthened our marriage! I just love you!!

  44. AvatarEmily and Willie Humphrey says

    ? THANK YOU GUYS!!! the hubs and I absolutely love you two and look forward to your uploads, insta stories and live q&a’s. We are actually in the middle of our FD, and our schedules are all over the place. We are hardly home at the same time, except for Tuesday’s. As we are trying to save as much money as possible and become debt free, you and bubba have become our date night entertainment! ?I make a special dinner and we sit down together and stream your live q&a’s!! ?

  45. AvatarNancy says

    I watched all of these videos on YouTube it helped me pry open the communication gates with my husband and get to setting some financial goals.

  46. AvatarYvonny says

    I loved this! I am going on year 5 of my marriage and it’s definitely had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  47. AvatarCami Fairbanks says

    Love it! Thank you for opening up, I’ve taken to heart some of the things you have mentioned to help me be a better wife and it is just nice to know someone else feels/felt the same way I do about certain things.

  48. AvatarShay says

    I Loved this video! I love how candid you both were, it’s just what I needed ? every week seems to be another topic that is exactly what I need.

  49. Avatarheather says

    I really admire how open and honest you guys are (especially with the tough stuff) I’m sure you are helping so many people and families. You guys are awesome!

  50. AvatarAirin says

    I seriously loved these particular Q&A videos! It’s been a rough couple of years around my home and I learned some valuable tools to help my marriage get out of the rut it’s been in. Thank you!

  51. AvatarBethany says

    Thank you for these videos! It gave my husband and I some good ideas to stay connected, some good books to read to right my mindset as a wife, and it was just refreshing to hear another couple that has struggled too, and made it through. (Especially with the therapists – we had this too….what the heck?? Marriage counselors should KEEP MARRIAGES TOGETHER. Lol)

  52. AvatarJean says

    My husband and I work very different shifts but we are both home after 10. The advice about going to bed at the same time was great. We spend more time together during the week and I’m sleeping better. Going to buy the books you recommend as soon as I’m finished with some others.

  53. AvatarKellee says

    I’ve been painting various rooms in our house for the last 4 days—I despise painting—so today I listened to a bunch of your YouTube episodes and it made my last day of painting much more bearable!

  54. AvatarBre says

    Thank you for being so raw, true and relatable! I sent this whole series to my boyfriend with high hopes he will watch them and understand me a little better because I feel like everything you said, was me 100%.

  55. AvatarKayla says

    This Q&A gave me so much help. Im not married to my partner but a lot of you advice has been so helpful to us. Your openness, honesty and candidness is refreshing in this day and age so thankyou so much!

  56. AvatarKayla Monson says

    Thanks for being so open! It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone in our problems and you guys have offered some great advice!

  57. AvatarTina says

    I love how open and honest you guys are about your life! It makes you so much more real and personable. I feel like I can actually relate to you guys and gives me hope for my life and makes me believe that I can actually achieve my goals and “have it all” and “do it all” thank you for sharing your tips and honesty about marriage. I love you guys! ❤️

  58. AvatarWhitney Smith says

    Thank you guys SO much for your cander! I watched these both live, and now after a few months, my marriage is a lot happier. We weren’t even having problems but your tips have made us stronger than ever- so THANKYOU! #puppiesforjordan

  59. AvatarTina says

    Love this!! Every relationship is different and that’s what’s great! There’s always something new to learn from someone else. Thanks for hosting the Q&A’s each week, keeping the topics intriguing!

  60. AvatarLaura E Laven says

    Thank you for these videos, I made my husband watch them with me because you hit on some topic that were also true for us.

  61. AvatarCosette says

    Thank you for sharing open and honestly! I love hearing that there is always hope even when others tell you there isn’t!

  62. AvatarKourtney K says

    LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEDDDDD this one on IG! I even had my husband watch this one! Thank you for being so open and honest!!!!

  63. AvatarAidette says

    Thank you guys for being so open and honest. I love the book recommendations and I can’t wait to read ”the proper care and feeding of husbands”. I struggle with getting caught up in my mom life that I forget I’m a wife.

  64. AvatarLana says

    I really enjoyed watching a whole episode about something different. After following you for a while and trying to apply financial tips, it’s nice to get new tips to try and apply in marriage.

  65. AvatarJoni says

    I can talk about budgeting and frugal living all day long with my husband but when it comes to infancy in our marriage, it sounds like I struggle with the same things you were previously struggling with, except I am still struggling and finding it one of the most difficult aspects to overcome. Harder than any money challenges we have ever faced. I am going to definitely dive deeper by reading some of the books you have recommended and also take your advice about sitting down with my husband and discussing how I feel.

  66. AvatarMegan S says

    Thank you for talking about the hard topics! It was something I needed to hear and my marriage definitely thanks you!

  67. AvatarChristyn Day says

    My favorite Q&A series! We just did a marriage boot camp through our church and this was an amazing REAL perspective that we needed!

  68. AvatarSonya Tonga says

    My husband and I have gone through a rough patch this past year. I’m thankful for your tips and honesty and hope we can find a therapist too! Any tips when looking for a therapist?

  69. AvatarLindsay says

    Thank you for being open and honest. My marriage has really been struggling lately and it helps to know others, who do love each other and their family, are in the same position.

  70. AvatarLeslie says

    I have watched this video over and over taking note. I am commenting to enter the Instagram give away for budget boot camp!!
    Thank Jordan!

  71. AvatarMachee says

    Loved this! I had my husband watch them as well and we’ve had a lot of good conversations about how we could better our (already awesome) marriage. Thank you guys for being so open and honest, and being willing to tackle the hard stuff everyone else avoids.

  72. AvatarLogan says

    Thank you for being so open and honest about struggles in marriage! My husband and I were able to relate and had a great discussion following the videos.

  73. AvatarSamantha says

    These videos have changed my perspective in so many positive ways. I’ve been married for 15years and thought I had it all figured out. I went straight to my library and rented the proper care and feeding of husband’s. Amazing! I find myself talking about it a lot with my friends and spreading the love! Plus the other little bits of info were helpful to. I’m so happy I accidently starred following you on Instagram. Your amazing!

  74. AvatarAshlee Bassett says

    These videos are extremely helpful as a young couple, with a young child. It’s nice to see a wiser, more experienced couple giving us newbies some tips!

  75. AvatarRachel Arnold says

    Of all the people I know and follow on Instagram, you are by far one of my favorites. You are changing peoples lives. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks for being so fun to follow❤️

  76. AvatarGaby Bisonó says

    Thank you for being so open and real! I’ve only been married for a year and I feel like we’re doing okay, but you have given me great ideas that I’ve already started implementing with my hubby and he has been very open to trying them. ?

  77. AvatarHailee says

    Thank you so much for being so honest about everything in your life. I absolutely love watching you two in your q&a Tuesday’s, especially this one. Very helpful tips. I am really enjoying reading his needs her needs. Thank you so much for the recommendation. You two are the best!

  78. AvatarDawn Cook says

    I watched this live!! Thanks so much for all the info you gave!! It was very helpful and knowledgeable!! You two are amazing and I love watching your lives!!!

  79. AvatarLuci says

    Hi Jordan (and Bubba)! ? I’ve watched all your YouTube videos and these series about marriage and friendship have been great!!!!
    I’m a silent follower but I wanted you to know that you really inspire me and I wish you nothing but the best. Lots of love from Argentina ? ??
    Luci Oliver.

  80. AvatarLacey says

    I loved watching these! You guys have given me some awesome ideas for my marriage! We have only been married for 5 yrs but we have gone through so much already, so some of your ideas I am excited to try!! Thank you for being willing to open up and share your experiences ??

  81. AvatarBritta Robertson says

    You guy so helped my husband and I open up conversation about a topic that kind of slips they the cracks a lot. Things have been so good in our marriage lately and we open up all forms of communication now. We have had tough conversations and it has changed our marriage for the better. Thank you! You all rock.

  82. AvatarAnne says

    I think if Oprah still had her show she would definitely have you on! Thanks for opening up to help couples out there!

  83. AvatarJanese Pearson says

    I absolutely love how open and honest you both are! You guys are so down to earth and I love watching your q&a’s!! Thanks for being you!!

  84. AvatarEmily says

    Thank you for putting so much of your private life out there for others to see and learn from. You are real and don’t try to portray perfection which is what we all need to see and do for ourselves. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for women everywhere!

  85. AvatarCaitlin says

    This really hit home for me. There was so much that I connected with that I didn’t realize was an issue. Thank you for sharing the hard stuff.

  86. AvatarAllie Crouch says

    I watched this live on Instagram while I was getting ready for bed and my husband literally couldn’t stop watching it behind me! Thanks for being so open and honest (:

  87. AvatarMandy says

    Thank you for doing these. Your openness and willingness to share is what I appreciate the most. You talk about things that unfortunately many wouldn’t be comfortable talking about about. (Speaking as a Mormon) I feel like these things should be more of a normal things for couples to discuss. I feel like my marriage is awesome 13 Years in, and I still took away stuff that we’d like to work on and improve. I had the Hubs watch with me. So thank you!

  88. AvatarHolly tucker says

    This video and topic has helped me tons in my marriage. Great tips and self help ideas they help a marriage. Thank you

  89. AvatarStephanie Becker says

    These Q and A’s had great open comments without all the inappropriate junk! Thanks for keeping it real and clean.

  90. AvatarMelissa says

    You guys are so fun, I really enjoyed listening because you guys are so real and open about this! Thanks for the good tips!

  91. AvatarMegan says

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  92. AvatarKandace says

    This is the first video I ever watched of you. I watched it live on insta and I became obsessed with all things fun cheap or free! I’ve been hooked ever since. You are amazing I love all your advice!

  93. AvatarTeresa Bess says

    I love how real you guys are! I’ve truly benefited form you honesty about marriage. It’s nice to know that even amazing couples like yourselves can have bumps in the road!

  94. AvatarJessica says

    I watched these live and they were the best live videos I’ve ever watched. I loved how honest you both were and I completely related to your situation. I think a lot of people did. It was so nice to hear that other people struggle and that it’s normal, because we all know, social media makes us all think everyone’s lives are perfect!

  95. AvatarAlyson Petersen says

    I really liked this Q&A! I had my husband watch it with me. We are so much like you guys it made me laugh! Thanks for being so open and the ideas you shared! I am going to take your advice and get my hormones checked!

  96. AvatarCarli Lewis says

    Activity listening! I love that concept. Sometimes I do just need to vent with no opinions. And the fact that he says “this is how I understood it…..” Just to confirm.

  97. AvatarDiana Burk says

    I love your live Q&As! This one my husband actually stopped to listen to part of as he overheard me watching it, which never happens! Thank you for being real, I found this helpful as I think about ways I could improve my marriage relationship. Thank you!

  98. AvatarRexandamber says

    My husband watched with me, and it was very helpful to our marriage! Thank you for sharing on such a sensitive topic. I know it can’t have been easy for you.

  99. AvatarCharley says

    Oh my gosh I love this! P.s. for an awesome Date night try curling (the sport). We found a place at a ice arena, took a class, and spent the entire night laughing. Best date ever! Will never curl again but dang it was fun.

  100. AvatarDestiny Saavedra says

    I finally watched these last week and wrote down many thoughts as well as the books mentioned to start reading. Great advice!

  101. AvatarArianna says

    It really opened my eyes to the fact that I need to make sure I am taking care of my husband still when I have little babies at home. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff and forget to date your husband. Thanks for being so open and honest! I seriously love you guys and love q&a Tuesdays!

  102. AvatarBrianne Trappett says

    I totally appreciate your willingness to be so open about topics that people generally don’t talk very much about. These videos have been so helpful in opening up a dialog between me and my husband. These conversations can sometimes be awkward, but this has definitely helped us address things that we haven’t talked about before!

  103. AvatarErica says

    I appreciate these posts and videos! As private as intimacy is, I really do believe this stuff is not talked about enough, specially in a safe and mature manner. I love your insights and am doing my best to re-wire my brain!

  104. AvatarMegan Horspool says

    I love reading new ideas and tips for a better marriage. Marriage is so sacred and important to my husband and I that we love listening and reading tips or ideas to make it stronger. We enjoyed you’re live Q&A about this topic!

  105. AvatarKimberly Pech says

    I Love how you and Bubba are straight forward and funny. Your weekly Q&A is awesome and I look forward to it each week. Thank you so much for this Awesome Community of people.

  106. AvatarChristine Calloway says

    Watched and re-watched this series and going to ask my husband to watch. Hope we can then sit down together to see what works for the two of us. We are recent empty nesters and 30 years together and 28 married. We need a bit of new breath back in our relationship. Thanks for your openness

  107. AvatarKami Campbell says

    My husband and I loved this video series on marriage!!!!! We watched them all
    On our date night in last week!

  108. AvatarTara says

    Funny story: years ago, my mom gave my sister, my sister-in-law, and me a copy of Dr. Laura’s book. She said that she thought one of us, in particular, needed it, but she decided to give it to all of us so she wouldn’t have to have that awkward conversation. I’m pretty sure it was one of the others that needed it. ? No, it really was a great book!

  109. AvatarJen schneiter says

    We have made it a goal to go on dates at least once a month, it has been so good to escape parenthood for a couple hours and be able to talk and enjoy each other!

  110. AvatarTeasha Daniels says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I learned a bunch of new tips I want to try in my marriage. I wish I could get my husband to sit down and listen to these with me! ?

  111. AvatarLanie Meyers says

    I loved these. It was so incredibly relatable and made me feel more confident in some of the feelings I’ve had in my marriage. Thank you for your honesty!

    • AvatarMegan says

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