It's almost go time and I'm showing you what to pack in your hospital bag! I've been around the block a time or 2… or 6. So I know a little something about hospital bag essentials!

What to pack in your hospital bag! All my favorite products that make the hospital stay bearable - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

The twins are ALMOST here, can you believe it?! It feels like just yesterday we were slinging axes for our gender reveal! Good news…no one missed and we're all alive. I might be waddling a little, but hey, twins! *snort*

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I'm a BIG believer in having a well packed hospital bag because it really can make or break your experience there. SOOOO many of you have been asking for a video about what I pack in mine. Well, when you ask, Mama J delivers! Don't start panicking new (or second time, third time, eighth time, etc) mamas, today's video is just what you need!

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Woot woot! I'm ready for these babies to come… like NOW! Here is all the info so you can make sure you're prepared when you head to the hospital.


First off, you don't want to be scrambling to pack your bag in the case of an emergency. Say… your water breaks suddenly! So it's best to pack a couple weeks in advance, some recommend as early as 32 weeks. Hey, you never know when baby is going to show!

At the very least, start rounding things up so that you know where they are and can easily pack them up in a hurry. You don't want to forget something important, like your phone charger 😉

When to pack hospital bags when preparing for baby from Fun Cheap or Free

I highly recommend you pack 3 separate bags to help you keep things straight! A hospital bag for mom, hospital bag for dad, and a hospital bag for baby!


With my first baby, I had NO idea what to pack in my hospital bag or even what type of bag to take. Now, one of my biggest tips is to get a good, sturdy and roomy bag! This time around, Fawn Design (Use code JORDAN for 15% off) sent Bubba and me some AMAZING weekender bags that I'm OBSESSED with! They're big, open, and are AMAZING to just toss stuff in.


What to pack in hospital bag for mom from Fun Cheap or Free

Girl, you're about to have a baby. EEEK! Trust me on this one, you do NOT want to forget something you need and you're not going to remember everything when you're running around frantically getting ready to go to the hospital. Take some time and pack a hospital bag for YOU!


We all know to pack clothes, but there are so many other essential items to pop in your hospital bag. Here's what's in mine:

  • Books and Entertainment – The last thing you want to do is to be stuck in a bed laboring without something to take your attention away from the pain. I pop in a celebrity gossip magazine, journal, book, iPad with a cool keyboard attachment
  • Chargers – You'll be rushing around when you go into labor and the LAST thing on your mind will be chargers! Grab a few extra cords and a charging station so you're set.
  • Electronics Bag – Use this to keep all of your electronics organized! Packing cubes work great.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Sure, you can just use your phone, but the sound is really muffled and not as good for breaking up the silence in the room. We like this one and this one! Just make sure they're charged and make a playlist ahead of time so you're ready to go.
  • Wireless Headphones – I'm an Apple junkie, so I'm a big fan of AirPods. If they aren't in your budget, these are a great option, too!
  • Toiletries – It's just the truth, you're going to feel like an alien in there. Include one of everything you would normally use like a travel size brush (THESE are my favorite), coil hair ties, deodorant, dry shampoo (I use the tinter version because #darkhair), toothbrush, toothpaste, and anything else you need to feel fresh and alive. PS. Have you checkout the new haircare line, Hairitage by Mindy? It's one of my new obsessions and I'm taking a few of her products as well!
  • Makeup – There's NO shame in throwing on a little makeup so you feel good about yourself in your pictures! I always bring BB Cream (Use code JORDAN for 10% off), waterproof mascara (MAKE SURE IT'S WATERPROOF), chapstick, and blush and bronzer for a little bit of color for your face. Don't forget to include a makeup cloth like this one so you can remove your makeup with just WATER!
I'm sharing everything in my hospital bag, plus tons of tips for your hospital stay! Fun Cheap or Free


  • Nursing Robe – As soon as your baby arrives, you don't need to wear that nasty hospital gown. I'm OBSESSED with the new one I got from Nesting Olive! It's Animal Print and SOOO soft! Use code JORDAN for 10% off!
  • Nursing Bra or Stretchy Nursing Tank – Your girls will be sore as you start breastfeeding, trust me on this one! Amazon has a great selection of these. Walmart and Target also carry them.
  • Mory June Bomb Shelter Cover – The only nursing cover I'll use! It's a revolving door… no matter who is in your room or visiting they will feel comfortable if you're nursing and so will you! (Use code YOUTUBE for 10% off)
Full coverage nursing cover - The Bomb Shelter cover from Jordan Page is BACK!!

Quick side note…did you know I have my own baby brand, Mory June?! Not only is my patented full coverage nursing cover, The Bomb Shelter™ back in stock, but my revolutionary Moses Bag™ has arrived! We recently added swaddles and some super cute bows and hats. Check them out here and use code YOUTUBE for 10% off!

  • Comfy Going Home Outfit – Just leave those undies at home and embrace the lovely mesh panties. I have my Brigitte Brianna, Sexy Modest Joggers (Use code JORDAN for 10% off). Another great option is a house dress that's loose and flowy. You just don't want something tight across your belly.
  • Slippers and Comfy Socks – The hospital gives some with grippy bottoms, but your feet will be swollen so make sure you have something for your feet to go home in that isn't tight.
  • Jewelry – Leave your good stuff at home. I wear my Enso ring that's silicone and stretchy! Use code funcheaporfree for 20% off!


What to pack in hospital bag for dad from Fun Cheap or Free

Dad's list is a little bit different. He's not giving birth, of course! He'll mainly be lounging on the couch waiting for the action to happen. Bubba is using a Fawn Design Camel Weekender it's PERFECT! Use code JORDAN for 15% off.

  • Eye Mask – It's never really dark in a hospital room so an eye mask will come in really handy.
  • Ear Plugs – If you're in there for a few days, it's nice to be able to block out the noise from machines and nurses coming in and out. We usually switch out for stints of sleep!
  • Pillow and Blanket – Hospital issued blankets and pillows are hysterically terrible! Bubba will take his soft pillow and his favorite Minky Couture Blanket (Use code PAGE45 for 45% off) and sleep like we all hope babies would!
  • Toiletries – You won't be in a hotel, so make sure he has all that he needs to get ready!
  • Entertainment – Chargers, Books to Read, Computer, Computer Charger, etc. Basically anything that will help keep him occupied while you're waiting for labor or recovery.
  • Headphones – These are a MUST! Bubba also uses AirPods.
  • Camera – Dad's you are in charge here! Mama is kinda busy if you know what I mean! Tripod, batteries, camera, just bring it all. Even if you hire a videographer and photographer. Just bring it! You'll never regret having more pictures. This Amazon list has all of our favorites linked up!
  • Snacks – Dads kind of get the shaft on food when you're in the hospital. Mom gets three meals a day delivered to her room and dad is left to fend on his own. We're packing some protein bars, nuts, drinks, and of course some chocolate for mom (me) because…let's be real I just did a LOT of work.


Think comfy! Pack him a set of joggers, socks, and anything that will keep him comfortable while he's sitting on a plastic couch. These Joggers are Bubba's absolute FAVORITE! Use code PAGE20 for 20% off! Don't forget a sweatshirt. It can get a little chilly! Pajamas are a must, too!


What to pack in hospital bag for baby from Fun Cheap or Free

Baby's hospital bag is pretty simple! When you go to the hospital, baby's bag can be half empty, but when you come home, it's full! 🙂 You're paying for everything in that room anyway, you might as well bring it all home… diapers, wipes, nose sucker thingy, etc. Fawn Design has some AMAZING diaper bags that work perfectly for this! Use code JORDAN for 15% off!

  • Newborn “Coming Home” Outfit – We leave the frills and fluff at home for this one. We pack soft outfits with cuffs because babies are amazing at poking themselves in the eyes. I recommend bringing two sizes cause you never know how tiny your baby will be! Wash 'em before you pack 'em! Some of our other favorite baby outfit brands are Lemon and Loom, Eleanor & Co (Use code JORDAN for 15% off), and Baby Cubby has some great selections as well!
  • Soft Baby Swaddles – Hospital blankets are fine, but soft baby swaddles (Use code YOUTUBE for 10% off) are so much cuter when you're announcing to the world that your baby has arrived! (Pssst take a look at my line of baby swaddles that coordinate with my Bomb Shelter™ Nursing Covers!)
Shop Mory June soft baby swaddles! Fun Cheap or Free
  • Bows and Caps – If you're going to go through the trouble of having a baby, you might as well capture some super cute pictures!
  • Binky Clip – Make sure it has a tether so you can attach it to your car seat on the way home! We love this one from Ryan and Rose, but Baby Cubby has some great selections as well!
  • Carseat – Okay okay, don't try to fit this in your bag, but have it in your car because you can't leave the hospital without one! These covers are SO helpful at keeping baby warm plus keeping stranger's hands from reaching inside. These CUTE head support sets are so nice when they're small, too!

That's what I pack! What items do you take with you to the hospital? Tell me in the comments below!

What to pack in your hospital bag! I'm sharing everything I pack and a bunch of my favorite products that just make life a little easier in the hospital - Fun Cheap or Free

Oh and did you know I have a free hospital bag checklist printable? Grab yours now to help you prepare and pack everything you need!

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