How to bake bread! (EASIEST bread recipe…ever.)

How to bake bread!! Easiest recipe EVER! Seriously, anyone can do this!

If you know me, you know I HATE to bake. And I'm terrible at it. But don't run! I may not be the best baker, but I'm about to teach you how to bake bread…and will hopefully blow your mind with how EASY this recipe is! All you need is a few ingredients and about 15 minutes to toss it together, and you're set.

When we started the Shelf Cooking challenge back in September, I started to look for ways that I could utilize my pantry items more. We go through bread like crazy in the Page household, and I wondered if I could start making my bread at home. And guess what?! I have found the best, easiest, and most delicious bread recipe ever! We make it with simple white flour to cut and use for toast and sandwich bread, but you could make it wheat if you'd prefer. I found this recipe from The Food Nanny . Liz is a friend of mine and is the sweetest lady around! And boy, she knows her bread! Hopefully you love it as much as me.

Check out how I made the bread online or click and watch below:


Easiest Bread Recipe

An easy bread recipe that everyone will love


  • 2 1/2 Cups Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Butter
  • 1/3 Cup Honey
  • 2 1/2 Tsp Active Dry Yeast
  • 1 Egg beaten
  • 2 Tsp Salt
  • 5-7 Cups All-Purpose Flour


  • Heat together the milk, butter and honey in
    the microwave for about 45 sec.; stir and
    heat for another 45 sec. Cool liquids down to
    lukewarm if too hot.
  • Pour the milk mixture into a large bowl or in
    a heavy duty mixer. Add the yeast, egg, salt
    and enough flour to stir together to make a
    moderately stiff dough. Knead for about 6 min.
    by hand or in a bread mixer.
  • Generously grease two bread pans. If you use the rectangle pans I use, you need to grease with Crisco!
  • Form dough into 2 loaves and place in pans. Cover
    with a dishtowel. Let dough rise until double.
    Bake at 350° for 30 to 35 min. on the middle
    rack, until browned on top. Enjoy!

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Now that you know how to make bread, give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comments!

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    • AvatarCarla Spremolla says

      1-I let it cool for a few hours before cutting it, berofe that is too tender.
      2- Put your hand on top of the loaf to grab it firmly adn use your thumb- index finger as reference for cutting
      3-Use a long serrated knife instead of a sharp blade one, move it down slowly while serrating.

    • AvatarCarla Spremolla says

      I always let it rise for an hour, but this depends a lot on room temperature.
      When it´s twice the size its time to get it into the oven

  1. AvatarDla says

    Dear Jordan,

    I am so PROUD of you! I hate to sound patronizing but you are doing such a wonderful job as a wife, mother and woman. I know what it takes to raise a family in our world and the effort you undertake in seeming to do so many things so easily….and still be an expert blogger. My hat is off to you and your handsome husband and sweet children! They are very blessed to have you as their mother. I was lucky enough to find your blog today and find it well done, sincere and helpful. I will be back for more and will tell my children and their spouses about your blog. So glad to know about and support your efforts.

    Your friend in Idaho

  2. AvatarTarrin says

    Just started making my own bread and i surprisingly love it! I feel so accomplished on bread day! Super mom! I’ll have to try this recipe too now… yum!

  3. AvatarUmaymah Shahid says

    I love easy recipes! Definitely going to give this a try! I’ve already shared this with several family members! Thank you Jordan!

  4. AvatarCourtney says

    I saw you post this on IG last week, and have wanted to try it ever since. I also have been wanting to try the Food Nanny’s bread recipe. I should’ve know that two of my favorite bloggers would love the same bread recipe! Now i’m for sure making it this weekend! Thanks for all you share!

  5. AvatarJessica says

    I used to make homemade bread, but it wouldn’t fall apart with sandwiches. I can’t wait to give this one a whirl. I’m following the food nanny again, loved her old byu tv show.

  6. AvatarKim Stubbs says

    I started using your PB&J hack about 6 months ago and it’s been a lifesaver in the mornings when packing lunches. Thank you!

  7. AvatarHolly Thompson says

    Raising a family of carboholics…this bread looks amazing and so easy so I’m hoping it will save me a trip to the store just to buy bread (which has happened a lot!). Thank you for sharing!

  8. AvatarAlyssa says

    I love making bread (is that weird??)! So I’m way excited to try this recipe. It’s been on my want to do list for a long time!

  9. AvatarLauren Williams says

    I’m so intimidated by making homemade bread but if you say it’s foul proof I’ll definitely give it a try! ?

  10. AvatarKrista Sidhu says

    I’ve been telling myself to bring out My breadmaker that I got as a wedding gift 8.5 yrs and have only used 4 or 5 times but this looks too good to not try before pulling the out again

  11. AvatarJoD says

    I have an old bread maker and a mixer with a dough hook. Maybe I should employ them both, freeze half the yield, and only make bread every other week. I’ll try it but I’ll probably go back to Costco 2-packs.

  12. AvatarDesiree Fryer says

    I seriously called my sister who just got an awesome mixer for Christmas and we have planned a bread making day! So excited to start making my own bread!!

  13. AvatarCandace says

    I am excited to try this!! I have not liked buying bread recently because it seems so silly when I know I have stuff to make it. Hopefully this easier recipe will help me want to make it. ?

  14. AvatarJeanette Voth says

    So excited to try this bread recipe!! I never make bread because it intimidates me and also I don’t love to cook so I’m all for fast and easy and this seems easy enough I could do it! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  15. AvatarMarisa Fox says

    I am seriously going to try this! I have wanted to make my own bread and this one seems the easiest! Can’t wait to try it

  16. AvatarLisa says

    Ah! Thank you!! I need to make this tomorrow! There’s nothing like the smell freshly baked bread!! Especially for this pregnant momma!! Comfort food is life! ?

  17. AvatarAbby walraven says

    I once made bread…it was as hard and heavy as a brick. We were newlyweds and my husband ate it with a straight face. We still laugh about it.

  18. AvatarNancy says

    Looks so easy I’m totally gonna try this. I don’t have bread pans but I’m pretty sure I saw some at the dollar store.

  19. AvatarMaristella Webley says

    You’ve helped me realize how simple but delicious making your own bread can be! I’m doing this Sunday for a family we are having over for Sunday dinner thanks for the frugal tips! Just found you tonight you guys are fun!

  20. AvatarMeggan says

    I have to try this recipe, thank you so much Jordan! I use a bread maker and already make all our bread but use a bulk mix I buy bagged from the supermarket, I want to try this one so bad so I am going to have to adapt for my machine I think(we don’t have a mixer) but this looks so delicious! I have had so much trouble finding pans like that in Australia though, i have been looking for nearly 2 years.

  21. AvatarNaKeisha Moffett says

    I have been dying to try this recipe!! I’m awful at baking but would love to learn how to make yummy homemade bread. My mom always made bread when I was little and those were some of my favorite days!! Can’t wait to give this recipe a try!

  22. AvatarLynds says

    Bought the pans!!! Must haves!! And this recipe is on point!!!!!! Does your fam like peanut butter? Cut two slices thick bread, put PB in the middle, dip in raw scrambled eggs and prepare like French toast…… eat with syrup! Delicious!!!! ?

  23. AvatarHeathet says

    Homemade bread is THE BEST!! You remind me of me when I first started making my own bread. I had always wanted to do, but in my head it was basically rocket science. Then one day is decided to go for it! I found a recipe that was supposedly “super easy” (and thank goodness that turned out to be the truth!!), and I just did it!! SO YUMMY!! I will definitely be giving this recipe a go!! Thanks!!

  24. AvatarJean says

    I had never made bread before and I was really nervous that it wasn’t going to come out right. This was great and easy to follow with the instructions and video. It’s a big bonus my husband loves homemade bread.

  25. AvatarS Thompson says

    I love that I have all of these ingredients in my pantry right now. I just saw the video on YouTube and can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  26. AvatarKristal Schimbeck says

    I can’t wait to try your bread recipe. My family can devour a homemade loaf like this in an hour. Love your posts!

  27. AvatarMaggie Seegmiller says

    Okay I watched your video and it looks easy BUT…….I don’t have a legit standing mixer and it’s been hard to convince myself to buy a kitchen aid! I mean we are on a TIGHT budget ?So is there another mixer that is a bit cheaper you suggest? I’m so torn because I love to bake, but just can’t bite the bullet and get the kitchen aid! ?‍♀️

  28. AvatarEdee says

    Whenever you post about making bread, I crave it because fresh bread slathered in butter is one of my guilty pleasures. I totally need to make some soon!!!

  29. AvatarKassie says

    So….I have never made a bread besides banana bread! ? Thanks for this recipe! I am for sure going to make this one! Yum!!

  30. AvatarMaria Gilbert says

    I have been wanting to try this and your salsa recipe! I have never made either one before!! I just be a terrible homemaker!! Hahaha

  31. AvatarAngie says

    I HAVE to try this recipe! I am well known in my family to be the exception to fool proof recipes, anything involving flour and yeast. I love homemade bread but I cannot bake to save my life. Pretty much making food in general, thanks Jordan for the recipe!

  32. AvatarKayla Monson says

    I have never made bread because I’m scared to use yeast ? Don’t worry I’m 28 so I should clearly have this skill already! This post gives me confidence that maybe I can!

  33. AvatarEmelia Shelley says

    I made this last week-so heckin yum! And way easy. My husband thought I had slaved all day making it, jokes on him ?

  34. AvatarLauren Hernandez says

    I bought all the ingredients just need a bread pan and I am going to have my girls help me. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  35. AvatarTina says

    Anyone try this gluten free yet?? I have Celiac disease and am ALWAYS looking for a great bread recipe, but have had little success. And I hate to waste expensive GF flour on something that my husband or I don’t end up even eating… Thanks!

  36. AvatarEri says

    About 2 weeks ago I bought wheat flour with the intent of making my own bread cause wow bead goes quickly at my house, but all the recipes I have looked into are so intimidating. Yours seems doable so tomorrow I’m putting on my apron and hoping mine come out as nice as yours ?

  37. AvatarSilipa Tusa says

    I gave this recipe a go last Sunday and it was a HIT in our house. Will definitely be making again ? thank you for sharing ?

  38. AvatarKarlee says

    We go through bread so fast! I’ve been thinking it would be a good idea to make my own but thought it would take too much time. Definitely giving this a try!

  39. AvatarMadison Wright says

    I tried this recipe last week using 100% whole wheat and it was great! It looked beautiful, and tasted so great!

  40. AvatarKelsey Schmidt says

    Ohhhh this will win me Big brownie points with the husband for sure! Homemade bread is his love language ? Thanks!

  41. AvatarKrista says

    Can’t wait to try this!! When my mom was newly married she made all their bread. Hamburger and hot dog buns too. I had totally forgotten she told me that.

  42. AvatarLeslie says

    I use to love making bread but got out of the habit! Thanks for this easy recipe!!!
    ( entering the Instagram giveaway)

  43. AvatarMichele Rittle says

    Super excited about this bread recipe. I have been wanting to make homemade bread again, and long since parted with my 1990’s bread maker. So when I saw this post I loved it. I love it even more because it is a typical loaf perfect for making sandwiches. Thanks Jordan!

  44. AvatarLana Smith says

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ve been making waffles for my kids for breakfast and freezing the extras for later and it’s been amazing so maybe it’s time to start making my own bread too!

  45. AvatarJocelyn Delgado says

    Homemade bread is the best. It usually goes so fast around here,especially if there is an open strawberry freezer jam.

  46. AvatarChristy Evereklian says

    I’ve always been scared of making my own bread… it always seemed like too much work! Excited to try this

  47. AvatarAllie Crouch says

    I can’t wait to try this! We spend so much money on bread and it’s usually just whatever in flavor. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  48. AvatarJulianne says

    Wo! This really is fail proof! I’ve made it twice already and have received several compliments on it too. It comes out perfect!!!!

  49. AvatarLauren says

    I used to make bread all the time for my husband and I then we had kids… I love your. If retangle pans. Someday I’m going to buy them.

    • AvatarJulie says

      Same with me! I can’t get it to rise and I have checked my expiration date on my yeast, and everything seems okay.

  50. AvatarStephanie says

    I’ve been wanting to make my own bread…I just didn’t want to invest in a bread machine to do it! Hopefully this recipe is easy enough that I can make it happen. Can’t wait to try this!

  51. AvatarDiana Burk says

    I can’t wait to try this! Shelf cooking was such an awesome challenge last fal, it’s good to try new things! Thanks for the recipe!

  52. AvatarTeresa Bess says

    This bread recipe looks amazing!! I’ve got to try it! I love that it’s just ingredients that are already in the kitchen!

  53. AvatarMichelle Kenworthy says

    Making bread is an awesome way of saving money. Plus so much better tasting and healthier too! I’ve been enjoying many of your money saving posts!

  54. AvatarDanell Squires says

    This is now my favorite bread recipe!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!! ❤️?

  55. AvatarNicole Morton says

    I have always been terrified of baking bread (because it must be difficult). But, this has given me the confidence to try it because this looks easy! Thanks for the recipe and confidence Jordan!

  56. AvatarTara says

    I used to make homemade bread all the time. Maybe I should start doing it again. I even took a breadmaking class in college…my roommates LOVED it! I was always bringing home homemade deliciousness.

  57. AvatarKeara Vega-Hernandez says

    I am no baker and everyone knows that so when my mom saw the yeast on my coutlnter she was when they came over for dinner everyone was blown away…when you say the easiest you aren’t kidding but so delicious also!!

  58. AvatarShaeLynn Casterson says

    So happy to try out this recipe! I love homemade bread but hate the time it takes! So we will try this! And hopefully save some cash in the meantime☺️

  59. AvatarTiara Wolfe says

    I love this. I got a bread machine at Goodwill and haven’t had a successful loaf yet. This is what I need! I’m the worst at baking. I can cook. I can’t bake. ?

  60. AvatarAlicia says

    I love making bread but sometimes think it is not worth the effort. This post really made me want to start making bread again. This recipe also sounds super easy

  61. AvatarAlaina says

    Ok! I’m going to give this a try. I’ve never been good at bread making…even with an actual bread maker Haha! But you’ve convinced me to try it!

  62. AvatarYanelys Abreu says

    I really need to try this! Thanks for the recipe!
    I need an GF recipe so I’d yiy have one please share! Thanks!

  63. AvatarHolly hart says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe. My husband and I are having our monthly budget talk next week and I will hopefully be buying those great bread pans. My mom uses them and loves them.

  64. AvatarAlicia M. says

    I would love to do this but I don’t own a stand up mixer! Whomp whomp whomp (like the sounds from old cartoons lol) 🙁 .

  65. AvatarKristin Owens says

    I’m so looking forward to making this bread! I have tried other homemade recipes but this one sounds the best! Xoxo

  66. AvatarKristin Owens says

    I am so looking forward to trying this bread! I have tried other homemade bread recipes but this one sounds the best!! Xoxo

  67. AvatarStephanie Jorgensen says

    A friend of mine gave me this recipe years ago and I misplaced it. Thank you for posting it!!! It’s so good.

  68. AvatarJulia says

    I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for a few months but still haven’t tried it because I’m not a fan of baking…but I need to bite the bullet and do it already!

  69. AvatarEmily Smith says

    Ummm…I might actually do this?! I can’t believe it. But I don’t ever bake anymore and this seems like a really easy way to save some ?

  70. AvatarKaylee Newman says

    I may be literally the worst cook ever and my husband is always beggin me to bake bread, but this actually looks manageable! Can’t wait to try it!

  71. AvatarBlair says

    Love this! I’m gonna have to try this recipe! We make our own sourdough which is an 8hr+ process. This looks a little less involved & I’m all about simple!

  72. AvatarCynthia Hughes says

    Love this! My husband and I are keeping an eye out for mixers on sale now so we can start making our own bread!

  73. AvatarJennifer says

    Thank you, thank you for posting this recipe it is delicious. I have made it every week since I seen it here, love it!!

  74. AvatarLora M says

    I have never made home made bread (something about it is intimidating). But this feels simple enough for me to give it a try! Thanks!

  75. AvatarShae Stanger says

    I am so excited to try this! I would love to make my own bread cause we go through it so fast – my daughter loves toast. Haha, thank you!

  76. AvatarJeana Steidinger says

    Made this recipe the other day and it’s super easy and so yummy!! Excited to have a bread recipe I’m not intimidated by!

  77. AvatarKendra says

    I’ve been watching and waiting for your bread recipe and bread pan link! I got a new BIG mixer (8qt commercial Kitchenaid) for Christmas that I want to start making bread again with!

  78. AvatarHeather Taylor says

    Okay those pans are legit and this recipe is far from intimidating! I also love that it’s stuff I already have in my pantry!

  79. AvatarCrazy Crain Train says

    I just bought two of the USA Pullman pans from Amazon after watching your YouTube video. I can’t wait to try your recipe. It looks doable. Thanks!

  80. AvatarSarah says

    I just made this bread today and it was perfect and delicious. I even watched your video twice because I needed to find the recipe and I took a screen shot of the recipe. And now I just found it at the bottom of the post. Thanks Fun Cheap or Free for helping make fun and cheap bread with so little effort!

  81. AvatarKara B says

    I loved your shelf cooking challenge. I made some bread during the challenge but I think I’ll have to try this recipe as well!

  82. AvatarTerri says

    This bread looks amazing! I love love your hacks and time saving ideas, need all I can get if that in my life! And warm bread on a cold winter day, oh yes please! Can’t wait to try!

  83. AvatarErica says

    I’ve made this bread twice and it was delicious but both times it didn’t rise! Am I doing something wrong? I’m not a baker so I have no idea what it could be. It tasted great but I definitely cannot use this for sandwiches. Please help!

  84. AvatarShonna says

    Gurrrrrrl this bread is ahhhhmazing!!! I make at least 2 loaves a week and they are the big pans too 16×4! We use this for homemade garlic bread with sketti, Alfredo, stuffed shells…umm basically any pasta ? We use it for sandwiches. Toast. You name it we prolly do it! We love homemade bread and this recipe is the bomb dot com!! Thank you for sharing the recipe and the pan!

  85. AvatarCarla Spremolla says

    Hi Jordan, Greetings from Uruguay! I really admire your energy!

    I´ve been baking this bread for a few months now and it´s always, always delicious! Once I run out of honey and used brown sugar and you couldn´t tell the difference.
    Since I work 9 to 5 during the week it has become part of my Saturday morning routine. I make this recipe twice in the morning and by night, cut it in 1cm slices and freeze it. Just put them in the toaster once to defrost or twice to toast and is ready to eat.
    Why cut it by night? Before then the bread is soooo tender that cutting straight slices is really difficult.

    Last week I even used this dough to make cinnamon rolls. Just spread the dough thin with a rolling pin put some butter, sugar and cinnamon on top (no measures here just do as you feel) . Then roll everything and cut one inch slices, put them on a cookie tray and let them rise.
    Really good with tea or coffee to get some heat in your body (sorry winter here ….)

  86. AvatarHayley Swearingen says

    If I want to just use this recipe in my bread machine to mix and bake do I just halve the ingredients? Thanks

  87. AvatarJacquelyn Reynolds says

    What temp do you warm the butter, honey and milk? I have to do this step on the stove (as my microwave just went out a few days ago). Thank you!

  88. Avatarkate says

    i keep making this recipe, it’s so amazing! i just reduce the honey, but leave the rest, it’s the best bread and it stays the same for days! thanks jordan!

  89. AvatarMeagan says

    I just want to let you know I’ve made this recipe only with dairy free substitutions and it still turned out fabulous! I used coconut milk and Earth balance vegan butter. Thanks!

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