Weekend Hacks to Conquer Your Week! 4 Things to Do on a Sunday

Apr 23, 2021 | Organization, Productivity

Want to make your week more productive and way less stressful! Today I'm sharing the four best things to do on a Sunday that will organize your week and make Monday go much smoother. Get excited because these hacks are game-changers!

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There's nothing worse than waking up Monday morning feeling like you're already behind. AmIRight?! Once you feel like you're behind, it's hard to shake that. Thanks, but no thanks!

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I like to set aside time on the weekend to prep for the week ahead, and today I'm sharing my best hacks! Can you guess the four things to do on a Sunday that'll start your week off like a boss?! I'm about to spill all the deets.

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Who's excited to start prepping now?! Alright, in case you need a refresher, here's a quick recap of the four things I do every weekend to set myself up for a successful, productive week. Oh, and just because I love you guys, I'm adding in some bonus tips, too. What, what?!


First thing's first, go clean out your fridge. Throw away anything that needs tossing, and make a list of everything you need to use. From there, you can plan your meals! Keep in mind any days that you'll be busy and plan freezer meals or leftovers for those nights. If you have friends coming over, be sure to plan a meal that will easily feed a larger number of people.

While you're planning your meals and shopping your kitchen inventory first, add the items you need to the grocery list on your phone or directly to your grocery pickup order! Doing this will help you stick to your grocery budget! It sounds crazy, and I know there are fees involved, but grocery delivery can save your budget! Why? Because it cuts out impulse buys and forces you to shop very mindfully.


Figure out your meals and do any make-ahead meals that you can to make your week run smoother - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Once you've planned your meals, you can now get even further ahead of the game! Prep and make everything that you can on Sunday to ensure your weekdays go much smoother. Here are some of our favorite things to make ahead of time:

  • Breakfast – There are SO many make-ahead breakfast options out there! You can either pop them in the fridge to eat on all week or freeze them, so you have a variety to choose from.
  • LunchLunch meal prep is totally a thing, and it's amazing! It's perfect for adults (either at home or at work) and kids alike. Freezer sandwiches are an easy way to make busy school mornings easier. You can easily get all fruit and veggies washed and prepared for the week as well!
  • Dinner – Whip up some freezer meals or precook meats like shredded chicken and ground beef to make the dinners come together quicker. You can also roast veggies for the week and reheat them as needed!
  • Snacks – Preparing snacks on Sunday makes your week run smoother! Get healthy snacks ready to grab and go when the snack attack hits. You can also prep any snacks that your kids usually need during the week to make it easier for them to grab them on their own.

Pro Tip: Get the whole family involved! It's a fun way to spend time together, and the kids can prep their own lunches for the upcoming week. #RasingCapableKids


Sunday is a good day to look at your upcoming week and discuss the week's activities with your family. On Sunday evenings before bed, we gather the older kiddos and map it all out. Here are some of the things we look over and think about:

We also have two large dry-erase calendars hanging in our common area. We write the upcoming activities and appointments for the current month and next month for everyone to see. This keeps those events at the forefront of your mind and is really helpful!


Look at your upcoming week and make sure everything is written down in your Productivity Planner where you won't forget! 7 things to do on a Sunday from Fun Cheap or Free

Alright, once those kiddos are in bed, it's time to get your week in order, mama! Sit down with your spouse and plan everything out. It sounds rudimentary, but taking the time to plan out everything you need to do during the week ahead makes SUCH a big difference!

Bubba and I talk about events we have coming up, who's going to plan our date night, where we might want to go, what to-dos we have to get done, errands we need to run, etc. Write down all your must-dos in your Productivity Planner, add reminders to your phone, and do what you gotta do!

Sunday is also a good day to look over your weekly budget in your Budget Planner. Sit down and talk about your budget. Look over your past week to see if you were able to stay on track. Were there some unexpected expenses that popped up? What went well and what didn't? Do you have leftover money? How could you use that? Talk about it all! And look to your upcoming week so you can prepare for any expenses that you may have, like an oil change or a doctor's appointment where you'll need to use your HSA to pay.


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Alright, well there you have it! My top things to do on a Sunday for a more organized, productive week! Give it a try and let me know how it goes, okay? What's been a game-changer for you? Let me know in the comments!

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Looking for more great ideas to stay productive?

Have a great week!

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