I was just vacuuming and thought “man, I love this thing…” so I thought I'd share a quick Favorite Things for you!

There are two vacuums I love, love, love. I have both of them and use them for different purposes. One is a steal, one is definitely worth the investment! We'll start with the steal:

The Steal: Bissell 3-in-1 Vac

I got this baby on Black Friday from Wal Mart for just $8. I had been on the hunt for a small vacuum to keep in my kitchen to pick up the Cheerios and crumbs that my toddler seems to spread EVERYWHERE.

I was wary of an $8 vacuum, but let me tell you…

Here's why I love it:
  • It is NOT cordless (which I was hesitant about at first…) which makes it super powerful. This baby will suck the hair off your arms if you want it to. (Ok that's an exaggeration, but I was surprised at what this baby sucks up.)
  • It's itty-bitty. I keep it tucked away in my pantry, it takes up no more space than a broom.
  • It's cheap! I got it for $8 but I think it's only about $20.
  • It has three different options:
While I don't recommend vacuuming all your carpet with this vacuum like it shows in the pictures, it's perfect for wood floors, your kitchen, vacuuming your couches, even sucking crumbs, sugar, and other annoying stuff off of your counters!
I love this little thing and recommend it for hard surfaces.
Even my little guy loves it:

Click HERE for more info.

Worth the investment: Dyson

When I told my husband I wanted a $400 vacuum he nearly choked. But after doing his research (he's a thorough researcher) he came to the bright side and realized there is nothing out there that even comes close to the power and durability of a Dyson.
We bought a $220 vacuum with wedding gift cards and had to return it less than 1 year later because it pooped out on us! By spending a little more you can get one that will potentially last you your entire life.
You should be vacuuming every other day or every 2 days to preserve the life of your carpets; even if they look clean. Invest in quality vacuums is my opinion!

Here's why I love it:

  • The power. This baby is amazing. You think your carpet looks clean, then you vacuum and the canister is COMPLETELY full of nasy, gray, dusty gunk that you didn't know existed on your floors!
  • It's great for pets. We have a big dog that sheds A LOT and this is the only thing we could find that gets all the pet hair.
  • The warranty. Dyson vacs some with a 5 year manufacture's warranty. BUT…I bought mine from Bed Bath and Beyond using a 20% off coupon that comes in the mail (sign up for them HERE) and they have a lifetime warranty at their store! You can return it at any time and they'll replace it for you. Bam, baby!! (I imagine it's the same thing at Costco, but I'm not certain.)
  • I love the no-bag canister. It's satisfying to see all the gunk it sucks up when you're done vacuuming 🙂
  • It's just plain cool looking.
I prefer my small vacuum for hard surfaces (it's just faster) but this is the only thing I'll use on my carpets. It's truly amazing, and I recommend it!
The Dyson we went with is this one. My hubby did the research and found that it has the most suction and most volume in the canister (or, it did at the time of purchase, anyway…). Do your research to find what works best for you!

So those are my favorite vacs. Hopefully you've found what works best for you. If not, give these a try!