HUGE NEWS!!! Due to popular demand, we've created a digital download version of our Block Schedule Planner available now for a limited time only!

Use the Productivity Planner digital download to help you get your life in order! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

One of our biggest tips for tackling all the struggles of your day-to-day and mastering life is the block schedule. We talk about this ALL THE TIME. It's so important that we created a one-of-a-kind Block Schedule Planner that sold out in a matter of days.

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As you know, we've faced delays in re-stocking due to current world events, and we just couldn't leave you hanging! We could all use a little structure in our lives now, more than ever. Say hello to the Block Schedule Planner Lite! This is the digital PDF downloadable and printable version of our hugely popular Productivity Planner.


You are going to love the new covers for the Productivity Planner digital download - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

We've got 3 stunning covers for you to choose from, it might be hard for you to choose your favorite. After you grab your download, all you need to do is grab a binder to store it in.

Print, hole punch, and BAM! You're good to go!

Throw your digital download in a binder and you're good to go! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Now you're ready to say “BUH-BYE” to that state of overwhelm without giving up the things that mean the most to you! Say hello to the ultimate productivity guide!

The Productivity Planner Lite by Jordan Page is your step-by-step guide to getting more done while enjoying more free time.

  • This is not your typical planner! It's not just about your schedule—it's about getting things done.
  • Learn to prioritize family time and self-care while still meeting your obligations by working smarter, not harder.
  • Learn practical and effective solutions for creating routines and systems that work for you and your family.
  • Includes a step-by-step guide to the viral “block schedule” system.
  • Walks you through every week, making sure you meet and complete tasks while still finding room for guilt-free “me time.”
  • Includes one complete month of pages. Print more copies to create as many months as you'd like!


Use the Productivity Planner Lite to get your life in order - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Don't forget to check out the examples and instruction pages before you get started! That will ensure you rock your new planner!

To keep organized, we highly recommend you add tabs after you print out your planner. This will help you jump back and forth from your weekly to-do's and your daily blocks (and totally increase your productivity)! Here are my absolute favorites to keep me organized:

  • Monthly Tabs – Add these to your Month At A Glance pages in your planner so you can easily find the month you're looking for!!
  • Holographic Tabs – These sturdy tabs add a gorgeous shimmer and sparkle to your planner!
  • Metallic Tabs – Versatile, writeable, repositionable tabs… these are awesome.
  • Geometric Tabs – If you want some little mini tabs to mark your weekly planning or even each week, these are small and cute to boot!

In addition to tabs, we also use a magnetic bookmark to keep track of our daily blocks! This helps you jump right to your day instead of flipping through pages. Here are our favorites:

  • Marbled Bookmarks – These are stunning and help you flip right to your daily blocks.
  • Bright Arrow Bookmarks – Small and bright, these could be used instead of tabs to help you mark monthly calendars or weekly to-do's.
  • Floral Bookmarks – So many beautiful options in this set.
  • Assorted Long Bookmarks – Love the fun designs and the minimalistic vibe of these long skinny magnetic bookmarks.


Start organizing your life right now! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Once your planner is organized, you're ready to start planning… ready, set, go!!


Use the Month At A Glance page to help you keep track of big dates and events throughout the month. Customize your Monthly Tracker with your personal goals that you hope to accomplish each day!


Each week, take a minute to brain dump your to-do's on the weekly to-do list, keep a running list of tasks as they come up and add them to the appropriate daily blocks throughout your week. Cross them off as they are completed. If you have any to-do's leftover at the end of the week that still need to be completed, move them to next week's list, and repeat!

We've added a handy weekly meal planning sheet to help you plan out what you will feed your family throughout the week!


Each day, grab items from your to-do list and calendar. Plug them into the appropriate blocks for that day. Knock things out as you come to each block, then enjoy crossing them off your to-do list. Feels so good! Pro-Tip: Use alarms and timers on your phone to help you keep on task throughout the day and make the most of each block!

Each night, complete your nightly checklist to prepare for the next day! Putting in the time to prep for the next day is what propels you towards excess. Pro-Tip: Don't forget to add a little me-time to your checklist!

Now you can enjoy sleeping like a baby, knowing you have CONQUERED your day!


Want to propel your productivity skills a few steps further? The Productivity Planner Lite is the ultimate companion for Productivity Boot Camp! Not to toot our own horn or anything, but it's just about the most fun online video course that you'll ever take!

You'll learn so much about setting up systems to help your life run smoother. Make more time to do the things that give you joy! Use the code FCFBLOG for 10% off at checkout, just because! 🙂


You're in luck! We've got so many productivity tips, we can keep you occupied for an hour or two! Go grab a snack and check out these videos and posts to get you motivated and ready to conquer.

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Use the Productivity Planner Lite to work smarter, not harder! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Slay your day with your new Productivity Planner Lite!