Easy Edible Finger Paint Recipe for Kids – PUDDING Finger Paint

May 15, 2020 | Baby and Kids, Lifestyle

As much as we love our kids, they sure know how to drive us nuts when we're together all the time, right? Try this fun and easy DIY edible finger paint to keep them happy and those little hands busy. It may just save your sanity for a while!

Edible finger paint using PUDDING! Recipe from Fun Cheap or Free

Without school to entertain their little brains, kids can quickly get bored. There are only so. many. things. to entertain them with! One activity that always seems to keep them entertained for more than just a few minutes is FINGER PAINT.  

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With so many different versions of DIY finger paint out there, it can be hard to know which one to try.  When we discovered this fun edible finger paint recipe, we knew it was a WIN!

Let's be honest, kids put things in their mouths… so why not give them something that's also edible? It's one less thing you have to worry about them putting in their mouth and it's an easy snack! This little DIY art activity is honestly SO EASY—even your kids can even help you make it.  


Your kids are going to LOVE this fun edible finger paint from Fun Cheap or Free!

You can use this edible finger paint recipe in a lot of applications. Use it on regular paper, butcher paper on the floor, on a plate or anywhere else you can think of! One of our favorite ways to use this edible finger paint, though, is on a clean, white plastic table cloth.

Cover your painting area with your table cloth (white is best because it is like a blank canvas), place the edible finger paints on the table cloth and let your kids go crazy. There are no rules here… they can get as messy as they want as long as they keep it on the plastic. The table cloth makes clean up a breeze—just pick it all up and toss it in the trash! As for the mess on your kids… well, you'll probably need a bathtub for that. 😉


Edible finger paints aren't just good for expressing creativity, use them to teach art lessons as well. Have your child mix colors together and see what happens. Can they guess what new color will result when two colors are mixed? Make it an experiment!


Make edible finger paint using pudding - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

This edible finger paint recipe is SO EASY and will be a hit for kids of all ages!



Whip up your batch in a muffin tin and let the kids go to town! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free
  1. Following the instructions on the box, make your instant pudding.
  2. Divide your pudding mix equally into your muffin pan.
  3. Put 4-6 drops of food coloring in each muffin cup and mix until blended.
  4. Set your pudding paint outside, on the table, or wherever you want your kids to paint and give them a piece of butcher paper or white plastic table cloth.
  5. Step back and watch your kiddos make their masterpieces!


Let the kids use a lot of different things to paint with that they can also eat! Edible finger paint ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Give your kids some edible finger foods (grapes, graham crackers, apples, etc.) to dip in their pudding paint and use as paint brushes.  Once they are done painting, let them eat it as a snack!

If your kids are a little older, have a finger painting contest. See who can paint the best pudding picture or who can write their name the fastest! Give the winner a high-five, or maybe even a small treat like a Hershey Kiss.

If you want to get super crazy, have one person sit at the table and put their hands behind their back. The other will stand behind them and be their hands. The one sitting at the table with their hands behind their back will give directions on how to paint a picture and the one using their hands will have to try to follow the directions without seeing a thing.

This game guarantees lots of laughs… but have plenty of wipes handy, too, because this one WILL get messy!

Fun, right?! This DIY edible finger paint is such a simple, easy-breezy activity that your kids are bound to love. The easy clean up makes it a parent win, too!

Do you have any edible art activities that you and your kids love? Let us know in the comments below!

Make this fun activity for kids made out of pudding! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

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