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You've been asking… and it's FINALLY HERE! Stop micromanaging your time and start living with Productivity guru Jordan Page's Block Schedule™ Planner. We're about to blow your mind with our system that maximizes your best life with minimal effort!

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Do you feel disorganized? Stressed? Burnt out? Unfulfilled? Are you struggling to get through the day? There's always too much to do, right? One of our biggest beliefs for mastering life begins with the block schedule. We talk about this ALL THE TIME. It's so important, in fact, that we created a one-of-a-kind Block Schedule™ Planner.

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And now, our Block Schedule™ Planner has become so incredibly popular, we have trouble keeping it in stock! Why? Because our Block Schedule™ Planner is your step-by-step guide to getting more done while truly enjoying more free time. Thousands who have adopted the tenets of Block Scheduling have seen their lives change—for the better! Here's why our planner is about to become your new BFF!


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Say, “BUH-BYE” to being stressed out and overwhelmed without giving up the things that make life worth living! Say hello to the ultimate productivity guide! #ProductivityNinja

Get more done and enjoy more free time with your step-by-step guide to your best life—The Block Schedule™ Planner by Jordan Page!

  • This is not your typical planner. It's not just about your schedule—it's about getting things done.
  • Learn to prioritize family time and self-care while still meeting your obligations by working smarter, not harder.
  • Learn practical and effective solutions for creating routines and systems that work for you and your family.
  • Get a step-by-step guided tour to the viral “block schedule” system.
  • Walks you through every week, making sure you meet and complete tasks while still finding room for guilt-free “me time.”

We've even got some stunning covers for you to choose from, so it might be hard for you to choose your favorite! #TheStruggleIsReal


This is not your typical planner! This revolutionary Block Schedule System teaches you to stop living hour by hour. Never heard of the block schedule system, check out our block schedule video! You'll focus on blocks, as you would your high school class schedule. But, instead of a focus on math, science, soccer, or homework, you're focused on work, dinner, errands, and family time blocks.

You assign appropriate tasks (to-do’s) to the appropriate blocks. This means you not only stay organized and prioritized throughout the day, but you also eliminate stress and feeling overwhelmed by knowing that every to-do has its place!

Blocking your time is what allowed you to get so much done and juggle so much back in high school…so why couldn’t it work now? Hint: it can! This unique planner will not only teach you how but will allow you to accomplish more, WITHOUT the overwhelm! It has transformed tens of thousands of lives…we can’t wait for it to transform yours, too!


As a stay at home mom to two little ones, in the middle of a pandemic, with a husband who now works at home, EVERYTHING was piling up and nothing was getting done in the day. Enter the Block Schedule™ Planner and block system and now we at the very minimum have a solid rhythm to the days. This planner is nothing like I’ve seen before, now I’m actually feeling accomplished at the end of every day!

Haleigh G.

The productivity planner has really helped me get my life together. I started a new job that has a lot of different pieces to it and I never knew when to do what. Thanks to the planner, I have learned how to break up my day and put certain tasks in certain blocks making my day wayyy more manageable.

JaNice W.

I am absolutely in love with my Productivity Planner!

My brain often feels like a freight train, going 300 miles per hour and my ever-growing To-Do list becomes all too often overwhelming. Resulting in me feeling defeated before I even begin!

Now having my Productivity Planner by my side, I am able to jot it all down and tackle each task “one bite at a time”!

Thank you for saving my sanity and in turn ensuring I realize just how accomplished I actually am!

Kristina J.

Block Schedule™ PLANNER FAQ

Can I begin using the Block Schedule™ Planner at any time, or do I need to wait for the first of the month?
You can start any time! Start filling out the planner for your current month. You'll want to stay on track once you get started, but you can start at any point in the year.

Do I have to follow Budget Boot Camp or Productivity Boot Camp in order to use the planners?
Definitely not! The Budget Planner and Productivity Planner make the ultimate companions to our Boot Camp programs, but it is not necessary that you have both a planner and program to be successful.

Will there be other cover design options made available in the future?
Yes we’re planning on it! Make sure to stay tuned to our email newsletter for the latest product announcements.

Will there be a 12-month version of the Block Schedule™ Planner?
We have looked very closely at this possibility. As of right now, the sheer massive size of such a book is a major challenge from a manufacturing standpoint. We want the planner to be something you can use, and not look like a dictionary! But we promise to keep it in mind for the future.

When does The Block Schedule™ Planner begin shipping?
As long as the planners are in stock, we'll ship out within 3-5 business days.

When will The Budget Planner and the Block Schedule™ Planner be re-stocked?
Be sure you're signed up for our newsletter to stay in the loop with the latest! You can also sign up to receive text messages by texting FCFTEXT to 833-520-0668

I have an idea for how to improve the planner. Where can I share it?
Ooo yay! We LOVE feedback. Please visit our Contact Us page and send us your ideas!!

Is there a digital download version?
Yes!!! We created a Productivity Planner Lite version for those of you who aren't able to get the original Block Schedule™ Planner.

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Want to take your productivity skills a few steps further? The Productivity Planner is the ultimate companion for Productivity Boot Camp! Speaking of…


Want to propel your productivity skills a few steps further? The Block Schedule™ Planner is the ultimate companion for Productivity Boot Camp! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but it's just about the most fun online video course that you'll ever take!

You'll learn so much about setting up systems to help your life run smoother. Make more time to do the things that give you joy! Use the code FCFBLOG for 10% off at checkout, just because! 🙂


You're in luck! We've got so many productivity tips, we can keep you occupied for an hour or two! Go grab a snack and check out these videos and posts to get you motivated and ready to conquer your day.

Here are a few of our favorite tricks:


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  1. Ellie

    I can’t figure out what the circled P and U are on the define your block pages. Help!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      P means you’re plugged in (can use your phone/technology) and U means you’re unplugged (NO phones/technology that’s not needed)!

  2. Faith

    Hi! Purchased a productivity planner and did all the labeling….where is the 2nd video on how to use it after that?

    Thank you!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Hi Faith! Check out this post for more info on setting up your planner!

  3. Tashuwa Mustgray

    Hi. I bought the kids planner but I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet. Do you know when I’ll be getting it?

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Hi! They were only available for preorder and should arrive 6-8 weeks from the time you placed your order.


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