Hospital Bag Checklist – Items You Don’t Want to Forget for Mom AND Baby!

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Don't get caught off guard—use this hospital bag checklist for baby and mom so you know exactly what you need. Pack as much as you can before and let the hospital bag checklist printable help remind you what you need to grab at the last minute!

Oh happy day, it's about time for that sweet baby to come into this world! I'm sure you're feeling SUPER excited to meet your little one (and to finally be comfy again)! You hopefully have everything that you'll need to bring baby home. But what about your hospital bag, have you even touched that yet?!

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Okay, okay, don't start panicking! Take a deep breath and let us help you out. Use this hospital bag checklist for baby and mom and you won't forget a single thing that you need to take with you to the hospital. Nobody wants to forget a charger and have their phone die, so let this hospital bag checklist printable save your skin!


Now let's get started! If you haven't already, check out what's in my hospital bag to see how I packed to get ready for twins. If everything goes according to plan, your trek to the hospital probably won't be filled with drama like you see on all your favorite tv shows, especially if you plan ahead.

This list is pretty straightforward and includes only the essentials, we definitely don't complicate things around herewe've covered needs for mom, baby and your significant other, that way everyone is comfortable. Pack a few options so you're ready for anything, but make sure to keep it simple.

Everything on this hospital bag checklist will help you have a good experience in the hospital… as good as can be expected. Labor is hard! It's best to be prepared.


Oh and PS!! Have you seen The Bomb Shelter nursing cover? Shameless plug… If you don't already have a nursing cover in mind, you'll definitely want to snag one of these amazing, full-coverage nursing covers. It'll make your life a lot easier!

Don't forget to pack a nursing cover in your hospital bag! Fun Cheap or Free

And there you have it! Use this hospital bag checklist printable and you won't forget any of the important things (like a toothbrush!). What are your must-have items that you take to the hospital when you have a baby? Let us know in the comments!

Good luck packing!

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