Make-Ahead Freezer Sandwiches! Perfect for school lunches!

make-ahead freezer sandwiches for school lunches?? THIS IS BRILLIANT!

Hi Freebs!

Today's post is going to be a quick one because I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. #Thursday. I just wanted to be sure to share the video that went live on my channel today, because it's one you NEED IN YOUR LIFE!

Every Thursday I upload a new video to YouTube, and today we are talking make-ahead freezer sandwiches! I've already taught you about my Freezer PB&J's, today I'm showing you how I do the cutest little meat and cheese sandwiches. My kids freak out over these for school; they love them!

I'm in the process of “productifying” (not word, we're going to make it one…) my life. My goal is to do the work once, and maximize it in such a way that it continues to work for me again and again. This is the perfect way to do that! Take the time ONCE, and get many lunches out of it.

Excited for the video?? You should be. *wink*

Watch the video online HERE, or watch below:

Isn't that simple??

As I mentioned in the video, I would just recommend putting the cheese between the meat, because some cheeses thaw better than others – you don't want it sticking to the bread.

Again, see how I freezer PB&J's HERE. Really, you could do this with any combination of meat and cheese – I can't think of any that isn't freezer-friendly!

Hope this makes your life a little easier, as it has mine.

make-ahead freezer sandwiches for school lunches?? THIS IS BRILLIANT!

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Now, I gotta run, and figure out how to be 3 places at once…#momlife.

Have a great week, Freebs!


  1. Great video. We “productify” breakfast breads: banana, zucchini, chocolate zucchini, by making big batches in mini foil pans and freezing them. Serves the two of us generously and gives us a choice. Works with muffins, too. Now we need a Costco apple muffin copycat recipe. Got one, anyone?

  2. Thank you for this video. Another, time saver. Thankfully, my kids do like ham and cheese. I will be making these definitely. I feel the same….mine don’t like condiments either. Just plain ham/cheese.
    Also, I know you have the freezer PB&J as well. Is there a particular bread you recommend fairs better from frozen to thaw state? My kids are in elementary school so their lunch is like 11:30 and they don’t leave until 8:30 am. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jordan I would like to share this tip withyou to keep lettuce crispy and it should last 10 days take lettuce spinach and submerge it in a big pot with cold water and sprinkle baking soda in water not two much maybe quarter to half tsp mix well let rest 5 -10 min. Then rinse we’ll fill pot again with only cold water submerge clean lettuce in cold water then let it sit again 5-10 min. And walla extra crispy lettuce. Love it ? Try it please you’ll love it.

  4. Hi,
    I was just wondering how long it takes for these to be defrosted? My kids have lunch about 2 1/2 – 3 hours after they would leave the freezer. Thanks

  5. Doesn’t the bread get soggy when it thaws out? It seems like they would come out soggy as they thaw in the bag. Thanks!

  6. This is such a good tip! Those premake sandwiches are so expensive and you’ve figured out a budget friendly way to make them!

  7. This tip alongside with the way you use bread period (like using hot dog bread for French toast) changed my life!

  8. So my kids are weird and just started liking ham and cheese sandwiches (actually 1 kids won’t eat it with cheese, but still, progress!!) so now I can do these and save myself some time 🙂

  9. So simple and so smart. Even though a sandwich doesn’t take long to make, in the mornings when you have to make one for everyone in the family and you are exhausted, this is a life saver. Thanks!

  10. This is genius. It has saved my life. My kids aren’t in school so I never knew what I was missing but now I use them whenever we go to the park over the lunch hour, or zoo, or any trip and i don’t have to worry about warm ham and cheese!

  11. Will definitely be trying this once my oldest starts kindergarten this upcoming fall! Thank you for the great ideas!

  12. Love things that make school lunches easier! I hate making them but love that they are cheap and usually healthier than those nasty school lunches!

  13. I am obsessed with freezing everything. My mom is the queen of freezer meals and I am not that’s good, but I do try to double or triple everything I make so I have a good stock of frozen meals ready for busy nights!

  14. I love this tip! I had my firs 1st Grader this year and so packing school lunches is a new thing for me. But with baby twins, this was a definite time-saving mom hack. Thank you!

  15. I’ve been making these for weeks now and it has saved us a ton!! My husband and kids use them for lunch we are always on the go for sports and errands so they are a huge time saver and on leftover nights when there isn’t quite enough they are winners then also!!

  16. This truly is brilliant! My kids are too young for school, and we are home most of the time so I don’t use it right now. However, this fall I will definitely be using this trick when my son starts preschool!

  17. I’ve told so many people about this freezing sandwich tip. Such a game changer!! Thanks for giving me this knowledge so I can *try to* stay sane!!

  18. This is such a genius/why didn’t I think if that idea. Totally will help out when I’m in my sluggish/anxious/depression moments so none of my family starves. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks and help us moms who are just trying. ?

  19. I did this for my husbands lunches. He LOVES them and it makes it so easy to pack! I’m excited to do it when my daughter is older 🙂

  20. What’s the best freezer bags cause mine are frosting on the inside … I did this let month wrote little notes on the bag for husband and he still hasn’t eaten them

  21. I know this is for school lunches but I’m a single working girl and these work great for me too so great shout! Xx

  22. Ha! I made these thinking it would be a total flop but my very picky 8 year old daughter loved it! We used Hawaiian rolls because they’re sweet and delicious. She doesn’t like cheese or miracle whip so it was pretty much bread and meat. Thanks for the idea.

  23. These seriously look so amazing and easy to make! We buy fast food a lot because it just takes so much time to cook in the moment so these look awesome to prepare ahead to help limit the costs of eating out!! ❤️❤️

  24. Extra tip! Thinner sandwich bread gets a little soggy sometimes, but if you put a very thin layer of butter/margarine on the inside (make sure to cover the whole surface area), it will product the bread from moisture from the meat as it thaws!
    I use the spreadable fake “butter” because I can get the thinnest layer with a good seal and not worry about softening real butter but not letting it melt.

  25. I have to try these sandwiches. We imitated your school snack system and for the most part it is going great!

  26. How long can you freeze these for? Without them going bad and how to you prevent soggy bread? Cannot wait to try!

    • I would suggest using them within a month or two. The best way to prevent soggy or dried out bread is to make sure that it’s not exposed to too much air in the freezing and thawing process. Wrap the sandwiches tightly and then let them thaw naturally at room temp or even in the fridge to avoid condensation making the bread soggy. Check out this post for more info:

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