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Tandem nursings, tandem burpings, tandem diaper changes and more! Today, you're getting a glimpse of how a day in the life of a mom with twins goes for us. From first thing in the morning until our heads hit the pillows, you'll get it all! Get in on the twin action and see how life is with Joss and Devereux.

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Our days are extra busy and our sleep is little, but we wouldn't have it any other way! See how our day goes and try not to want a new baby after watching it, I dare you. 😉

Don't you want some cute, squishy twins, now?! They really are the best and have added so. much. joy. to our family!

Here's a tiny recap to give you a clue how we squish in all the extra stuff between caring for these sweet newborns.

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Maintain some routine in your day to day by keeping your babies on a schedule. We decided we want to keep our babies on the same schedule to make mama's life a tad easier. The twins have settled in to a schedule where they eat every 3 hours—at 8, 11, 2, and 5… Even though they only nurse for 10 minutes, I then have to prep their bottles, burp 'em, get bubbles out of them, change their sweet bottoms, then get them wrapped and settled again. By the time I'm done, I only have about two hours before they need to eat again.

We are keeping them on the same schedule, so sometimes one babe will wake up before the other and we have to hold them off until the other baby wakes and is ready to eat!

We love our night time routine for the babies! We feed them downstairs while we watch a show and unwind a bit, then bring them upstairs and let them get their wiggles out while we get ready for bed. Then we bathe them and top 'em off so that they can get a good stretch of sleep… which means WE will get a good stretch of sleep! And right now, sleep is more precious than gold.


One of the hardest things about having twins is actually the toddler that runs around and does his thang while I'm nursing babies… he's the ultimate mess maker and can get himself into some hairy situations when left to his own devices. That's where a baby jail (AKA. Indoor Trampoline) for my toddler comes in handy when my hands are full of babies.

I also make sure that I keep the babies safely tucked away from siblings in a portable bassinet… I store all the baby supplies here as well so I can easily find what I need and keep them out of the littles reach.


We've been starting our day with some exercise and a little bit of fresh air. We have this gigantic stroller that can hold 3 babies. We paid an arm and a leg for this huge thing and the jury is out on whether we like it or not. It weighs a TON! But it does allow us to get outside, move our bodies, and keep all our babies safe.

One thing I do that increases productivity is multitask while babies are calm. I might speed clean while prepping breakfast or lunch. I also love to give my kids projects while babies are sleeping so that I can take advantage of that time and be super productive! While kids are busy, I either push through and get some work done OR I will try to take a short nap!

On the flip side, there are some days where I have to recognize when to let the messes go! There might be a lot of those days right now. It's important to remember that this is such a short season and it's important to be present in the moment and soak it all in.

We've got our block schedule all worked out and have divided up parenting responsibilities so that we can manage all of our kiddos right now. Bubba handles the kids in the morning, feeds them breakfast and helps them get going on their morning routine while I get the twins fed and get ready for the day.


Okay, maybe I lied before… THE HARDEST thing about having twins is finding the time to take care of myself! Sometimes it just feels like I'm feeding babies and little people all day long and I don't have a second to fend for myself.

Sometimes I just grab a cup and fill it with old fashioned jelly beans and snack on those all day long. Super healthy, I know!

No biggie!

Well that's how we're doing with twins at 1 month. Keep checking back for more updates as these cute little munchkins grow.


Here are just a few of the products that I use during a day in the life as a mom with twins!

Whew! We have even more twin must-have products that are coming at you soon, so be on the lookout for that post! For now, is there anything that you use during your daily life that you think we should try out? We're always looking for the best way to make our days run smoothly! Let me know in the comments.

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