DON’T SHOP BLACK FRIDAY without this!!! (You get cash back for doing NOTHING!)

How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at

As the Black Friday frenziness begins, I wanted to do the world's quickest post to remind you Freebs to NOT BUY A SINGLE THING ONLINE without using Ebates first!! You would be crazy if you did. If you recall, I got a $130 check from Ebates, just by putting the bookmark on my computer and using it every time I buy ANYTHING online. Amazon, Walmart, Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ulta…literally ANY store (including GoDaddy and random sites like that!) they will give you 5%, 8%, 10% cash back or MORE on your purchase.

How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at

As the Black Friday Frenziness begins PLEASE save even more money by using this. Don't go crazy, stay within your budget, and have fun!



  1. Gah why have I never used this?????? Question for you ~ so instead of going directly to the shopping site I just go to Ebates and then find my store? Thanks

    • Yes exactly!!! I know, right? I only discovered this this year, and it’s killing me that I missed so many opportunities for cash back.

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