Frozen sandwiches are just about the best lunch meal prep hack out there! Throw them together on the weekend and you'll have a quick grab-and-go lunch, perfect for school or work. Bonus? They'll save you loads of money!

Frozen sandwiches in individual baggies on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free

It's early, and you've got kids at school, kids at home, or you're just busy trying to get everyone out the door on time. Packing a lunch can be the bane of your existence, but it doesn't have to be! Skip the drive-throughs and expensive school lunches and listen up, Freebs, because we're about to change. your. life.

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Oh yea, you read that right! We are allll about frozen sandwiches because they're such an easy lunch meal prep idea. Our kids love our freezer PB&J sandwiches and they're such a breeze to make. Today, we're bringing you the cutest little meat and cheese sandwiches that both kids and adults will love! You can make a whole batch in about 10 minutes… Talk about a meal prep win!

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Isn't that crazy simple and yet mind-blowing all at the same time?? Frozen sandwiches are seriously a game-changer when it comes to lunch meal prep. You don't even have to be leaving the house to eat them, either! There have been plenty of busy days around the house where we'll pull them out after breakfast so we can have a quick and easy lunch at home. #NoFussNoMuss


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It really doesn't take much to throw these easy little bundles of joy together. We fully believe in going the extra step to be more productive and efficient in all aspects of life, and this is no different! Take the short amount of time to throw these frozen sandwiches together and you'll reap the rewards with enough lunches to last you a few days (or weeks)!

You can even have the whole family hop in and help make them make things go quicker! We like to get together on the weekend and make a lot at once. Then, the kids can easily grab them from the freezer in the mornings when they're packing their lunches. And it's easy for adults to grab and go on the way out the door as well!


Ingredients to make frozen sandwiches, including bread, meat, cheese, and mayo, from Fun Cheap or Free

These meat and cheese sandwiches are pretty basic and very versatile! You can use what you've already got on hand to make them work for you. Now that's what we call shelf cooking!

  • Bread – You can really get creative here! We love using Hawaiian rolls, but any dinner rolls will do. You can also cut sub or hoagie rolls in half or thirds. Regular bread or homemade bread will also work. Use what you've got before it goes bad!
  • Meat – Any lunch meat your family loves will work here. You can also use leftover ham or turkey, just slice it as thin as possible so it'll thaw quickly.
  • Cheese – Here's your opportunity to mix it up! You can't go wrong with any cheese, here. If you're using the square sandwich slices, just tear them down to the right size to fit on the frozen sandwiches. Or you can thinly slice it directly off a block of cheese. Whatever works!
  • Condiments – Add on your favorite condiments to give ‘er a little extra kick of flavor! Some of our favorites include mustard, mayo, Miracle Whip, and honey mustard. Or, if your family isn't a fan of condiments, then leave these sandwiches dry and they'll be just as tasty.

Pro Tip: Label the baggie if you're using various meats, cheeses, or condiments that not everybody in the family likes. Nobody wants to grab a bag thinking it's a dry ham and cheddar, only to realize it's turkey, pepperjack, and mustard!


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Now that you've got all of the ingredients handy, the only other thing you'll need are some sandwich baggies (Check out these reusable ones here!) and a gallon-sized freezer baggie and you'll be ready to go! Ready to make the easiest frozen sandwich recipe known to man?

Frozen sandwiches in individual baggies on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free

Meat and Cheese Frozen Sandwiches

Jump on the lunch meal prep train with these easy and versatile sandwiches! They'll make busy school or work mornings a breeze and are a great way to use up food that's going bad.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 12 servings


  • 12-count pkg Hawaiian rolls (or hoagies cut in half, or regular bread)
  • 24 slices lunch meat (or leftover ham or turkey)
  • 12 slices cheese
  • Condiments, such as mustard, mayo, miracle whip, or honey mustard (optional)


  • Cut rolls in half.
  • Add one slice of meat (folded to fit on the roll), cheese (also folded), condiments, second slice of meat, then bread.
  • Repeat for each roll!
  • Add one or two sandwiches to a sandwich baggie, removing as much air as possible. (Don't forget to label the bags if they're different!) Add all baggies to a freezer bag and stick in the freezer.
  • Pull them out of the freezer the morning of and they'll be thawed by lunch!


You only want your bread touching the meat, not the condiments or cheese! Some can thaw weirdly with the bread, leaving you with a soggy mess. But the meat thaws fine while touching the bread!
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So easy, right?! We love how quick this lunch meal prep is and how much time it'll save you on busy mornings. #Winning


Frozen sandwiches in a freezer bag, from Fun Cheap or Free

Once you have your sandwiches assembled (making sure your bread is only touching meat and the cheese and condiments are between each slice of meat), add one or two sandwiches to a sandwich baggie. Get as much air out as possible to prevent freezer burn! (Label the baggies if they're different.)

Add all the sandwiches baggies to a freezer bag and stick that bad boy in the freezer. When you need some for lunch, simply pull your sandwich bags out of the freezer in the morning and the frozen sandwiches will thaw by lunch!

Hope this makes your life a little easier, as it has ours. If you liked these tips, then make sure you check out our post about kids' lunch meal prep ideas. You're sure to find all kinds of great tips like this!

Do you lunch meal prep like these frozen sandwiches? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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