It's time to make your week more productive and less stressful! We've come up with the best things to do on a Sunday that will organize your week and make Monday go much smoother. Get excited for these simple tasks!

Begin your week on the right foot with these 7 things to do on a Sunday from Fun Cheap or Free that'll keep you organized and more productive!

There's nothing worse than waking up Monday morning, feeling like you're already behind for the day or week. Once you feel like you're behind, you'll have a hard time reaching that feeling of contentment, no matter what you do! There's nothing than feeling stressed out and disorganized like you'll never catch up until the next weekend.

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We have some fantastic ways to prepare yourself for the week and start off in an organized manner! *Does happy dance* Start with these seven things to do on a Sunday that'll start your week off on the right foot so you can own Monday like a boss. Ready to see what we're talking about? First, let's start off with…


Start your week off fresh by preparing for things that you need to do during the week - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Pretty much all American calendars show Sunday as the beginning of the week. What better way to start your week off the right way than to actually be productive?! We use Sunday as a day to start over, reconnect, and visualize the upcoming week. It's our day to center ourselves, prioritize the week, set short-term goals, work on our to-do book, and simply FOCUS on what's coming up!

We try not to work, exercise, or run any errands on Sundays, so that really frees up our day to be productive and get organized. Once we're out of the church, the day is ours to make the most of! We spend lots of time together as a family, and the kids help us to prepare for the coming week.

So, now that you know the why, let's go over the how!


Here are some tried-and-true things to do on a Sunday that'll make your coming week go much smoother. Give them a try and see just how they'll change your world!


Look at your upcoming week and make sure everything is written down in your Productivity Planner where you won't forget! 7 things to do on a Sunday from Fun Cheap or Free

We fully believe in planning your year ahead and adding everything to your digital calendar in one sitting (aside from things that pop up throughout the year). Sunday is a good day to look at your upcoming week, discuss the week's activities with your family, and write it all down in your Productivity Planner.

Here are all the things we're looking over and thinking about:

We also have two large dry-erase calendars hanging in our common area. We write the upcoming activities and appointments for the current month and next month for everyone to see. This keeps those events at the forefront of your mind and is really helpful!


Now that you know what your week is going to look like, you can plan your meals! Keep in mind any days that you'll be busy and plan freezer meals or leftovers for those nights. If you have friends coming over, be sure to plan a meal that will easily feed a larger number of people.

While you're planning your meals and shopping your kitchen inventory first, add the items you need to the grocery list on your phone or directly to your grocery pickup order! Doing this will greatly help you stick to your grocery budget!


Figure out your meals and do any make-ahead meals that you can to make your week run smoother - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Once you've planned your meals, you can now get even further ahead of the game! Prep and make everything that you can on Sunday to ensure your weekdays to go much smoother. Here are some of our favorite things to make ahead of time:

  • Breakfast – There are SO many make-ahead breakfast options out there! You can either pop them in the fridge to eat on all week or freeze them so you have a variety to choose from.
  • LunchLunch meal prep is totally a thing and it's amazing! It's perfect for adults (either at home or at work) and kids alike. Freezer sandwiches are an easy way to make busy school mornings easier. You can easily get all fruit and veggies washed and prepared for the week as well!
  • Dinner – Whip up some freezer meals or precook meats like shredded chicken and ground beef to make the dinners come together quicker. You can also roast veggies for the week and reheat them as needed!
  • Snacks – Preparing snacks on Sunday makes your week run smoother! Get healthy snacks ready to grab and go when the snack attack hits. You can also prep any snacks that your kids usually need during the week to make it easier for them to grab them on their own.

Pro Tip: Get the whole family involved! It's a fun way to spend time together, and the kids can prep their own lunches for the upcoming week.


Busy weeks have a way of leaving a mess everywhere! Get into the habit of cleaning out your purse, work bag, diaper bag, backpacks, and anything else you may use on Sundays. You'll start your week off organized, and it prevents your bag from becoming overly messy.


We all have a place where all the things end up, whether it's a desk, table, shelf, or drawer. Tackle those on a Sunday so you don't have to worry about the clutter on Monday morning when you're trying to get things done! The same goes for the area that your kids do homework or arts and crafts. Have them help clean up and make sure it's all organized with everything in the proper spot so it's ready to be used when they need it.


Review your finances to see how your past week went and prepare for any upcoming costs - 7 things to do on a Sunday from Fun Cheap or Free

Sunday is a good day to look over your weekly budget in your Budget Planner. Look over your past week to see if you were able to stay on track. Where there some unexpected expenses that popped up? Look to your upcoming week to be prepared for any expenses that you may have, like an oil change or a doctor's appointment where you'll need to use your HSA to pay.


This is especially crucial for those weekends where it feels like you've been going nonstop. It's no fun to go from a busy weekend to a busy week without getting a break. That's a surefire way to burn out before Friday comes! That's why you need to get a little bit of R&R, take some time for a little self-care, read a book or listen to an audiobook, or catch up with family and friends. Do whatever makes you happy and this will fill your happiness bucket to get you through the week!

We also suggest either going to bed early or at least at a “normal” time, especially if you've had some late nights over the weekend. Don't get caught up in the weekend vibes by staying up late for what is likely the third night in a row! You'll still have to wake up bright and early Monday morning, so make it easier by making it in bed on time. We have some great tips to get more sleep so you can be more productive!


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Alright, well there you have it! Our top things to do on a Sunday that will help you to start off your week organized, ready to be productive, and get things done! What's been a game-changer for you? Let us know in the comments!

Things to do on a Sunday to prep for the week! Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

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