Bird-themed baby shower – done for $25!

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Bird-themed baby shower ideas

Remember my college bestie/soul sister Bree (and her bridal shower I threw her for $12 HERE)? Well…Breezy's havin' a baby! I couldn't be more excited! Our friend Nikki and I insisted on throwing her baby shower. It was easy, fun, beautiful, and a great way to celebrate her baby boy. So enjoy this post full of bird-themed baby shower ideas, and see how we pulled it off…and how I only paid $25 to do it! (including the necklaces. For reahlz.)

Baby Bird shower theme ideas

Theme: Baby Bird

As mentioned in THIS post, I recommend always starting with a theme when throwing a shower. It just makes everything easier, and more cohesive. I chose a baby bird theme. We thought it would be a classy way to integrate boy colors like brown and blue, while still making it feminine and classy.


Bree wanted to hold the shower at her neighborhood clubhouse, so Nikki and I had to pack all the decor and food from our houses. Knowing this, we decided to keep it simple. See a great variety of baby shower decor from

  • We focused on large statement pieces. We wanted to make the biggest statement, with the least amount of items.
  • We borrowed as much as we could!
  • What we didn't borrow, we bought for cheap. I bought “nest” filler from the dollar store.

Here are some examples:

For much of the decor I ransacked my friend Tiffany's house (because it looks like something straight out of Martha Stewart). She did not disappoint! She insisted I bring this crib rail and wreath to make a grand entrance at the shower.

Tons of baby shower ideas

I'm glad she forced me to, because it made a big difference!

Tons of baby shower ideas

When she bought her crib, the rail was scratched. She got a new one and kept he scratched one. It stands up on its own so she uses it to hang decor from! Cute idea, right??

The wreath was a store-bought gold glitter leaf wreath that she spruced up with a hand-made bow of burlap, ribbon, and other cute stuff that I'm horrible at.

Tons of baby shower ideas

Once inside the club house, there wasn't much to decorate.

Tons of baby shower ideas

View of one side of the clubhouse,

Tons of baby shower ideas

…and the other side of the clubhouse.

We mostly focused on the food table for decor:

  • I bought a blue vinyl disposable table cloth from the dollar store as our base (didn't get a good pic – boo!).
  • I borrowed the tan table cloth. Which, party hint, wasn't a table cloth at all…it was two curtain panels! She uses them as table cloths. You can wash them again and again, and because they are long and skinny they are easy to bunch up decoratively.

Baby Bird shower + Tons of baby shower ideas

  • We used a borrowed bird cage as our centerpiece.

Baby Bird shower + Tons of baby shower ideas

  • We put artificial moss inside the bird cage along with chalk eggs that I borrowed from my kids' Easter basket stuffer pile (shhh! don't tell! I swear I put them back!)

Bird-themed baby shower + tons of shower ideas!

  •  We also put gift package filler into borrowed vases to hold our plasticware to keep with the “nest-y” look. All moss, chalk eggs, and fillers we got from The Dollar Store but you can also get much of that on

Bird-themed baby shower + tons of shower ideas

Baby shower ideas

These particular straws I got off of Etsy, but you can find a good variety at

  • We kept the food on the large table, and put drinks, utensils, napkins, and plates on another. Oh, and why yes, that is my perfect party punch that you see there!

Bird-themed baby shower + tons of baby shower ideas!

  • Again, my friend Tiff came to the rescue with this gorgeous garland she made and had lying around her house (who does that??). Really though, it's simple. She took burlap, ribbon, and lace and tied it to a length of twine.

Bird-themed baby shower + tons of baby shower ideas!

  • Nikki made some great custom prints for the shower. Their last name is Singh (pronounced Sing) which couldn't have been more perfect. The good news? You can get all the printables from Nikki's Etsy shop! Use the code THANKSFCF to get $5 off any order of $15 or more.

Bird-themed baby shower

bird-themed baby shower ideas

  • We printed Nikki's cute water bottle labels and placed the water bottles in a cute laundry basket for added organization and cuteness.

bird-themed baby shower ideas

  • We cleared of a desk area in the room and used it for baby gifts.

Party tip: If you don't create a defined space for gifts, they end up piling up awkwardly around the room. Whether it's a table, space along a wall, or a desk, set aside a defined space for gifts.

bird-themed baby shower ideas

  • We decorated a small coffee table with some inexpensive burlap and scrap fabric that I bought from Walmart (find fabric online at

Baby Bird shower + Tons of baby shower ideas

Did you know Walmart sells fabric? Um, yes. It does. And the prices are amazing.

Great baby shower ideas

Great baby shower ideas

Great baby shower ideas

The rolls are scrap fabric that were discounted even below the good prices. They happened to be the perfect colors.


Ahhh…the best part of a shower…the food! Her party was from 10:00 – 11:30 so we stuck to a brunch-style menu. Remember the rules for food in my “Feeding a Crowd On The Cheap” post. Here's what we did to keep it affordable, delicious, and of course, beautiful:

Party Tip: Don't do it all yourself! Nikki and I each brought food, but also allowed anyone who offered to bring food as well! It alleviated cost for Nikki and I and gave others an opportunity to feel involved in the shower. There is nothing tacky about asking for help if no one offers, either.

  • I made a big batch of my SUPER EASY 10-minute Mini Quiches using things I already had on-hand so they didn't cost me anything. I literally woke up and had them in the oven in 10 minutes, had them out 10 minutes later.

Tons of baby shower ideas

  • I also bought a big bag of mini bagels from Costco for around $4, and some plain cream cheese I had on-hand. Mini bagels are a PERFECT for a brunch-type party food…and they're just darn cute. Bree's mom brought a variety of full-sized bagels and two other flavors of cream cheese. We cut the large bagels into 1/2 or 1/4's because they were so big.

Party Tip: People would rather have small amounts of a variety of foods, so keep things cut small so people can taste a little of everything.

Tons of baby shower ideas

  • Nikki brought some beautiful fruit which was great to have amongst all the carbs.

Tons of baby shower ideas

  • Bree's mom brought a box of assorted donuts which we cut into quarters, again so people could try a variety.

Tons of baby shower ideas

  • Here is more great food that guests brought to the shower:

Tons of baby shower ideas

Tons of baby shower ideas

Baby Bird shower + Tons of baby shower ideas



As mentioned in THIS POST, I'm a big believer that you MUST have games at a shower! It cuts out all awkwardness, gives people to do, and helps celebrate the bride or mom-to-be better (which is really the purpose of a shower). Nikki and I each planned one game, here's what they were:

  • Nikki did “Finish Mommy Bird's Phrase“.

She made these cute printables (find them HERE) and had Bree fill in the blank with the word of phrase that first came to mind. So for example for “diaper ___” she might put down “Diaper cream”. We had to guess what answers she put down. The person with the most matches wins!

Baby bird shower + Tons of baby shower ideas


Bird-themed shower + tons of shower ideas!

  • My game is a personal favorite. I call it “Baby's First Portrait”.

I handed everyone a notecard (that I randomly bought a huge stack of from a yard sale for like $0.10 or something) and a marker. Everyone had to hold the card to their heads and blindly draw what they think Bree's baby boy will look like on one side, and put their name on the back of the card. Bree got to choose the best and worst drawings as winners.

Bird-themed shower + tons of shower ideas!

Bird-themed shower + tons of shower ideas!

Baby shower game ideas

Baby shower game ideas

Baby shower game ideas

This game is a personal favorite because it gets people laughing! It breaks down any walls, loosens people up, and gets people talking and interacting. Plus it takes no prep and is easy to execute which is a plus from a planning perspective.

Get lots of great baby shower game ideas and materials that are ready to go HERE.


I really wanted to do something nice for the take-home gift. Heck, it's Breezy, after all! So as I mentioned yesterday I decided to make my super duper simple nest necklaces for everyone to take home.

Cute baby shower take-home gift idea

Again, my friend Tiff came to the rescue by providing this awesome metal tree to display the necklaces on. How cute is this?!

Cute baby shower take-home gift idea

My original plan was to find branches from outside and either spray paint them white, or leave them as-is and put them in a decorative bucket with heavy rocks to hold it in place.

Nikki made this cute sign:

Tons of baby shower ideas

And we put it inside this borrowed glitter frame.

Tons of baby shower ideas

Cute baby shower take-home gift idea

Find other cute party favors at Walmart.


We ended the shower with Bree opening her MASSIVE PILE of awesome gifts. A few clever ideas that I loved…

  • Diaper cake. You can never go wrong! Whether you buy it or make your own, it's a cute way to give a creative/practical gift.

Tons of baby shower ideas

  • Give the mom-to-be a gift! I thought this was so thoughtful! A guest got baby boy a cute outfit, but then got BREE an outfit to wear home from the hospital as well! She got her a stretchy maxi dress, bright lipstick, and some cute jewelry – all things that are perfect to make a mom feel less gross after having a baby.

Baby shower ideas

It was a fabulous shower, and basically my only expense was the Nest Necklaces, which I was happy to invest in to make her shower unique and special.

 And, of course, we had to end the shower with our inability to take a normal picture together…Bree's baby shower

…and an awkward party in the parking lot.

dance party

That's how we pulled off Easy-B's shower on the cheap. Hope this helps you in your future party planning endeavors!





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  1. Avatarrachel says

    Here’s a question for you to tackle sometime: how do you ask people to bring food to a shower (bridal or baby) if nobody has offered, when they are most likely already buying and bringing a gift? To me that just seems tacky so any advice is helpful!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Great question! I’ll have to add that to my Q&A video list because it’s a good one. But in brief, usually at least one person always offers when I throw a shower. So if you are ever invited to one, keep in mind that it’s truly helpful for the hostess when people offer so you should return the favor. But if no one offers, then I’ll throw it out there! For this shower we did the invites through a Facebook event. So I would post on the wall, “So excited for Bree’s shower! Please be sure to RSVP so we can plan on food and favors, and please let me know if anyone is interested in a group gift or bringing food to the shower and I can give you information on both. Hope to see you all there!” This works well too if you do an e-invite through Evite or similar. If it’s a mailed invite you will probably not get much communication with invitees so you’ll most likely fly solo on it.

      But honestly, I have had showers where I threw the whole thing by myself and no one offered to bring food. I knew of a few close friends who were coming and texted them asking, “hey are you going to ___ shower? Would you be willing to bring a small dish to share by chance? I’m scrambling to get everything together and it would help me so much!” And it’s really no big deal. If anyone asked me that I wouldn’t be offended or think it’s tacky, I would be more than happy to help.

      So there are a few perspectives on it! Hope that helps! XOXO

  2. AvatarAlyshia says

    Very cute! Small world – that cute Nikki girl is my cousin! I love all her cute printables. Keep on rockin! I love all your tips!

  3. AvatarTia says

    I absolutely love the chevron prints & the bright yellow shirt…do tell where one may be able to snag one 🙂 Mom’s to be’s style is nice too & the jacket made the outfit pop.
    Loved this post & the ideas are simply brilliant, keeping it simple paid off.

  4. AvatarPaula says

    HELP! Where can I find the game “Finish Mommy Bird’s Phrase” so that I can print it out? I clicked on the link but it says unavailable.

  5. AvatarHanna says

    I loved everything you guys made !!! Well done !!! Where did you make the bottle tags and the other signs ? I loved the designs!!! Thank you 🙂

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