Uh oh, you have friends coming over in 15 minutes and your house is a wreck! There's no time for a deep clean, or let's face it, even a quick tidy! Use these hacks to speed clean your house and make it look clean fast.

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If you guys know me, you know that I love to entertain and have people in my home. But let’s be honest, I have 8 kids and we can make some really big messes! I find that I’m less likely to open my home to other people if it’s messy. Or we may still have people over, but I can’t really focus and connect with my guests and I feel a little self-conscious about my home if there are messes everywhere.

However, the goal of speed cleaning for me isn’t really having the appearance of a “perfect home.” It’s more about having the confidence and being able to open up my doors, let people in, and really have that connection with them that may otherwise be lost if my house is in disarray.

So today, I’m going to give you some tips on how to clean your house fast juuuuust enough so that you can avoid those distractions and really be able to connect with your guests. But let me also mention that you’ll be able to do it quickly and with the least amount of effort, what whaaatttt!

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Alright, you made it! Now you know how to clean your house fast like a champ. Make sure that you keep on reading for a recap so that you can do your own victory lap!


Speed Cleaning Using Laundry Baskets from Fun Cheap or Free

If you only have 10-15 minutes to clean your house fast before a friend stops by last minute, then you won’t have time to put every item away in its proper spot. Our living room is the place where all the toys and things come to play during the day, but they don’t always get put away. 

My biggest tip for this is to get a laundry basket or 2 (if you have 2 floors) and put all of the things in the baskets. I put everything that goes upstairs in one basket and everything that stays on the main floor in another basket. I put the baskets where nobody will find them once they're done. This can be in a closet, the laundry room, or my favorite place – the shower – because guests will never look there!

As you are clearing off your surfaces, keep a damp rag handy so that you can clean your house fast and wipe everything down. I like to use disinfecting microfiber eCloths. I do a quick spot clean to get anything sticky or gross off of the counters. Make sure that you’re closing drawers, doors, and cabinets as you’re speed cleaning, too!


This is another easy way to clean your house fast. Go around and make sure that all of your furniture is straightened and arranged properly. Fix any chairs or tables that have gotten out of whack. Once that’s done, straighten your pillows and then give them a good chop! I don’t know why pillows need bunny ears, but it makes everything look so polished. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

Another speed cleaning tip to make the most impact is to give the back of your couch faux “vacuum lines.” Take a damp rag, and swipe up and down on the back of your couch. When you’re done, you’ll have beautiful stripe lines on your couch and you’ll have your guests wondering how in the heck you have time to vacuum your couch!


First up, clean your house fast by gathering all of your dirty dishes. You can either put them all into the sink to clean later, or you can put them unrinsed into your dirty dishwasher and forget about them for now! Then, if you have any clean dishes sitting out on your drying rack on the counter, put them away. If you have the time to actually put them where they go, then do that. But if you don’t, hide them away under your sink or in a cabinet. Are you freaking out about not doing the dishes properly? Honey, you’re running out of time and you just gotta move, so don’t blink an eye at those dishes!


Your guests are probably going to need to use the bathroom at some point. And if your bathrooms are anything like mine, you’re probably going to need a hazmat suit! 


Fold Toilet Paper from Fun Cheap or Free

This is one of the easiest speed cleaning tips – fold your toilet paper to make a fancy tip. This will take you about 5 seconds and will give your bathroom the appearance of being cleaned by professionals!

See, doesn't that make it look so fancy?


Speed clean your bathroom by sprinkling a little toilet cleaner in the toilet. You don’t even have to scrub it! If you have the time, then go for it. But this will give the appearance that your toilet is spotless. And it will make it smell better, too!


This is a great little hack to clean your house fast! Wash your hands in the sink and scrub the countertop, sink bowl, and faucet with your hands. This is a quick way to clean up any messes in or around the sink. Do a once-over with your towel when you’re done and your sink will be spotless in about 30 seconds! (And don’t forget to wipe down the mirror with that towel once you’re done!)


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Don’t forget to make your house smell good, along with looking good! Plug in an air freshener or light a candle right next to the front door. That way when guests walk into your house, their first impression of your home is walking into a beautiful smell.

They’ll feel like they’re walking into a nice and relaxing spa rather than the danger zone that it was 15 minutes ago! And you'll feel nice and relaxed when you're breathing in that relaxing smell.


Okay Freebs, IF you’re lucky and you have some spare time, don’t forget to speed clean your floors! Take a broom or an electric sweeper and hit the major areas that need some attention. Make sure that you take care of the kitchen and around the table to get the crumbs. You can also vacuum if you have some messes on the rug or carpet that need to be taken care of.

If you do run out of time, at least you know that you’ve done the least amount of work that will make the most impact for your home to feel beautiful and fresh for your guests! Do make sure that at the end of the day, you get your kids and your spouse to help empty the baskets and get all of the dishes put away properly. Ain’t nobody got time to do that by themselves!

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If you’d like to see how I speed clean my bedroom when I know that someone is going to want a tour of my house, you can watch that video HERE or below.

Alright, well there you have it! Those are just some quick tips on how to clean your house fast so that it’s comfortable and beautiful for your guests. Sometimes I’ll even do this routine for myself if my house feels like it’s beyond repair and I can’t focus on anything else. The whole family will get together, we’ll set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and go to town. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you in the comments!

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