How to dress your bump WITHOUT buying maternity clothes!

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how to dress your bump WITHOUT buying maternity clothes! SO HELPFUL and super budget-friendly! From

As most of you know, I just had baby #6! (Wow, that still feels weird to say…). Just before McEwan was born, I filmed a much-requested video showing how I have managed to dress myself in a cute, comfortable way through SIX pregnancies (yeah, that still feels weird to say too…) WITHOUT having to buy an entire maternity wardrobe.

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Yes, you read that right. Today I'm sharing my best tips for how to dress your bump WITHOUT having to buy maternity clothes! Well, without having to buy many maternity clothes, that is. I do recommend buying just one thing, but still, that's pretty good, right?

I'm going to keep it short and sweet and get right to it. Check out the video HERE or click and watch below:

So there you have it! Loads of tips for dressing that cute (but complicated, at times) baby bump (and all the lumps and bumps that comes with it…) without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe.

Honestly, after 6 kids, the clothes I show in the video are basically my go-to styles ALL the time – pregnant, post-partum, or not.


how to dress your bump WITHOUT buying maternity clothes! SO HELPFUL and super budget-friendly! From

While I'm at it, here are some bonus tips!

Stores I love to shop at:

how to dress your bump WITHOUT buying maternity clothes! SO HELPFUL and super budget-friendly! From


Dressing your bump is one thing, but here are a few additional tips for dressing your body AFTER having the baby (especially when nursing!)

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes and dresses. It takes several months, or even years, for your body to shift back to normal. EVERYTHING is a mess, so give yourself some time before hugging those curves.
  • Find clothes with buttons or zippers in the front, for easy access to “the girls” when nursing.
  • Avoid one-piece items like jumpers, rompers, and dresses, unless they zip or button in the front. Otherwise you'll have to remove the entire piece of clothing when it comes time to nurse. Hello HASSLE! (IE: instead of a dress, wear a skirt and top. Instead of a romper, wear high-waist pants and a tucked in shirt.)
  • High-waist is KING! Jeans, skirts, shorts, even sweat pants. Avoid low-rise, go as high-waisted as possible, and it will smooth out your middle nicely.
  • Avoid bras with any kind of under wire. The more comfortable, the better! I don't even buy nursing bras. I just wear a soft sports bra with a little padding for support, and narrow straps like real bras have.

There you go! Hopefully that helps.

Happy Bump…ing?!


  1. Kara

    Heirloom is made in the USA too!?! <3 <3 Such a great find. Thank you. Love those cap sleeves.

  2. Anna

    I watched your video with the kitchen tour where you were pregnant and wearing a blue 3/4 sleeve shirt I believe with a zipper in the front top…I have been thinking about it ever since and want that shirt!!! I am pregnant now and you made it look so good…can you PLEASE share with me where you got it or where I could find styles like that??!

  3. Malina

    Where do you find vests? I love them but have had such a hard time finding any!

  4. crystal

    What sports bras do you wear for nursing?? Getting ready for baby number 2 and I didn’t use nursing bras either and just looking for more ideas.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Grab some at Target! They are awesome!

  5. Emily Bass

    Where do you find the loose fitting dresses??? Talk about life saving in the summer heat!!


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