If you only have ten minutes and need to know how to curl your hair, then this post is for you. Follow along and get beautiful curls, quick!

How To Curl Hair from Fun Cheap or Free

Ok, ok, ok! You guys are always asking me how I curl my hair when it’s long. In true Jordan fashion, I did a quick video showing you how to curl hair! Curling my hair is quicker than straightening it, because I can get this look in less than 10 minutes. When my hair is long, it's my solid go-to for just about every day of the week!

Definitely keep in mind that I’m not a hair stylist! I literally have no clue what I’m doing. But you asked for tips on how to curl your hair, so here you go! I’m obviously not creative since it’s basically all that I do when my hair is long, but it works and it’s quick!

Ok, now watch the video HERE!

Super easy, right? Now let’s go over that video with a recap!


Since we all wake up with a little bedhead in the morning, I always take a straightener and go over the top couple of inches of my hair. This gets rid of any cowlicks or weird things that happened during the night while I was sleeping. Just make sure that you don’t straighten all of your hair or it’ll make it more difficult for it to hold the curl.

I definitely recommend a professional straightener. I have a Chi that I got using a discount from Groupon and a Nume that was a gift. I love both of them!


I like to add some volume to my hair when I have a really long day ahead of me where I need my hair to hold. I also like to do this when I have a date night where I want my hair to have some va-va-voom to it. To add some volume, I take a teasing tail comb and just tease my hair a little bit on top. I’ll grab a chunk of hair and back-comb it a couple of times. Just make sure that you be gentle when you do it!

I don’t use a ton of product when I’m curling my hair, but dry shampoo is a busy mom’s best friend! I use Batiste Dry Shampoo and I love it because you can get it tinted to match your hair color. Every day, I spray a little bit on my roots, and it really helps to give me that tiny bit of texture that I’m looking for. It’s also great for if your hair is oily or needs to be washed. I tease my hair one more time after spraying it to really help it get a little bit more body and a lot more lift.


I use my favorite Hot Tools curling iron to curl my hair. You can also do it with a curling wand, but I’ve found that I like to use a curling iron instead. So, let’s get on with how to curl your hair! First things first, make sure that you always curl your hair AWAY from your face. So you’ll be curling it one direction on one half of your head, and the other direction on the other half of your head.

How to curl your hair with a curling iron from Fun Cheap or Free

In my mind, I divide my hair into 2 sections, the top half and the bottom half. I grab a chunk from the top section, start at the base of my hair, and glide my curling iron through my hair to wrap it all the way around it, leaving an inch or two of the tips out. This gives it a more relaxed and natural look, rather than it looking like really tight ringlets. It also helps to keep your hair a little more healthy since it’s not putting heat directly onto the ends!

After holding it for a little bit while the hair all gets hot, I let it go and that’s it! I let the curl dangle and cool off while I start on the next chunk of hair on the bottom half. And you do that all the way around your head!

To get the signature Jordan look with the big swoop in the front, I cheat a little bit. I grab the hair at the end with the curling iron and roll it in as tightly as I can. I hold it until it gets nice and warm, release it, and then I try not to touch it.


The curl will relax on its own. But if you want a softer look, you can do one of two things. Once it’s cooled, you can take your fingers and shake up your roots a little bit. Make sure that you DON’T brush through it, though! You can also flip your head over and back up, which will give it some good body and volume and will break up the curls.

So there you have it! Now you know how to curl your hair just like I do when my hair is long! Do you have any tips or tricks on curling hair? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

How To Curl Your Hair The Quick And Easy Way from Fun Cheap or Free

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