10 Tips to Pamper Yourself on a Budget

Apr 28, 2022 | Beauty, Budgeting, How To Save Money, Lifestyle

Do you like getting pampered but don't quite have the money to make it happen? I was once in the same boat you were, but learned a few AH-MAZING tips for frugal pampering that helped! Plus a few DIY ways to pamper yourself!

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Growing up, my mom always had beautiful French tip nails. I admired them as a little girl, and often thought, “I can’t wait til I’m a grownup and can have fancy nails, too.” Welp, grownup-hood came, and so did bills… debt… babies… expenses… budgets… mortgage… groceries… and all the other “grownup” things. For years, in an effort to be responsible with our money, I followed quite a few frugal pampering tips.

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The truth is, sometimes getting a manicure just isn't in the budget. That being said, you can still pamper yourself without breaking the bank and forgetting your financial goals! Here are some of my frugal “pampering” tips so you don’t have to completely neglect yourself when on a budget!

Beauty Hacks for Pampering Yourself

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  • Use Beauty Schools – Utilize beauty schools for hair, nails, and even facials and massages! It may take longer than usual, but typically you can get these services at a fraction of the cost. Just be really specific about what you want and understand that these are still service providers in training!
  • Don’t Paint Your Whole Nail – If you do get your nails done professionally, get a natural color, ombre, or french tips. This makes the grow-out less obvious and lets you stretch out the time between services. Win!
  • Use Those Connections – If you have a friend or family member who does hair, nails, or esthetics, ask them to buy products for you at a discount. If you offer a service or good yourself, maybe even ask them if you can trade for service so you aren't out a cent! Friends and family are often more than willing to help out—you just have to ask!
  • Ombre Is The Way To Go – When your highlights go all the way to your root, it’s much more noticeable when you’re in need of a touch-up. With ombrĂ© coloring I only do my hair once every 6-8 months, and it looks intentional. Ombre is definitely the best way to achieve that professionally done hair look on a budget. Low maintenance, baby!
  • Choose A Different Service – Need something that requires even less maintenance? Skip the color all together and just get a blowout or shine treatment. You'll leave feeling pampered but won't be required to keep up with anything!
  • Skip The Department Store – So many people think that department store makeup is better than drugstore makeup. However, that's not entirely true! These days, you can find amazing makeup options at your local drugstore for just a fraction of the price you would pay for the same product at a makeup counter in a department store.

Pamper Yourself At Home

DIY lemon scrub in a jar from Fun Cheap or Free.

Want to save money? Frugal pampering DIYs are a great way to do just that! Make and do things at a fraction of the cost you would normally spend if you had a professional service done or went to a beauty supply store. The best part is you don't have to be that crafty, either!

Check out some of my personal favorite DIYs below!

  • DIY Lemon Scrub – This 3 ingredient lemon scrub is a super cheap and easy way to make your skin feel great and pampered for pennies!
  • Easy 10 Minute Make-Up Routine – My 10 minute make-up routine is easy and affordable, but still leaves you feeling pampered!
  • 11 Beauty Hacks – These 11 frugal beauty hacks will help you look your best without breaking the bank!
  • Homemade Soaps – These homemade soap recipes are simple and effective. Plus, they are just plain fun to make and can save you big over time!

One of the most common ways people pamper themselves at home is a warm, relaxing bath. It seems totally stereotypical, I know, but don’t underestimate the power of a long soak in hot water! 

Fill up your tub with warm water, light a candle (or a few!), and toss in your favorite add-in. Here are some ides:

Make your bath count! Grab a good book, turn on some music, or simply close your eyes and take a nice, long soak. You deserve it! 

Pamper Yourself With Easy Rewards

Tons of beauty places like Ulta and Sephora offer rewards programs that are free to sign-up for. These programs give you points that add up and lead to freebies over time! This way you can still get those products to help you pamper yourself, but you still get rewards and freebies in the process. You know we all love a good freebie…

Another one of my favorite tricks to earn free stuff is to use Rakuten!

Do you love to shop online? Every time you do with Rakuten, you get cash back! So start shopping smarter and sign up HERE! Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Pamper Yourself By Breaking A Sweat

Woman working out at home from Fun Cheap or Free.

Wait, what?! Pamper yourself by working out?? It’s true, exercise is an excellent way to pamper yourself. It may not sound fun, but it’s an important part of self-care and you always leave feeling great! 

However, going to a gym or an exclusive workout center can get expensive. Instead, work out at home. Follow along to free exercise videos on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime and reap the benefits without having to pay a hefty membership fee. Plus, there’s no pressure to buy fancy gym clothes, it saves you driving time and gas money, and there are SO many free online options that you will always be able to find a workout that you truly enjoy.

Sacrifice Does Not Equal Deprivation

Well, there you have it, Freebs—my 10 tips to pamper yourself on a budget. If the idea of frugal pampering makes you long for the ability to afford high-end beauty services, don't fret. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After 10 years of embracing the phrase “sacrifice is giving up something GOOD, for something GREAT” teaching and following budgeting tips, and staying focused on the long-term plan, I finally got to the point where I felt that getting my nails done was an expense I was happy to make each month. Guess what.. you can too!

These days, getting my nails done is the highlight of my month. Not only because I get to sit and zone out for an hour (though, that’s super nice too!), but because every time I look at these sparkly beauts, I am reminded of how good it feels to do “grownup things”…the right way.

I promise sacrifice does NOT have to be the worst thing in the world. What are you working toward? What do you need? Let me help!

My budgeting program, BudgetBootCamp.com will help you whip your budget into shape in no time! Let’s get you those nails, eh?

Want more self-care tips and tricks?

Happy pampering!


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