Tips for Delegating Tasks and Sharing the Load

May 10, 2020 | Family Time, Lifestyle

Delegating tasks is a hallmark of good leadership and will make your life easier and more manageable. Mom or supervisor—doesn't matter! We'll show you how letting go of control can actually help you get more done. Huzzah!

Delegating tasks can help you become more productive AND empower others. Get tips on how to do it the right way at Fun Cheap or Free!

No matter who you are, life comes with lots of challenges. One of the most effective tools for dealing with a heavy load is to invest in the help of others. Sometimes we just want to do everything ourselves—but we just can't!

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Delegating tasks to those you trust can help you become even more effective and more productive than you ever thought possible. Enlist the help of your employees, your friends and your kids (yes… even your kids!) to help you maximize your to-do list and goals. Unsure how to relinquish control? We've got some great tips that will help!


Empower those around you by delegating tasks and building their self-confidence with these tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

Passing the baton can be difficult, especially if you are one who loves control (hand raising slowly…), but it is so worth it for you and for those around you. Not only does delegating tasks help you get more accomplished, it empowers those around you!

For example, if you're a mom at home, delegating tasks to your kids or other members of your family can help them gain more confidence in their own abilities and communicates a level of trust and respect. Hooray for strengthening relationships!


If the idea of letting someone else do a job frightens you, you are NOT alone! Don't worry, though, we will show you how to do it in a way that will ease your mind and give you the confidence to step into the supervisor role and give yourself a much. needed. break.


Whether you're at home or in a professional setting, it's important to know which tasks you should be delegating and which you shouldn't. Make sure you're choosing the right person for the task. You wouldn't task your 4 year old with taking out the trash or your 7 year old with babysitting your infant, would you? NO! Make sure whoever you are delegating a task to has the physical and cognitive ability to do it right. This list of age appropriate chores can guide you!


The hardest part of delegating tasks is giving up control. Prevent major mix-ups by providing clear instructions. There's no need to come behind and redo the work yourself. Because, really… ain't nobody got time for that!


You just can't expect someone else to do a job exactly how you want it done unless you teach them. Provide training and be clear with your expectations! This way you can truly walk away and trust that it will get done right. Check in often in the beginning to make sure things are progressing how you like to avoid costly redos.

You can even create many teachable moments with your kids when delegating tasks. One way to do this is by teaching them to cook or clean so they can eventually take over that task when you need some extra help. You get relief and they get to learn a valuable life skill!


Learn how delegating tasks to kids can teach them valuable life lessons while easing your load with these tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

This one may not apply to the professional setting, but it definitely applies to delegating tasks to your family members. Here's one way to get a little more help around the house—find a way to incentivize the chores. (And we aren't just talking allowance!)

Our favorite way to do this is by creating a reward system. Create a list of tasks that you would like to delegate on a regular basis and assign each task a monetary reward. (Use Monopoly money, NOT real money!) Once you have a list of tasks and how much each pays out, create another list of items for purchase and their cost, almost like a store.

Your list of tasks may include unloading the dishwasher for $20 or cleaning baseboards for $50. You decide what chore gets what value. Once they have earned some (Monopoly) money, they will be able to “purchase” things from your store. These may be sweet treats, extra screen time, a backyard campout or anything else you can think of!

This will make delegating to young kids easier and more fun for everyone, plus it will teach them about earning and spending their own (fake) money!


Trying to do it all can lead to exhaustion, burnout and even resentment sometimes. It's OKAY to need help and it's okay to ask for it—we all need a break sometimes! Delegating tasks is not a sign of weakness or inability, it's a display of trust and reliance that will help you and your coworkers, family and friends grow closer together. Now, that sounds like a win for everybody—let's get to delegating!

Use these easy tips from Fun Cheap or Free to help you share the load and have others help out

What is something you have found easy to delegate and how has it helped you? Share with us in the comments below!

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