Our kids are finally coming off the massive sugar rush from the last holiday. (Phew!) Now it's time for another one! These St. Patrick's Day Ideas are so fun and will make it easy to impress the kiddos and make some fun new memories!

Knock your kid's socks off with these fun, cheap and FREE St. Patrick's Day party ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

Buckle up parents because we are about to show you how to knock your kids' socks off with these totally awesome and practically FREE St. Patrick's Day ideas for kids! We know how it goes—holiday celebrations can be so expensive! We often begin with good intentions but end up blowing the budget in a last minute dash to get items we forgot! (Ahhh!) Well, not this year! Make this holiday special without sacrificing your financial goals or the fun! 

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Irish or not, these St. Patrick’s Day ideas will keep your little leprechauns feeling lucky and having a blast! Use these tips and tricks to throw a fun and budget friendly celebration – whether it's a full blown St. Patrick's Day party or just having a small treat when they get home from school. It's easy to make a few memories without spending any money!

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

Food is often one of the most expensive aspects of a party! There are so many fun, prepackaged options at the store that just scream our names when we walk by… DON’T DO IT!!  Use these St. Patrick’s Day food ideas to get you the most bang for your buck without missing out on any of the cuteness! Trust us, it’s so worth it! 

Use these awesome St. Patrick's Day party ideas and save money with tips from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Green Fruit Salad – Grapes, honeydew, kiwi, green apples—cut up any green fruit you can find and throw it into a simple white bowl. Skip the sugar and just roll with the fruit for a healthy alternative!
  • Leprechaun PopcornFresh popped popcorn is just about the cheapest food you can make! Make it special by adding in green sprinkles and M&Ms. Yes, please! 
  • Shamrock Shake – Milkshakes with mint chocolate chip ice cream?? Mmmmhmmm. Dixie cups are the perfect size for small kids to all get a taste at the party! 
  • Four Leaf Clover Cookies – Get some cute shamrock cookie cutters and get baking with your kids! Add some green food dye to the dough for a St. Patrick’s Day touch! Ice them or don’t—either way they will be a hit! 
  • Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches – Avocados may not be Irish, but anything green will be a hit! Avocados aren't cheap, so make sure you shop sales and use sparingly. Cut the sandwiches into small bite-sized pieces and they will stretch further! 
  • Potato Skins – There’s nothing more Irish than a potato—plus they are cheap! 

Keeping the portion sizes small will help your food stretch and save you money in the long run. Letting all the kids get a small taste of everything will make them feel like they aren’t missing out and keeps food from going to waste! Whatever isn't eaten at the party will make great leftover lunches and snacks

Party Decorations

Keep the decorations easy but oh-so cute with these budget-friendly ideas. You don't have to be crafty to decorate a St. Patrick's Day party on the CHEAP! Now, let’s get to it! 

Use these cheap or free st. Patrick's Day decoration ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Shamrock Balloons – Tie four green inflated balloons together by the mouth-piece to create an easy shamrock and tape it to the wall!
  • Free St. Patrick’s Day party printables – Print and cut for easy decorations. Perfect for the non-crafty mama!! (Me!!)
  • Green Paper Garland – If you’re not the crafty type, let your kids have fun with this one! Cut shamrocks out of green construction paper and string them up for a super easy garland.
  • Make a balloon rainbow – Balloons are CHEAP! Blow them up yourself and pin them up as a rainbow leading to a pot of gold!
  • Bake Pot-of-Gold Cupcakes – We love double whammies! This one serves as food AND decor! Bake your own cupcakes to save that dough and top with store-bought gold (or yellow!) frosting. 
  • Hit Up Your Dollar Store – Check your local dollar store for cheap and easy St. Patrick's Day decorations! 

The easiest way to save money while decorating is to use EVERYTHING as a decoration. Lay out party favors and display cute food on the table. This minimizes the need for actual decorations and allows you to keep that aspect suuuuper simple! Win!!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

St. Patrick's Day party favors can be so fun! Here are a few of our favorite ideas to send your guests home with a memorable favor without spending an arm and a leg.  

  • Rainbow in a Bag – Fill small treat bags with skittles and tie on a cute note that says “Rainbow In a Bag!” The kids will LOVE this one! 
  • Lucky Charms Boxes – Buy a pack of those tiny, one-serving Lucky Charms cereal boxes and give those away as favors. The theme is perfect so you literally don’t have to do any work at all! 
  • Make Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods – Melt some white bakers chocolate and dip large pretzel rods two thirds of the way. Lay them on parchment paper and cover with green sprinkles! Wrap them up in treat bags with a simple thank you tag!  
  • Bags of Cookies – When you're baking those shamrock cookies, bake extra to put in treat bags as favors! 
  • Fill Bags at the Dollar Store – Not the cheapest, but always an easy and inexpensive go-to for last minute favors.

Go as big or as small as you want! These party favors cost almost nothing— but if favors really aren’t in the party budget at all… that’s ok! Simply give your guests a verbal thank you for coming! The biggest party budget no-no is overspending because you think you have to in order to make your guests happy! 

Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities

There’s nothing better than getting all your friends together and celebrating a holiday with good food and games! Have a BLAST at your St. Patrick’s Day party this year with these fun and (almost) free activities! 

Have a blast and save that cash with these cheap St. Patrick's Day party ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Have a Cookie Decorating Contest – Make extra shamrock cookies and let the kids ice them! Give away a Rolo candy or a chocolate coin as a prize for the winner.
  • Host a “Green” Scavenger Hunt – Make an easy list of green items for the kids to find inside and outside and set them off on an adventure!  
  • Find Free Color Sheets – This one is for the younger crowd! Go online and find some free printable color sheets or find a St. Patrick’s Day coloring book to tear pages out of. 
  • Make Your Own Green or Rainbow Play-Doh – This one can get a little messy but we just had to include it because it is sooooo cheap and so much fun!
  • Play Pin the Clover on the Leprechaun – Draw your own on a poster board if you’re artistic but if not (*hand raised), print out a photo of a leprechaun and a shamrock and roll with that! Blindfold the kids and see who can pin the shamrock to his hand. 
  • Hot Potato – A classic favorite that is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day party! 

We know you'll love these fun, cheap or FREE party ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day bash! Host a party you and the kids will remember without breaking the bank—we have a feeling St. Patrick’s Day will be a favorite for years to come! 

Throw a celebration they'll never forget with these fun, cheap and FREE St. Patrick's Day party ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

Let us know your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition in the comments below. We’d LOVE to hear from you! 

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