How to Clean Out Your Closet with The Hanger Hack

Apr 5, 2020 | Cleaning Tips and Tricks, Organization

An easy trick to help you know what to purge or donate from your closet! With the hanger hack you'll learn how to clean out your closet fast save time and money by not having to sort through your closet to figure out what to purge!

Clean out your closet with these easy tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

Every year we try to clean out our closet at least once or twice! No matter how big your closet is, it's likely you need to go through it every once in a while for a big purge. There's limited space and chances are, if you're anything like me and you like to shop you often need to get rid of stuff so that you can add more. Comfortably. Without overflowing the closet. Or having big piles of clothes all over that you never wear because you can't find them…

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Simple fact. Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task!

When I do go through my clothes looking for something to wear, I usually:

  • Can't find anything I want to wear
  • Am bored of everything
  • Wear the same things over and over
  • See something I forgot about and say, “oh yeah! I'll wear this soon, I promise.” and never do.

Sound familiar? Well I thought I'd share with you something my husband and I have started doing. We'll call it The Hanger Hack… you ready for it?


Here's the basic idea behind The Hanger Hack. Start by arranging all of your hangers the same direction. I recommend you flip all your hangers backwards. Once you wear something, return it facing forward, so now it is hung properly.

Flip your hangers the opposite way once you wear something. This will help you to know what clothes you didn't wear at the end of the season. Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

At the end of six months or one year (you set the amount of time before you reassess) anything still left hanging backwards should be donated or tossed.

Whoa! So easy, huh?

Here's how The Hanger Hack helps you!


The Hanger Hack helps you clean out your closet, fast! No more agonizing over what you want to keep and what you might wear someday. We all like to hold on to certain things, but if we really don't wear them, it's not worth it!

If you decide to sell your stuff, you could even make a little money from this simple project!

Boom baby! Mo' money in yo' pocket! Talk about a major win!


When your closet is organized visually like this, it is so easy to see what you have! No need to spend 20 minutes hunting down your favorite sweater when you have a fashionable system set in place.

Not only that, it will decrease your need and desire to shop because it helps you see things in your closet that you normally don't think to wear, increasing your clothing options.

Cleaning out your closet saves you time and money! It frees up some space so that you can easily see what you have. No more needing to go shopping for the perfect sweater when you can easily find it in your closet! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

The Hanger Hack will save your wallet! When you go to clean out your closet, it will be easy to see what you love to wear and will help you make more informed choices when you go to buy clothes in the future!

So give it a try! I've been doing it for a while now and love it. I even got my hubby on board 🙂


Set some rules to help you know what goes in the “keep” pile, what goes in the donate or sell pile, and what goes in the trash pile! Be firm! The Hanger Hack will definitely help you solidify the keep pile quick so that you know what you wear, love and can stay put!

Put your closet on your weekly or monthly deep cleaning rotation so that it gets a little attention all the time and it never gets out of control! The more frequently you clean out your closet, the less daunting of a task it becomes.

Use these tips from Fun Cheap or Free to clean out your closet!

Grab a donation box and donate frequently! If you're not using the clothes, someone else might as well be, right? Only throw things in the trash that are stained or damaged beyond repair.

Now that it's clean! Keep it that way. Start following the “one in, one out” rule to help you keep the clutter down and make sure you are consistently only keeping items that you love in your closet!


Keep the clothes that are still in good shape, but more importantly, that make you feel happy, confident and excited to get dressed in the morning! Try to keep clothes that are easy to pair in different combinations so that you can create new and unique looks with the same pieces.

Check out my favorite basics that I love to keep in my closet.

  • Cardigans – I wear one ALL of the time. My favorite is the Lana from Cents of Style (Use code FUN20 for 20% off), but there are some on Amazon that I like just as well!
  • Heirloom Undershirts – At this point, these should pretty much be a part of my wardrobe. I wear one! Use code JORDAN for a discount!
  • Amazon Favorites – Lately, Amazon has had a ton of AMAZING clothes that I'm obsessed with! You can find the ones I've ordered and liked here.

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How to clean out your closet... fast! Use the Hanger Hack to help you save time and money, plus always have clothes you LOVE to wear! From Fun Cheap or Free

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