Tips for Choosing a Baby Stroller You’ll Love Without Breaking the Bank!

Apr 14, 2021 | Baby and Kids, Shopping Tips

One of the biggest investments you'll make for your new bundle of joy is a baby stroller. If you're wondering how to choose the right one and how the heck to afford it, then stick around. We're sharing a few quick tips today!

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As first-time parents, we figured the expenses for diapers, wipes, and food would pile up, but we did NOT expect strollers to be so dang pricey. Over the years, we've learned a lesson or two about what you need (and don't need) for a new baby.

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Today we're going to share a few of the things we've learned about picking a baby stroller and offer up some tips for affording the investment! Learn from our mistakes, Freebs. This is all advice we wish we'd had the first time around. Here we go!


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If you're a first-time mama or a mama who's just not thrilled with your old stroller, we're going to keep things simple. We know there are thousands of options when it comes to baby strollers, but in our opinion, here are five things to look for:

  • Storage Basket – You're going to use that basket WAY more than you think. It kind of becomes a catch-all, so make sure it's big enough and well-situated, so you can access it easily.
  • Portability – Strollers aren't just for leisurely walks around the block, so think about all the places you might need them. Consider how easy it will be to steer your stroller around crowded places like an airport or the mall. And make sure that it folds up small enough to fit in your car without taking up the whole trunk. (You'd be surprised how much room those things can take up! Learned that lesson the hard way.)
  • Car Seat Attachment – It may seem like a nice-to-have feature, but we think being able to attach your car seat to your stroller is a must! It just makes life with a newborn SO much easier. Don't skimp on this feature.
  • Expandability – If you think you'll have another kid, it's 100% worth it to go ahead and buy a double stroller. You can remove the extra seat when you're not using it, so it won't be in the way. And it's such a good investment for moms with more than one toddler or baby! Trust us when we tell you you don't want to try to push multiple strollers.
  • Wheels – Carefully consider how you'll be using your stroller most often, and then decide which type of wheels make the most sense. The wheels really make the whole dang experience, so make sure they're sturdy and easy to steer!

Consider these five factors as you're shopping for your baby stroller, and we think you'll be happy with your purchase. Now, speaking of shopping, how can you afford your dream stroller? Oh, you KNOW we've got a few quick tips!


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If you don't want to spend your life-savings on a stroller, we don't blame ya! And good news; you DON'T have to. Here are five tips for buying a stroller on a budget:

  • Do a Spending Freeze – Have you ever tried a spending freeze? It can be a total game-changer. In just one week, you can save up to $500, which is more than enough for a great stroller!
  • Put the Stroller on Your Baby Registry – Strollers are the perfect gift for excited grandparents to buy!
  • Buy Used – We've seen some top-of-the-line gently used strollers on the Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, or Poshmark for a fraction of the cost! There's nothing wrong with secondhand, so don't be afraid to look online or head to a local baby consignment sale.
  • Use Your Baby Registry Completion Bonus – Many baby registries allow you to take 15% off any items left on your registry eight weeks before your due date. Applying that discount to a big-ticket item is the way to go because it really helps you maximize those savings.
  • Buy in November – Here's a fun fact. According to Consumer Reports, November is the best month of the year to buy a stroller because that's when the prices are at their lowest. So if you can plan ahead, do it!

And there you have it! Just a few quick tips to help you save some cash on that baby stroller. Before we let you go, we thought we'd share a few recommendations on strollers we love. Cool?


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Photo from the Colugo Facebook Page

There are tons and TONS of amazing strollers on the market, so if you use the tips we've shared, you really can't go wrong. Buy what you like, mama! Can't decide? Here are three strollers we recommend:

  • The Perfect Everyday Stroller – The Colugo is a perfect everyday stroller, and the prints are TOO cute! Use code JORDAN for $20 off orders over $125 for NEW customers. If you don't love it, you have 100 days to return for a full refund.
  • Our All-Around Favorite – Guys, the Doona Carseat Stroller Combo is everything. We wish we'd found these years ago. They're so stinking portable, and easy to use!
  • Budget-Conscious Option – At under $200, the Safety 1st Smooth Ride System scores rave reviews on Amazon, so it's worth a look.

Have your heart set on another stroller? Go for it! Read the reviews, ask other moms for their opinion, and see if you can “test drive” the stroller in-store.


We hope this post was helpful! Enjoy the baby-shopping process, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for tons of parenting tips, plus the inside scoop on scoring deals and steals.

Want to help another mama out? Drop a comment below and tell us which stroller you love and why.

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Later, babes!


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