11 Best Beauty Hacks You NEED in Your Life!

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Live your most amazing life while saving time and money, no matter what circumstances throw at you! With this helpful list of beauty hacks, you'll rule your look without having to drop cash like you’re a celebrity. #SelfCare

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As busy moms and die-hard frugalistas, we're huge believers in beauty hacks…especially BEAUTY HACKS. There are so many ways to look and feel great that you may never have considered. We’re all very busy, so we’ve got to shave time and dollars spent wherever possible. 

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In this post, we're sharing our favorite tried-and-true beauty hacks that will help you get the most from your beauty dollars spent and make use of common household items.


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Great makeup starts with healthy skin. Put your best face forward and have enviable skin with these quick tips that are absolutely free! 

  • Banish Oily Skin with this Public Bathroom Staple – You know those paper toilet seat covers you find in public restrooms? They're essentially the same thing sold by skincare and cosmetics companies for a higher price as “blotting tissue.” They are the BEST at grabbing all that face oil that may seep through your makeup! I have NO SHAME about grabbing a clean paper toilet seat cover, folding it up, and blotting away!
  • Add Shimmer to Your Skin – Celebrities on the red carpet spend a lot for shimmery, dewy skin. Fake this look on your arms and legs by adding a little bit of your face highlighter to your body lotion. Then slather it on and watch your skin shine! 

As you can see, with a few tricks, you're putting your best face forward. Go get it, girl!


Hoping for better hair every day of the week without dropping big bucks at the salon for blowouts and expensive treatments? Check out these tips to score dreamy, salon-quality locks that'll cost you next to nothing:

  • Drop the Towel and Grab a T-Shirt to Ditch the Frizz – If you have curly hair or tend to get frizzy after the shower, keep those towels for the beach and wrap your hair up in a t-shirt instead! The fabric won't pull or break hair as towels can. A tee will gently absorb water, giving you luscious locks, every time! (You can even buy a towel made of cotton t-shirt material!)
  • Dirty Hair? Don’t Care! – We've all been there… mom life has taken over, and your hair has been in a top knot for a day… or two… okay, even three days. Your fave dry shampoo is gone. This is the stuff of nightmares, right?!? Have no fear — you don't need expensive dry shampoo to revive your style — a small sprinkling of baby powder will do! Rub it in your roots and brush it in, or use your fingers to tousle it around. VOILA! Perfect hair that smells like a baby's bum! (A good-smelling baby's bum.)
  • Great Hair Is Made at Night – If you're battling frizz, the culprit could be your pillowcase! Consider swapping out your cotton one for a silk pillowcase to reduce friction. You’ll wake up to better hair each morning.
  • Get a Salon-Worthy Shampoo at Home – Have you ever noticed that your salon shampoo seems to do a better job than your at-home shampoo? You can hack this at home! Simply lather up and shampoo your hair in the shower. After you rinse, lather up again and shampoo a second time. The first shampoo removes all the dirt, oil, and impurities from your hair. The second wash refreshes and nourishes your clean hair before you condition. Give it a try! 


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Makeup can be so expensive!! It’s also one of those products that we continually buy, so it's no wonder that we’re all for finding ways to look great for less and make it last longer. You’re sure to find a couple of ways to up your makeup game in our hacks below:

  • Make Your Mascara Last Longer with Saline Solution – It's true, a few drops of regular old saline solution for contacts dropped into your getting-too-dry mascara will perk it right up and make it like new! PS – I did an entire post about this a while back: How to Make Mascara Last 2x Longer!
  • Give your Eyelash Curler Staying Power – All you need for this simple hack is your eyelash curler and a blowdryer. Turn the heat on that dryer, and warm up your curler for around 5 seconds. BAM! Glam lashes in five seconds flat!
  • Get Enviable Eyebrows with a Good Ol’ Pencil – Grab a pencil (pen, or whatever you have handy), and use that to help you decide HOW to sculpt your eyebrows! It takes the guesswork out and gives you those perfectly on-trend, fashionista brows in a snap!
  • DIY “Fiber” Mascara on the Cheap – Remember a few years ago when we were all rushing to buy that amazing (but pricey) fiber mascara? Create your own with this simple hack! Apply your mascara, and while it's still wet, put some baby powder on a Q-tip and dab it on your lashes. Once it's dried, apply another coat of mascara, and it will cling to the powder. You’ll be amazed at the boost it gives to your lashes. (Check out this AWESOME and affordable fiber mascara for a fraction of the cost of most! Use code JORDAN for 10% off!)


Try these genius hacks to get the luscious lips we all envy. They cost you next to nothing, and you'll look polished and put together every time:

  • DIY Venom Lip Gloss – Have you seen those fancy glosses at the beauty counter that make your lips tingle and plump? Grab your favorite gloss, and throw in a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix it around and apply. BOOM. You'll have plumped lips, and fresh breath too. Score!
  • Fake Extra Pouty Lips – This one is super easy — grab a light-colored, shimmery shadow, and pucker those lips! Put the shadow right in the middle of that pout for instantly plumper looking lips!
  • An Oldie, but a Goodie – No girl likes to check the mirror after a long day to see that their new lipstick worked its way all. over. her. teeth! Eww! Prevent it by applying your lipstick, then making a big pucker with those lips — put your finger in your mouth, pull it out, and any lipstick that would have stuck on those choppers is now on your finger instead!


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Need some extra ways to make your makeup and skin look flawless? Here are a few more that we love.

  • Good to the Last Drop – We pay a lot for liquid foundations and moisturizers. Make sure that you get to use every last drop of product in a bottle by purchasing a Spatty or mini spatula. These handy tools can get into the small bottles and grab that last little bit. 
  • Contour for a Killer Collarbone – Use your contour powder, and get to shading! Apply the darker powder to your collarbones (and any other spots you want to shadow-up, and pop more… ahem… cleavage, anyone?), and highlighter to catch the light. You'll have instant definition!
  • Clean Those Makeup Brushes! – A great makeup application starts with clean makeup brushes. You'll be astounded at the difference it makes! No need for expensive gadgets or products to clean your brushes, though. You can clean your brushes by filling the sink with warm water and a little bit of gentle baby shampoo

With this giant list of hacks, you'll save a bundle on your beauty budget. We’d love to hear which hacks YOU use and which ones are your favorite?

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