Homemade Baby Wipes – Save Some Cash and Never Run Out Again!

Apr 30, 2020 | Baby and Kids, DIY

Wipes can be so expensive and you always seem to run out at the worst possible time. Make your own homemade baby wipes and you never fret about needing more again. They're super cheap, easy to make and work like a champ!

Start making your own homemade baby wipes and never fret when you run out again! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Baby wipes are one of those necessities that you definitely can't live without. Not only are they convenient to change baby's diaper, they're also great for wiping small, dirty hands and faces when you're out and about. The worst part about them? You always seem to use the last one at the most inconvenient of times! Ugh, what's a mama to do?!

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It's time to start making homemade baby wipes! With a few simple things, you can make your own in no time. They're a breeze to put together and work great in a pinch. You may love the money-saving benefits so much that you never go back to buying the store-bought kind again!


This homemade baby wipes "recipe" from Fun Cheap or Free is so easy to make and you likely have all the items needed already!

The best part about these homemade baby wipes is you can also use them in place of those expensive makeup remover wipes. Oh, and you likely have everything that you need to make these, which is basically shelf cooking and a-okay in our book. 😉

  • 1 Roll of Thick Paper Towels – You definitely want a paper towel that can withstand being completely wet and not falling apart. Kirkland, Member's Mark, Bounty and Viva are all great brands. The select-a-size is best because they'll be just the right size to use.
  • 2 Cups Boiled or Distilled Water – This will help to keep mold from forming.
  • 2 Tbsp Gentle SoapBaby shampoo, baby wash and Dr. Bronner's baby castile soap are all great options.
  • 1 Tbsp OilBaby oil, olive oil and coconut oil will all work. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and has a lot of soothing agents, so it's a clear winner in our book!
  • Storage Container – You want something that's big enough to hold your paper towels with a lid that makes it airtight. You can also use an old wipes container, but you'll have to remove the paper towels off the roll and fold them so they'll easily pull out.

Like with anything that stays wet for an extended period of time, you may encounter mold. If you use boiled or distilled water, then you should be able to keep it at bay. If you find that it's still growing due to living in a more humid climate, then make a smaller amount at a time. (Still use half a roll, but take some sheets off before cutting it and use those elsewhere.) You could also stick them in the fridge, but baby probably wouldn't appreciate that cold of a wipe being used on their backside!


Alright, are you ready for the simplest baby wipes on the planet? Your wallet will love you once you start making these!

  1. Using a large serrated knife (like a bread knife), cut the paper towels in half and place one half in the storage container. Keep the other half for the next time you make homemade baby wipes!
  2. Boil tap water for 2 minutes or warm the distilled water.
  3. Add the soap and oil to the water and mix.
  4. Pour over top of the paper towels. Put the lid on the container and slowly turn it over on itself to ensure all the paper towels are wet.
  5. Let sit for 5 minutes. Then, pull the cardboard center out of the middle. It should come out very easily since it's been saturated with the liquid.
  6. Pull the first wipe from the middle of the roll where the cardboard was.
  7. Cover with airtight lid and replace after each use.

*Note: These are NOT meant to be flushed! If you keep them by the toilet for kids and adults to use, always toss them in the trash after use. They're not worth clogging up your pipes, trust us!

Learn how to make homemade baby wipes from Fun Cheap or Free and save some money!

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  1. Kara B

    I made these with my first baby. I don’t know where it’s posted on your site, but I also remember from years ago how you mentioned to add water to store bought wipes to make them last longer. I loved that trip and used it very frequently!!


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