Twin Must Haves: The Best Baby Products

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Got a baby on the way? Today, I'm sharing my favorite baby and twin must haves! We're talking baby sleep, baby clothes, baby feeding, strollers, the best diaper bags for twins, and so much more. If you're expecting, this list is full of must have items for twins!

Jordan holding twins in a wearable carrier, from Fun Cheap or Free

The twins have been around for a while and all of these twin must haves have proven to be so helpful that we decided it was time to share them with you again! I have very firm opinions about what is absolutely necessary, what is a total waste, and what is nice to have if you can save for it!

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So, buckle down and walk around with me to see what baby items we use, abuse, love and recommend! Hopefully, it's helpful for you guys! I have twins, so I'm going to focus mostly on twin must haves, but most of these are highly recommended for one baby, too.

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Whew! That was a long one! Don't forget, when it comes to the essentials for a baby, all you really need is clothing, diapers, wipes, and food. At the end of the day you don't “need” much. I recommend looking at this list, think about what you need, talk to other moms, look at your budget, and then decide what YOU need!


You HAVE to find deals! Make your list EARLY and start shopping in advance so you can watch for sales. You'll know when something is a good deal. I like to use Rakuten because you EARN money on your purchases! Say what?! So let me say this again…you NEEEEED to shop through Rakuten. They partner with over 3,500 retailers so chances are, you're going to find a good deal on what you need!

Right now, they have a $30 welcome bonus on your first $30 purchase, so it's a GREAT time to sign up and start earning! Normally the bonus is only $10, so take advantage of this AH-Mazing deal and sign up for Rakuten here!


Twins sleeping in their Snoos, from Fun Cheap or Free

Besides signing up for Rakuten, there are a few more things you need to consider when preparing and shopping for your new baby or babies!

  • Amazon Baby Registry – Even if you aren't having a baby shower, make. a. registry! They usually send a coupon for a discount on your remaining items close to the end of your pregnancy so you can get everything left on your list! Target does the same thing, too!
  • Free Audible Trial – You're going to spend a lot of time sitting down feeding your sweet bundle! Grab a book or two on Audible with a free trial and listen away!
  • AirPods – Trust me on this! Listening to an Audible Book during midnight feedings might just be the only thing keeping you awake! Here's a cheaper version I haven't tried if name brand ones aren't in your budget.
  • Loopy Phone Case – Use code FUN10 for 10% off. This might seem weird on a twin must haves list, but it seriously makes the cut! Ain't no body got time or money for dropping your phone 1,487,289 times a day while trying to juggle it all.
  • Daily Baby Log – Whether you have one, two, or three babies, this log is a MUST HAVE! Track everything baby with these tracking pads.


Image with text that reads "must haves for sleeping" from Fun Cheap or Free

The most important part of baby sleep is safety. If you have questions on safe baby sleep, make sure to ask your doctor or your baby's doctor! Here are a few of my favorite products for baby sleep.


Various baby eating must-haves, from Fun Cheap or Free

All babies need fed! However they eat, breast or bottle, is best!


Babies playing in the Mory June Moses Bag, from Fun Cheap or Free

Getting your babies from place to place safely is definitely a must have for twins! There are so many options on strollers and carriers, so make sure you pick the ones that work best for you!


Various health and bathing twin must haves, from Fun Cheap or Free

Bodily functions are a part of life, but sometimes babies need a little extra help! Here are, in my opinion, the best baby products for bodily functions out there!


Twins wrapped in Mory June swaddles, from Fun Cheap or Free

My days of denim, lots of buttons, and frills are over! After 8 kids, I now stick with simple and basic clothes that are comfy for baby.

  • Lemon & Loom – Our favorite sleepers and comfy outfits! Use code JORDAN10 for 10% off.
  • Eleanora & Co – Another cozy baby sleeper brand we love! Use code JORDAN for 15% off.
  • Freshly Picked – The cutest baby (and toddler) shoes! Code FPxjordan will give new customers 20% off of their purchase.
  • Adorable Baby Bows


Check out the best diaper bags for twins and singletons! I'm SUUUPER picky about my favorite diaper bags, so that should tell you how awesome these are.

Well there you have it! My VERY long list of twin must haves! Did I miss anything that you consider a must have? Let me know what it is in the comments below!

Image with text that reads "twin baby must-haves" from Fun Cheap or Free

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Ciao, babies!

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  1. Lee

    This was actually a good list! I’ve come across too many lists where as a mom of 4 i see no essentials on the list + i’m like no none of this is a must have lol.

    If you love the nose frida I HIGHLY recommend the Hydrasense baby version, i had both and prefer this one a hundredfold. It comes in a small kit with the filters, with small packets of gentle saline solution, and the snotsucker in a portable case and the booger sucker is a better size for little noses. Refills here are super easy to get in any drugstores where i am so if i realize im out in the middle of the night hubby can make a dash to a 24hr one and pick up whats needed without difficulty or needing to wait for a baby store to open the next morning.

  2. Reanne

    I am EXTREMELY interested in the Snoo!! I used the 5 S’s for my first and they worked really well. My main question is what happens when you travel? Do the twins still sleep well when you don’t have them in the Snoo? I would hate to plan a weekend getaway and then be miserable because my babe won’t sleep without it. I would love to know your thoughts Jordan!! Or anyone else with experience with the Snoo.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      I have found that when traveling, my babies sleep as well as they would any time we traveled with our other kids! The Snoo has been a lifesaver at home for sure.

  3. Victoria

    We are thinking about getting a Purple mattress! Just had our first baby. Did you get the mattress protector and sheets to? Do they make a difference with the mattress?

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Any mattress protector will work but we love the Purple one because it’s waterproof but much softer than other brands we have bought. We use Beddy’s bedding because it’s by far our favorite that we’ve ever used!

  4. Marie stokey

    I have twins too! Mine are 10 months old. One of my absolutes are goumikids. I used their hand mittens and loved them because I could adjust the wrists on the mitts so they stay on.
    I also absolutely love the Kate Quinn boutique for newborn nightgowns. They have mitts to cover their hands on the nightgown and they tie on the bottom of the gown. They make their clothing with bamboo fabric and it is so soft!
    Another favorite is monkey feet or baby paseon USA for shoes. Those have been the only ones to stay on my littles feet and they come in adorable prints.
    I also love Macy kate boutique clothing for twins. They have more girl prints then boy prints but it’s made of soft and high quality fabric.
    I also love my Tula body carrier for singletons.
    And last but not least I love my Bob for all the trips to the park. I also suggest a frame stroller to fit infant seats into so it’s not so difficult to get around with pesky errands.
    And never forget the stash of chocolate for the diaper bag because moms of babies just need chocolate sometimes! πŸ˜†

  5. madeeha bilal

    hi, i am Madeeha from Dubai.
    i follow your youtube channel. thanks a lot for amazing tips and tricks for babies and life.
    i want to ask , from where did you got your armchair, that you were sitting in your one of the videos with your cutest baby:
    kindly do tell.
    loving your channel and creativity.

    bless you and your beautiful family.
    Madeeha Bilal

  6. Staci Davy

    What version of the purple mattress did you guys purchase? We have been waiting to get one , thought the memorial sale and two weeks before baby number six are due would be good timing 😊 Did you guys also purchase a base? 🌻 Thank you for any info!!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      We have the Purple Hybrid Premiere. We didn’t buy a base, we just put it on our bed frame. You won’t regret buying one! πŸ™‚

  7. Green.t

    I love your Mory June products. But unfortunately most of them are out of stock. Any news on that please!!

    Thank you!!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      All the craziness in the world over the past few months has totally thrown everything off for us! But our fingers are crossed that we’ll get more stock soon! The best way for you to know when we have more available is to sign up for the newsletter at πŸ™‚

  8. Tula Baby Carriers

    Great share!! Your recommendations will be a valuable resource for any parent of twins who is looking for the best baby products to make their life easier. Thank you for sharing your insights!


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