Beat the Blues With These Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Mar 25, 2020 | Baby and Kids, Family Time, Lifestyle

Don't let the blues get you down—try these fun rainy day activities for kids to keep your spirits up and your days full of laughter. You'll have so much fun, you won't even know the sun isn't out!

Beat the blues with these rainy day activities for kids from Fun Cheap or Free!

When it rains, it pours… right!? Well, it has sure been pouring lately! No matter what the weather man throws our way, Spring has sprung and we are all itching to come out of hibernation and do something fun.

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Make the most of this beautiful season, even when the days are, well… not so beautiful. We have a TON of super fun ideas for you and your kids to fend off those rainy day blues from right at home. Let's get started!


Have fun even on the gloomy days with these rainy day activities for kids. Get them from Fun Cheap or Free!

Time spent in the kitchen can be both productive and fun. Try one of these rainy day kitchen activities to lift your spirits when you're stuck inside.

  • Bake Bread Together – Try your hand at making your own bread. It's SO YUMMY.
  • Cook Dinner Together – Make it a fun cooking lesson!
  • Make Homemade Pizzas – This one's a hit for all ages. Let the little ones wear aprons and a chef hat so they feel big!
  • Bake Cookies – Whip up some homemade cookies, bag them up and send them over to a neighbor as a random act of kindness.
  • Can Homemade Jam – Get out that water bath canner and canning jars and have some family fun!
  • Have a Baking Competition – Watch an episode of Chopped and then recreate it in your own kitchen with whatever you have on hand. Marshmallows, graham crackers, raisins… see what they can create!
  • Host a Pretend Cooking Show Get out your camera and video your own cooking show to share with the virtual world.
  • Have a Blind Taste Test – This one is so FUN! When they're blindfolded, give them bites of different foods and see if they can guess what it is.

Take the opportunity to teach them valuable life skills that can only be learned in the kitchen. They will thank you for it later!


Do you have a kid who loves to express their creativity through art? Here are some perfect rainy day activities for your crafter!

  • Make Paper Snowflakes – A classic favorite!
  • Paint Stain Glass Windows – Use painters tape to create a stained glass design on the inside of a window and paint sections with washable tempera paint.
  • Make Domino Designs – And then watch them fall!
  • Learn Origami – Get an origami kit or just use printer paper and a YouTube video.
  • Make Edible Finger Paint – Mix food dye with pudding cups or whipped cream.
  • Paint Rocks – Hide them around the yard, then hunt for them when the sun comes out.
  • Decorate Picture Frames – Use blank cardboard crafting frames or cut the middle out of a piece of construction paper!
  • Write Notes for People – Deliver to the nursing homes, homeless shelters, or to your very own neighbors.
  • Make Paper Airplanes – See which one will fly the farthest.
  • DIY Playdough – Make some homemade playdough! It lasts so much longer than the store-bought kind and it's a lot cheaper, too.
  • Make Sock Puppets – Put on a show!

These crafty activities are perfect for fending off rainy day blues. If you don't have everything you need at home for one of these activities, improvise and use what you DO have!


Beat the blues on those dreary days with INDOOR GAMES and more fun rainy day activities from Fun Cheap or Free!

Forget the movie marathon or binge watching tv… get your kids up and using their brains with these games you can play right at home. Get creative with it!

Play one of these or make up your own game with your own rules. It may just become a new game night staple in your household!


Mix up your normal bath routine and make it special with one of these exciting bath tub activities!

The best part? The bath tub keeps all messes contained in an easy to clean area. Well… for the most part!


Use these rainy day activities to have a blast without leaving your home! Get them from Fun Cheap or Free!

Here are a few more fun rainy day activities for kids that are a little bit out of the box. These will get your kids thinking in new ways and exploring their creativity without even realizing that they are actually learning. Parent WIN!

  • Make a Sensory Bin – Use colored rice, pasta, beans… whatever you have. There are SO many awesome variations.
  • Go “Camping” Indoors Set up a tent or make a fort and sleep there all night long. (Or at least let your kids sleep there!)
  • Put on a Play – Write it and perform it!
  • Do a Science Experiment – Use baking soda and vinegar for a cool reaction.
  • Rearrange the Furniture – This is a great way to cure cabin fever!
  • Take Silly Selfies – Funny filters, anyone?
  • Clean Out Closets – Make a plan to host a garage sale or donate your things to a local shelter.
  • Organize the Pantry – Yes—the kids can help! It's a great opportunity to teach them the importance of being organized.

No more rainy day blues for you! With this list of rainy day activities for kids, we are SURE you'll find something that will make your day inside special. Try one (or a bunch!) from the list and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Don't let the dreary days get you down! Beat the blues with these fun rainy day activities for kids from Fun Cheap or Free!

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