Want to make life with a newborn easier on your entire family? I'm sure the answer is YES. If so, keep on reading! I'm sharing ALL the baby must-haves, including products for bedtime, travel, feeding, and more.

Jordan Page, mom of 8, from Fun Cheap or Free

It's finally here! The “Baby Must-Haves” list you have all been begging me to share! These are the things I keep stocked in every room when we are in baby-mode. Many of you have asked for more info on what my favorite baby products and gadgets are. Sure, all my babies are older now… but better late than never, right?

Not only am I sharing my baby favorites, but I've rounded up discount codes for most of them so you can save tons-o-moola in the process! What can I say? I love you guys.

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mom nursing baby, from Fun Cheap or Free

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Now, as you will see, some items are inexpensive and easy to replace. Others are investment pieces that definitely aren't “cheap.” But that is the perfect definition of FRUGAL LIVING! It's not just buying or owning inexpensive things; it's learning to make choices, set budgets, and save up for the things that are really important to you.

So keep that in mind as you watch this video! The things worth paying less for, or the things worth investing in, might be different for you. But hopefully, this gives you a starting point!

There you have it! WHY I love what I love, and how I use it to make my life muuuuuuuch easier. Now, as promised, here is everything I mention in the video, plus a few extras I thought of after filming:



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My next tip – Create a baby registry on Amazon. It makes it super easy for people to buy what you actually want and need, instead of buying whatever they think is cute.


Sleepytime is probably one of the most important times for a baby. They spend a lot of time sleeping, and you want to make the most of that! These baby products are my favorites for helping babies get quality sleep so mama can, too!

My favorite baby must-haves for bedtime from Fun Cheap or Free
  • At the top of my baby must-haves list is my white noise machine and a good routine. I use the machine for every one of my kids, and we pack them with us everywhere we go when we travel.
  • My favorite baby pajamas have 3 things: 1) optional cuffs on the hands, 2) feet, 3) reverse zippers! I found some cute ones at TARGET.
  • Swaddle blankets – my favorites are the super stretchy ones. I like this brand, and they sell loads on Amazon, which is nice.
  • Once my babies don't need to be swaddled when sleeping, I shift to a Halo SleepSack. I know it keeps them warm all night without worrying about them getting tangled up in blankets.
  • Bassinet – my babies don't sleep in cribs for quite some time, so I love this bassinet. There are SUPER expensive ones out there, but I promise, the inexpensive ones work just as well! So for me, THIS affordable one works perfectly. I LOVE THIS THING. It's tiny and perfect for traveling, and I like to scoot it around my main floor and use it to keep my babies safe (and near me) during the day.
baby laughing in Moses bag, from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Pacifiers – I know there are adorable, trendy ones out there…but the super inexpensive ones shown in the video are my absolute favorite. Find them on TARGET HERE, or on AMAZON HERE.
  • “Booger Sucker” – My babies tend to get super congested and mucus-y when they sleep. To combat this, I have to suck out their boogers (gross, sorry!) before they sleep, which allows them to sleep much better at night. There are two I recommend:
    • Nose Frida – This is the one I show in my video. All you need is your mouth, and it works pretty darn well. And I PROMISE there is zero chance the mucus would ever get into your mouth ;). Get it from TARGET HERE, or AMAZON HERE.
    • Baby Vac – This works exactly the same way as the Nose Frida, but instead of using your mouth, you use your VACUUM. I was super skeptical, and frankly, afraid to use it at first. But a friend swears by it, so I tried it, and it's a MIRACLE WORKER! Obviously, it reduces the power of the suction substantially, so it's super gentle and won't hurt your baby at all. But it doesn't require your lungs and does a better job of clearing out the baby. Also easier to clean. The downside, you need a vacuum close. Check it out on Amazon HERE.


Babies pretty much do 3 things… We've covered number 1 – SLEEP. On to number 2 – EAT!

favorite baby must-haves for feeding, from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Even if you nurse exclusively, a manual breast pump can come in handy! The hand pump is nice because I can feed on one side and pump on the other, and I can also pack it with me easily.
  • Our favorite baby bottles are just the Walmart ones! However, if your baby is sensitive to gas and bubbles, we like the Boon Nursh bottles as well.
  • Nursing pillow – I have an old-school Boppy, and it works great. I needed it for nursing my first baby, but now I don't need it anymore. However, we still use it daily so the kids can hold the baby safely! Highly recommended.
mom wearing Mory June nursing cover, from Fun Cheap or Free
  • If you are on the go often, these formula dispensers are an absolute baby must have! You can also use them for snacks as the babes grow. Super easy, mess-free storage for formula and snacks.
  • What good is formula if you don't have warm water? Make sure you take a stainless steel thermos with you in your diaper bag, and you'll always have hot water ready to go! Easy to mix with cold water for the perfect bottle.
  • As baby transitions to solid food, silicone bibs are awesome for keeping baby's clothes fresh and food-free.
  • Portable booster or fabric high chair – Another must-have as baby transitions to solid foods. This is perfect for the park or a day out! We love how easy the fabric high chair is to fold and throw into a diaper bag for travel. It fits on any chair and adjusts to fit pretty much any size child!


You know, those things that make life with baby a bit easier! Especially when we talk about that 3rd thing that babies are known for… eat, sleep, POOP!!!

When stocking up on items, it's hard to know which diaper cream rash is the best. Or if baby lotion is something you really need?? We're getting real here with some of my favorite baby essentials!

Stock up on these baby essentials to be prepared for anything - from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Pink Baby Lotion – When I think “newborn baby,” this is the scent that comes to mind. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also is the best at keeping baby's skin soft and moisturized. I like to use it after bath time, of course, but I also like to rub some in on my baby's head and neck when she needs a quick freshening-up! Another trick for this lotion? I use it to style my kids' hair! True story.
  • It goes without saying that having a house full of kids means we need large quantities of hand sanitizer. With siblings who love on baby all day long and lots of welcomed visitors, having a bottle of sanitizer in the house's main rooms keeps the kiddos as germ-free as possible. I also like to have travel-sized sanitizer in the glove box of my car and my diaper bag. If germs are your trigger… may I suggest sanitizing your kiddy toys? Check out this post where I tell you the easiest way EVER to sanitize toys!
  • Surprisingly one of my baby essentials for baby girls is lubricating jelly! Why? Because it acts as a fabulous adhesive for those tiny baby bows, believe it or not! FACT!
  • Diaper rash ointment is a must for my babies. So far, all of my babes have had VERY sensitive bums, and I have to stay on top of the ointment, or they are miserable with a capital M. I've tried all kinds, and I feel like they all work just as well as the other, so a generic brand works great. A trick of mine? Put it on with every diaper change before diaper rash even starts! Prevention is key to a happy baby bum.
  • My kids have pretty dry skin thanks to living in Utah, and my girls all take it one step farther by having patches of eczema on their bodies. Healing ointment goes beyond lotion. It's greasier, so I don't like to use it on their entire bodies all the time like I do lotion, but healing ointment is a must on dry or irritated skin because it moisturizes, creates good skin barrier, AND heals all at the same time. A little goes a long way, so one of these tubs can last forEVER.
  • Coconut Oil is my go-to diaper rash cream, lotion, and healing ointment alternative. Ok, let's call it like it is; Coconut Oil is prom king and just does it ALL! If my baby has a nasty diaper rash that needs some healing, this stuff works like a charm. It also moisturizes the skin well and just smells delicious, so why not?
  • Oh, yes. Soft wipes are a MUST. No scratchy, stiff, or overly scented wipes for us. We keep wipes in EVERY room of the house. Literally every room. The beauty of sturdy wipes is that they aren't just for changing diapers! You can use them to clean, wipe faces, and so much more…


We all know that life around the home changes when baby comes around. Here are a few things that make home-life simpler with a little one.

My favorite baby must-haves for the home to make life simpler with a little one from Fun Cheap or Free
  • The 4Moms RockaRoo swing is such a game-changer! I like that it's small and easy to pack around, and I love that it plugs in. My other one ran on batteries, and it was obnoxious.
  • The Ubbi Diaper Pail is a miracle worker! I was skeptical because of the price, but it is – hands down – one of the best baby items ever. I don't know how, but it DOESN'T STINK!
  • Baby Monitor – Does anyone else worry about how well the baby is breathing through the night during those first few months? We love these simple baby monitors for listening to baby while traveling and around the house. 
  • The elusive disappearing pacifier… does anyone else suffer from this phenomenon? Pacifier clips are cute and functional! I keep one clipped on throughout the day so I know the pacifier is just an arm's reach away.
  • The ErgoBaby 360 is another amazing baby product, and I use it constantly. It has turned into one of my baby must-haves for sure! It's nice to bring along in case the Moses Bag is too bulky for whatever adventure we are going on. I purchased the Newborn Insert too, and it makes sure baby is safe, comfy, and snuggly during our ride. Once baby is big enough, we pull the insert out, and voila!
  • Another must-have is my iPad Travel Case. I like it because it slides on the back of my headrest in the car, so the kids can all see a movie when I need a moment to nurse the baby in the front seat, or even to save my LIFE when I've got lots of kids at the busy post office.
  • You know I swear by my Instant Pot! It makes cooking quick and convenient, which is absolutely necessary with kids and baby. I love it for those times that I totally space and forget to put something in my crockpot. We're still able to have a delicious and homemade meal in no time!


In order to have a happy baby, you've gotta take care of mama!! Here are a few things that save me on a daily basis with a new baby.

Must have baby products to make mom-life a little better on a daily basis from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Loopy phone case – Moms! Your hands are full! This case will save your life. Use the code FUN10 for 10% off!
  • Under-eye eraser – This is the best makeup product EVER. It's just Maybelline! Only a few bucks. You can find it on AMAZON HERE.
  • Bidet – It's an investment, but one of the best ones you'll ever make. Just trust me on this one.
  • Camera – A small hand-held camera is perfect for capturing memories, and the quality is legitimately professional. So much easier to grab and go than my DSLR that was just too bulky to carry around! I love love love love love it.
  • #MomLife Hat – Sometimes you just need to wear a hat because #momlife, so why not make it a cute fashion statement?!
  • Favorite places to shop – Brickyard Buffalo, Cents of Style (use code FUN20 for 20% off!), Ross, TJ Maxx, and, believe it or not, Amazon!


Of course, when we're talking about mom must-haves for baby, we have to discuss diaper bags! I've tried so many and seriously love things about each of these.

  • Azaria – I love how open they are, that they fit my laptop, and that they don't look like a diaper bag!
  • Ryla – These are SO durable! They are a great size and have all the baby pockets and zippers you'd ever need. Use the code PAGE20 for 20% off.
  • Freshly Picked – they have several styles and sizes to choose from, so there is something for everyone!

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There you go! Hope that helps, especially for those first-time moms out there.

Ciao, babes!