The Budget Planner Instructional Guide

Set goals and budgets, organize your finances, build up savings, pay off debt, track spending and prepare for the future with the long anticipated Budget Planner from finance guru Jordan Page!

Use this financial planner daily, and before you know it your financial world will be turned upside down—for the better! Let's get started!


The Budget Planner will turn motivation into action and give you the tools to take control of your money. It will help you create a clear path to tackle your finances so that you can stop fighting about money and finally achieve your financial dreams. It even teaches you how to budget for gifts, parties, and holidays.

This planner is here to help you Whip your Wallet Into Shape™ the SIMPLE way! Use this planner every day, and in just a few short months your financial world will be turned upside down—for the better!


This planner is designed to help you make the absolute most out of your dollars!


To keep you organized, we highly recommend you add tabs to your planner. Tabs will help you jump back and forth between goal pages, debt trackers and weekly and monthly tracking! Get familiar with the planner and determine how you want to customize it to fit your needs.

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  • Monthly Tabs â€“ Add these to your Month At A Glance pages in your planner so you can easily find the month you're looking for!!
  • Holographic Tabs â€“ These sturdy tabs add a gorgeous shimmer and sparkle to your planner!
  • Metallic Tabs â€“ Versatile, writeable, repositionable tabs… these are awesome.
  • Geometric Tabs â€“ These mini tabs are great for using throughout your planner to mark pages you reference often.

In addition to tabs, I also use a magnetic bookmark to keep track of my weekly spending! This helps you jump right to it instead of flipping through pages. Here are my favorites:


As you're getting started, you'll have a chance to map out your goals and financial dreams! What do you want to see your dollars accomplish this year? It's time to make it a reality. Are you hoping to pay down debt? Or hit a major savings goal? Either way, use the corresponding trackers to help you knock your goals outta the park!

Instructional Video: Vision Board and Goal Setting

Once your specific goals are set, you can focus in on your budget! Make sure you work together with your partner to divide and conquer and set your weekly budget. Once the budget is set, you can easily track your spending each week and make sure that you're making progress towards your goals!


Once you get to the monthly and weekly budgeting/expense pages, stay consistent! Choose one day per week as your “budget planner day.” Sit down, make sure you fill everything out, and stay on top of your finances. This will also be your “Weekly Weigh-In Day” for you to sit down with your partner and fill out that page. Trust us—the budgeting process is so much easier if you chip away at it little by little, rather than letting it pile up and getting behind!


Use the envelopes! We've included 12 stunning envelopes to help you keep track. Plus, weekly spending tracking pages To track your expenses regularly!

This planner is not intended to be carried around with you everywhere…but the envelopes are! Use them as a simple way of tracking your week-to-week spending. Watch the video below to learn more about our spin on the envelope system.


A few reminders to ensure success!

Do this together. If you are sharing finances, sit down and make this a team effort. Two heads are better than one, after all!

Make your weekly money date night fun! Something to look forward to… always have a treat or something special that you do to celebrate discussing your finances.

Set both small short-term goals and bigger long-term goals! Make sure to reward yourself along the way to help you stay motivated. However, make sure that you are smart with your rewards so you don't erase your progress.


Can I begin using The Budget Planner at any time, or do I need to wait for the first of the month?
You can start any time! Start filling out the planner for your current month. You'll want to stay on track once you get started, but you can start at any point in the year.

Do I have to follow Budget Boot Camp or Productivity Boot Camp in order to use the planners?
Definitely not! The Budget Planner and Productivity Planner make the ultimate companions to our Boot Camp programs, but it is not necessary that you have both a planner and program to be successful.

Will there be other cover design options made available in the future?
Yes we’re planning on it! Make sure to stay tuned to our email newsletter for the latest product announcements.

I have an idea for how to improve the planner. Where can I share it?
Ooo yay! We LOVE feedback. Please visit our Contact Us page and send us your ideas!!

Want to propel your budgeting skills a few steps further? The Budget Planner is the ultimate companion for Budget Boot Camp