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Ahhh. Spring, summer, GLORIOUS time of year. Time for barbecues, swimming…and shopping! If you remember, The “J” months (January and June/July) are the best times of year to shop. You will find better deals in the J months than Black Friday, most times!

For me, I'm a huge fan of shopping online…since hauling 5 kids to a store of any kind is basically my personal idea of torture. I've had an influx of questions lately about shopping online, and how to do it without overspending or buying the wrong thing, so today I thought I'd share my best tips and tricks with you!

As I've been saying for about 8,000 years, remember to sign up for Ebates BEFORE you shop online, though. You're WASTING MONEY if you don't! See why, and lots of other tips, in the video!

Watch the video online or click and watch below:


Woo hoo! So hopefully that helps you be able to shop online WITHOUT buying a bunch of expensive lemons.

Need something you can't really afford right now? No problem, just remember my 3 month rule. Just wait a little bit and set money aside, then you'll be ready to pounce when the price is right.

Here's the link to getting $10 FREE when you spend your first $25 through Ebates. I've been talking about it since 2013 so if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, let's get on that, eh??

Some of my favs to shop are Sephora, ULTA, Macy’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Children’s Place and 2000+ others offer Cash Back as well! Check out the stores below that are Double Cash Back for a limited time this week only!

Memorial Day Double Cash Back deals at Ebates (May 23-29, 2017)

Kohl’s – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
JCPenney – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
LOFT – was 2%, now get 4% Cash Back
Macy’s – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
Overstock . com – was 2%, now get 4% Cash Back
Pier 1 Imports – was 2%, now get 4% Cash Back
American Eagle – was 2.5%, now get 5% Cash Back
Barnes and Noble – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
Barney’s New York – was 3%, now get 6% Cash Back
And more…

Take advantage, and happy shopping!






Thanks to Ebates for sponsoring this video. It was MY idea and opinions of course, so I thank them for being willing to sponsor it so I can keep free content coming your way on this blog!


  1. AvatarRachel Schuth says

    Thanks, Jordon, for all your helpful tips! As well as following you for a long time, I’ve been using Ebates a little while now, but knowing about the in-store option is awesome.

    I love the way you decorate your home–my family just moved this past weekend into our first house! We’re trying to do careful planning and to spend our money decorating slowly, and I’d be very interested to hear how you planned your decorating all to fit a theme! And just how you planned in general. Picking a certain style and colors and sticking to them is hard for me, haha! So, buying a little at a time is tough when I want to jump to the finish line and see how nice a style looks in a room (before I change my mind), if you know what I mean. So, hearing your experience would be great!

  2. AvatarAmanda King says

    Loved this video! One question though…when shopping online how do avoid the expensive shipping fees???

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Ship to store!! Or sometimes if you reach a certain amount shipping is free, OR, check Retail Me Not for free shipping codes!

  3. AvatarMissy Hyde says

    Before you buy check for a discounted gift card. The item then ends up being 5% or up 20% off additionally. Make sure to go through Ebates to get 1% back.

  4. AvatarCassidy Brady says

    I wanted to check out ebates but jusy never gave them a shot, but I’ll look what they got going on! Thanks Jordan!

  5. AvatarNatalie DeTurk says

    Thank you for the great tips for online shopping. I have been ill, so shopping online has been much easier than sending my hubby. Ebates did me good this past Christmas.

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