Today I'm introducing you to something that will change your life and cut your grocery bill in HALF!! That's right… Intrigued?? Two words. Shelf cooking.

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Freebs… Pause the TV, text your mama, and grab a snack…


Over the last few years, I have had an overwhelming amount of people ask for more and more details on how I shop for, cook for, and feed my large family on a budget. So much so that I've created a Shelf Cooking Community and even launched a brand new site called to help educate the world about this one-of-a-kind style of cooking.

For a long time, I've wondered why my “method” of cooking isn't highlighted or talked about more. Why isn't it more common? Why isn't it common sense? I've come to realize over time that most people cook based on the recipe they want to make, which is backwards in my opinion.

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I finally decided to step up and declare to the world – not only a name for this “new” way of cooking – but I'm issuing a challenge to everyone reading this to give it a try for yourselves!

I now introduce to you…



Shelf cooking is making delicious, homemade, down-home-cooked meals for your family. Starting FIRST with ingredients you already have on-hand from your fridge, freezer, and pantry, then supplementing with fresh/new items from the store… Not the other way around!

Sure, I'm guessing many of you are rolling your eyes saying, “um…Jord, this sounds totally lame, and not new or exciting at all. Pretty much everyone does this.” *Said like a valley girl, duh.*

Believe it or not, most people cook backward… Want to know what I mean? Check this Shelf Cooking post out!


Here's a video from our very first Shelf Cooking Challenge that explains not only the concept and purpose but shares tons of tips for making shelf cooking successful for you. It also explains all about the Shelftember Challenge that you should all be part of! If you're reading this at another time of year, put Shelftember on your calendar and join us for the challenge then!

Watch the video below or watch here online, then come back here for even more info on the challenge:

Are you pumped for this challenge or WHAT?! It's going to be amazing!

I know that was a lot of information to take in via video… If you're in for our next challenge, check out ALL the challenge details!

Seriously guys, are you so excited or what??

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You in?? Let's do this!!

Happy shelf cooking!

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