Tired of wondering how much you’ve spent on each gift or holiday-related purchase? Use these holiday budget tracker envelopes and you’ll take the guesswork out of your holiday spending!

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You know those moments when you're all fired up and inspired, you write all sorts of lists and goals, and you're ready to conquer the world…then you go ahead and do a whole lotta nada about it because you just don't know where to start? Yeah, story of my life sometimes. Don't worry kids, Mama J's here to help.

Since you're excited about not overdoing Christmas this year and know how much you should spend on your kids for Christmas, I've made it super-duper simple to manage it all! And yes, we even have free printables. You can thank me by way of peppermint eggnog and caramel popcorn, please.

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The holiday budget tracker method I suggest using is the same concept as with tracking your weekly “grocery” and “other” budgets, so it won't be anything new (hooray!). Here's how it works…


Before you can start tracking your spending, you’ve got to set your budgets! Break your budget up rather than putting it in one lump sum. It makes it easier to track and much more realistic to actually follow. Here are the budgets that I would DEFINITELY suggest setting and sticking to!

Use these envelopes to track your holiday spending - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Gifts – You can get some great gift giving hacks HERE, and learn how much you should spend on your kids HERE. However you decide to do it, come up with a budget for each person that you’ll be giving a gift to.
  • Stockings – It is so easy to spend a fortune on stockings, but I’m going to help you to put a stop to that! Check out THIS post to see how we budget for our stockings.
  • Travel – This is one of those areas that you may not think about, but it can really cost a lot. THIS post goes into how you can budget for travel in more detail.
  • Food – This can really be a large amount if you’re hosting guests for the holidays. Check out THIS post to see how you can save a little money on your holiday food!
  • Supplies – This would include decor, paper plates, plasticware, napkins, things like that.
Keep track of your holiday budget with these envelopes from Fun Cheap or Free


Now that you have your budgets figured out, print out the holiday budget tracker printable on a blank white standard-sized legal envelope. Stick the envelope in your printer as it instructs you to do, adjust the size as needed, and voila! A perfectly crisp, cute, and organized little envelope for you to keep in your wallet this season.

Print as many as you need to fit all of your budgets. Make sure that you always keep them with you, whether you’re out “Christmas shopping” or not… You never know when you’ll stumble across a gift for someone that you hadn’t planned on buying. You always want to make sure that you know exactly how much is left in each budget!


Now that you’ve printed out your envelopes, you need to write each budget or person’s name on the side of each box. Then, write their total budgets for Christmas on the top line.

These holiday budget trackers from Fun Cheap or Free are a great way to keep your money organized this season

Every time you spend something, subtract from the total in that square. This allows you to always see how much you have remaining. When the budget is gone, it’s gone! If you realize that you need more money, return something.


As with my regular envelope budgeting method, you can borrow from other budgets. Just do so sparingly! As mentioned in this post, your 2 year old probably won't need more than $30 for Christmas, so the extra $20 can go to a teenager who needs more.

If you need to shuffle, that's okay. Just make sure every dollar is accounted for; it all has to come from somewhere. Trust me, it helps SO MUCH! Simple awareness is what will keep you from going overboard.


The most important tip? Don't forget the receipts!

Keep your receipts in your holiday budget envelopes from Fun Cheap or Free

Stick all receipts from anything you spend money on Christmas-wise in the envelope before you even finish putting your wallet away! Having all your receipts in one place makes everything, including returns, soooooo much easier.


No, not at all! I prefer to use the format of the printable. However, you can also use the envelopes in two other ways.

  1. Use one envelope, divided in half, to keep track of your two main holiday budget categories. Just make sure that you give yourself a starting budget at the top, and then subtract any time you make a purchase. You can write down what you bought and what it was for next to it to keep up with your purchases that way.
  2. Use one envelope for each category. You would have a lot more envelopes this way, but it would be more organized if that’s your love language! There could be one for food, travel, supplies, gifts, and so on. You could even go so far to have an envelope for each person’s gifts, if you wanted to get that crazy!

The main focus is on you being able to keep up with all of your purchases and know how much is left in each budget. Besides that, you do you, girl! 😉


Alright, alright, enough chit chatting already. I get it! Grab your holiday budget tracker envelope printable HERE.

That's it! So easy! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. 🙂

The best way to track your holiday budget from Fun Cheap or Free

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Now, get out there are do some Christmas shopping, Freebs! May the force be with you.

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